DENVER (CBS4)– A man who was badly beaten in a vicious attack in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood says he thinks Occupy Denver protests are draining police resources.

Andrew Greschler was beaten near 12th and Pearl at about 3 a.m. Saturday. He was beaten so badly he doesn’t remember it happening.

“It’s been pretty painful,” said Greschler. “I got a black eye … fractured cheek bone … blacked out.”

He was walking home alone.

“I saw two homeless guys, they asked me for change,” said Greschler.

The next thing he remembers he was looking in the mirror.

“That’s kind of when I started to wake up and realize the gravity of the situation,” said Greschler.

He doesn’t know who attacked him, but wanted to share his story as a warning to others about what he sees as a growing problem in Capitol Hill.

“Hopefully the Denver police will take more notice and try to start cracking down on the problem,” said Greschler. “I have noticed a decrease in patrols. I really do not see that many cops in Capitol Hill.”

Capitol Hill has seen an increase in aggravated assaults in recent months. Police said delayed response times are possible because of the Occupy Denver protesters, but the force has several measures in place to prevent that.

“When they did the CAT Scan, they found that my cheek bones were also crushed,” said Greschler.

He said the problem in the area is no secret. It was actually on his mind the night he was attacked.

“We were actually talking about the other attacks before I left the apartment,” said Greschler. “Kind of pushed it aside as it would never happen to me. And then uh, it did.”

The series of attacks since Sept. 16 have happened in the area between Colfax, 14th Avenue, Logan and Pearl Streets. Some of the victims were robbed after they were beaten.

Police said they are making progress. They made six to seven arrests for past attacks in the Capitol Hill area.


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