BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Boulder believe three teenagers beat a raccoon to death with a machete.

Nicholas Foti, Lucas Holton and August Noble, all 19, have been charged with felony cruelty to animals.

Witnesses told police they saw the three men, and possibly two other suspects, beating and then killing the raccoon.

Foti reportedly told police he said he did it because the animal was getting into their trash. He said that he hit the animal harder than he meant to and tried to “put down” the raccoon by continuing to hit it when he realized he had seriously injured the animal.

Holton and Noble also admitted their involvement to police.

A necropsy was performed by a Colorado State University veterinarian, who determined that the raccoon had died of blunt-force trauma to the head.

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  1. St. Dogbert says:

    “Blunt force” is not an injury you receive from a machete and it is consistent with what the suspects have said.. It is idiotic that this would be sensationalized and even more idiotic that anyone would be charged with a felony for killing vermin.

    1. migrant3 says:

      Good riddance to another rabid, flea infested germ carrier and garbage eating varmint.. Ever have a raccoon ‘break and enter’ your attic? These 3 upstanding young citizens should receive the Boulder Medal for Community Improvement and Public Safety.

      1. Angie Coontz says:

        You are a complete idiot.. People like you make me sick !!! That is the reason kids , such as these teens, think it is ok to commit violent crimes in this world… whether those crimes are against people or animals , it is still wrong and they should be punished… DISGUSTING !!!!!!!

      2. Nathan Armstrong says:

        I actually know Lucas Holton personally, and you sir are ignorant. Lucas is a very nice guy, and killing a raccoon should not ruin his life. I am appalled your even going to act like you think it is just. Raccoons are vicious, and this was the story he told me. He isn’t lying about his story. People go and look for Raccoons to kill everyday, and they found one in the trash and killed it. You have no idea who these boys are, and your going to say they deserve felonies. Maybe your the sick one.

        Same goes to you Angie, you don’t know these boys personally, and if you say they are sick sitting at home on your computer, your ignorant. Don’t insult people you don’t know, and don’t wish his life to be over. If he gets convicted of this felony, that will ruin his life. You make me sick to my stomach…Raccoon life, or human life?

    2. K.Kane says:

      Let me break down the situation. They saw a raccoon going through their garbage (which they were too lazy to actually put in a trashcan or dumpster), which then lead Nicholas Foti to grab his Louisville Slugger and hit said raccoon. This “one” swing was “harder than he intended”, so he then decided to “put it out it’s misery” (which he caused in the first place). This then turned into a group activity of beating it, not only with the original bat, but also a hockey stick, and then stabbing it with a machete. It doesn’t matter if it was vermin or not, it did not present a threat towards them in anyway. They’re being charged with a felony because they didn’t just kill an animal, they did so in a cruel and disturbing manner. While not all people that kill animals turn into serial killers, there is a proven link between those who torture animals for enjoyment and those who go on to do the same to humans. They weren’t just getting rid of a varmint, they turned it into a sick game. Hopefully this is a lesson to these boys. Not only to not torture animals, but to have a respect for all living creatures. You could withstand to learn the same lesson.

      1. william says:

        its just a raccoon, a rodent i would have done the same thing

  2. migrant3 says:

    I did the same thing to a raccoon with my car.

  3. migrant3 says:

    Our American hero, Davy Crockett, wore a coon skin cap. I wonder if he gave the coon a little blunt force before skinning it. Unless MS Coontz is a vegan, she probably supports the (DISGUSTING) killing of animals…..or maybe she identifies with the coon as her spirit symbol because of her name……..

  4. KitP says:

    Details are missing here clarifying the aggressive, violent “pumped up” mental state of these teens. This was unprovoked, unjustified deliberate animal cruelty. It is not acceptable behavior in any soceity you should want to be part of.

    It does not matter what the species is or what your brainwashed opinion is of it. No one has the right to behave violently to another living being and not be punished for it.

    A raccoon is biologically no different than your dog or cat. In fact, per Purdue and others, its intelligence is second only to higher monkeys & chimps. Urban wildlife is vital to our survival. Don’t be so ignorant that you believe otherwise.

  5. Juniors says:

    Acquit Lucas Holton of all charges. he was only doing the world a favor! GO LUCAS from your fellow WHS Student body

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