DENVER (CBS4) – A witness has told police a Fort Carson soldier who was said to be shot to death while walking his dog was actually killed over a drug deal.

Sgt. Anthony Silva was shot to death as he was returning to his home in Illinois. He was spending the night at a motel in northeast Denver, waiting for his father to pick him up for the trip home.

Ricky Scott was arrested and is currently in jail in connection with the killing. Now a witness has told police Scott confessed to her about what really happened.

According to the witness Silva and the suspect met at a bar. The witness told police a deal was made for $200 of marijuana. Silva then got in a car with three men and drove to a 7-Eleven at Allbrook and Peoria where a gun was pulled on the soldier. Scott was the man who pulled out the gun, according to the witness.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger spoke to Scott in jail.

“I said I’m innocent. They have the wrong suspect,” Scott said.

The witness quoted Scott as telling her Silva didn’t want to pay and was trying to leave the car. She quoted Scott as saying, “Carlos grabbed the victim and beat him with a baseball bat. Mr. Scott tells her that he shoots the victim maybe four times.”

Scott told Sallinger he never even met Silva.

A text from Silva to his mother an hour before the shooting stated he was in deep trouble and she should call him tomorrow.

Scott was arrested a month later.

CBS4 contacted Silva’s parents in Illinois, but they say they are done speaking to the press.

Prosecutors say DNA from the wound on Silva came back to Scott.

  1. denvervet says:

    Darn shame. I was an MP on Ft. Carson and pot was a problem then but that was in the late 70’s. The Army needed to be clearer on drugs and drug use back then, maybe they are now, I don’t know. The soldiers use to grow it right on Ft. Carson around their barracks. A lot of the Sr. Sgt’s and Officers didn’t know what it looked like so they got away with it. They planted it all around the MP barracks and when it grew they called the inspector general’s office to report it! Fun at Ft. Carson!

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