DENVER (CBS4) – Police are looking for a pair of armed robbers after a business owner was gunned down in a Denver parking lot.

The robbers got away with tens of thousands of dollars. The victim survived. He was shot in the parking lot as he arrived to work at Alameda and Morrison Road.

The owner of EZ Check Cash inside a super discount store was shot in the parking lot.

“My sister came almost crying and saying, ‘Your boss got shot outside,’ ” employee Diana Paez said.

The owner was just getting to work carrying $60,000 in a bag used to cash customer payday checks. He got out of his car and was approached by two men. They robbed him and shot him in the left shoulder

“They said there were two guys; tall and skinny, but they couldn’t see their faces,” Paez said.

The victim called his business partner right away.

“He said somebody shot him, so I’m surprised and left right away to go to the store,” the victim’s business partner said.

“I was shaking and calling 911. They were saying, ‘Calm down,’ but I couldn’t,” Paez said.

robbery map Business Owner Shot And Loses $60,000 In Brazen Robbery

(credit: CBS)

Outside, police collected evidence, including the victim’s glasses lying on the ground. Witnesses were in the back of police cars being questioned

The 43-year-old victim was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and released a short time later. He’s recovering at home but still has the bullet lodged in his shoulder. His partner says $60,000 is a lot to lose but is happy his friend is going to be okay.

“Even though we lost money, I’m just happy my co-partner is still alive, so that’s enough to me,” he said.

The suspects were seen wearing hooded sweatshirts and getting into a small red car. Denver police are not answering any questions about the incident.

The owner says the store will now have a security guard and money delivering service. The owner says he usually doesn’t carry that much cash but brought in more because of the long holiday weekend.

  1. ditchdigger2 says:

    Beware of hooded sweatshirts?

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