DENVER (CBS4) – Now that Sports Authority has purchased the naming rights to the Denver Broncos’ stadium, it wants to add their own sparkling signs.

The proposal would put the Sports Authority name on the defining metal loop that goes around the very top of the stadium. Some people feel that the lit up name wouldn’t be good for the view and some neighbors are concerned about how bright the lettering will be.

Rafael Espinoza built this house next to the stadium. The Invesco Field sign was always aglow from dusk to dawn, but gently backlit. Now that the name has changed to Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a proposal is in place to put the Sports Authority Field lettering right on the crown of the stadium — a place signage has never been before.

The fact that the letters will be illuminated concerns Espinoza, whose bedroom and office windows face the stadium.

“That affects me personally, I won’t deny it. Our house, we built it knowing the stadium was here and we welcomed that, but we didn’t welcome the thought of having to look at advertising every time we opened our windows to enjoy the view south,” Espinoza said.

“I think it’s important to note that we definitely want to work with all the neighbors; and we presented to two of our closest neighborhood associations and we’ll continue to do so. This as an open process; we want to be transparent. We’re happy to discuss it with everybody,” stadium general manager Andy Gorchov said.

Since the sign is within 3,000 feet of neighborhoods, they’ve been notified. There’s currently a 15-day public comment period in place.

“Our belief is that the new signs won’t cause any additional external illumination; more than what had already been there,” Gorchov said.

The lettering in the renditions is orange, rather than the current red — something that would mesh with opinions of some long-time Broncos fans like Nancy Cox, who’s been a season ticket holder for 49 years.

“The Broncos are orange and blue,” Cox said. “I understand that it’s their corporate logo and they’re paying the money and they need to get their sponsorship out there and the name recognition, but it’s always going to be Mile High Stadium.”

After the public notification period is over the proposal will go before Denver’s zoning staff. After that the public will once again be notified and have a chance to comment. Then it goes before Denver’s planning board.

Comments (3)
  1. RafaelE says:

    The letters will be red, despite what they are showing, back story here…

  2. CJE says:

    Invesco respected the sign zoning laws for 10 years. Why are we now considering a change for Sports Authority?? The taxpayers of this City are the ones who contributed to it’s construction. We agreed to pay according to the existing conditions. If the City of Denver pushes through this application, (and ignores the existing laws, and requests/wishes of the taxpayers), then it’s only fair that we all receive a percentage of the profits that Sports Authority receives from it’s new widely viewed advertising platform. We paid for that platform Right!?! So wouldn’t that make us shareholders?

  3. Stop Sports Authority says:

    Between the new red lights and now three giant red signs! What is this Arrowhead West? Sign the petition to keep the logos where Invesco had them. Pass it on!

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