LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – A lightning strike survivor said “thank you” seven years after rescuers saved his life.

In May of 2004 Jordan Miklos was hitting golf balls with his dad at the Meadows Golf Course in Littleton when lightning struck. Both were knocked unconscious and West Metro firefighters raced to help.

Miklos survived, but unfortunately his father did not.

Miklos wanted to thank the firefighters and paramedics who saved his life and on Tuesday he got his chance.

Firefighters say it’s great to see all their training pay off.

“To watch him respond to what we were doing it was like, ‘Okay, things might look good.’ You just hope for the best,” Lt Brendan Finnegan with West Metro Fire said.

“It was their efforts that saved me and their efforts that tried to save my dad. I’ve heard how hard they worked on him and all the things they did to try to bring him back,” Miklos said.

Miklos says the experience had such a dramatic effect on him that he hopes to become a paramedic or firefighter himself.


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