DENVER (CBS4)– Costumed robbers stormed a cell phone store in Denver and now police are searching for the bandits.

They robbed the Cricket store Wednesday afternoon on Sheridan Boulevard near Sloan’s Lake.

The pair got away with phones and cash. An employee said the suspects came around the corner with their disguises already on. As soon as he saw them, he told police he knew what was about to happen.

“As soon as I saw them walk around the corner with the mask on, I already knew what was coming,” said the employee who didn’t want to be identified. “So two guys come in wearing, like, Halloween costumes. One had a president mask or something with a big nose.”

The two costumed robbers, one wearing a mask resembling a president, the other dressed in painter’s coveralls, stormed in with guns demanding cash and phones.

“‘Give us all the money,’ we gave them all the money, they took some phones,” said the employee.

Security cameras captured everything that happened as a female employee was forced to fill up a bag with the valuables.

“She did whatever they asked her to do, gave them the money. I opened the registers, I showed them that I had no access to the bigger safe,” said the employee.

The thieves walked away with about 10 refurbished phones and a few hundred dollars in cash. Before they left, the suspects forced the employees to lie face down on the ground before finally leaving.

The entire ordeal lasted less than five minutes. The employee believes at least one of the suspects had been inside the store before.

  1. denvervet says:

    Wow……..they got 10 friggin REFURBISHED phones to impress their friends with and a few bucks, I am so impressed. Having a refurbished phone from Cricket must be a status symbol……..NOT. These theives/thugs need to find some other more meaningful priorities in life. Can;t wait for KARMA to bite them in the a**. Jerks. They must have had wondrful parents.

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