BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A decision could come this week on whether a Boulder County woman convicted in the death of her baby will get a new trial.

Molly Midyette and her ex-husband, Alex, were both sentenced to 16 years in prison for the child abuse death of their son, Jason.

The judge is expected to issue a written ruling on the Midyette case.

Molly, who now goes by her maiden name, Bowers, is asking for a new trial saying she was incompetent to assist in her defense during her original trial because of battered woman syndrome. She says her husband, his attorney and his family manipulated and bullied her during her trial.

Bowers also says her attorney knew about the abuse but failed to pursue it in his defense strategy, providing ineffective counsel.

Special prosecutors from Jefferson County raised questions about Bower’s credibility throughout the hearing. Both sides say they will appeal if they lose.

  1. migrant3 says:

    Is this case still wending it’s way through our broken courts? The judicial system should be ashamed.

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