DENVER (CBS4)- About a thousand Occupy Denver protesters gathered in Civic Center Park at noon on Saturday, then marched through downtown Denver carrying signs and chanting.

The demonstrations had remained peaceful throughout the day but there was a huge police presence as the scene started to get volatile in the evening and at least 24 people were arrested. Dozens of Colorado State Patrol officers teamed up with Denver police to keep the crowds under control. The crowd grew to a couple thousand people as the day went on.

They marched down several streets, including the 16th Street Mall. Police conducted rolling road closures as the crowd made its way through downtown.

Watch Stan Bush’s live CBS4 News at 10 report in the video below:

At 6 p.m. police in riot gear and gang units moved in to clear streets around Lincoln Park and Civic Center Park. The protesters at points in the day spilled into the streets causing traffic problems.

Sgt. Mike Baker with the Colorado State Patrol said they are trying to support the Denver Police Department in keeping the crowds under control. He said the CSP had about 20 to 30 officers.

At 6:15 p.m. police could be seen using batons to push people out of the road. Watch Stan Bush’s live CBS4 News at 5 report in the video below:

Around 6:30 p.m. police had made one arrest. It was not clear why the person was arrested. At 6:40 p.m. a man could be seen resisting police attempts to get him out of the street during a report by CBS4’s Stan Bush. The man was promptly arrested. Watch the arrest in the video below:

“We’re all trying to be peaceful. They want us to take down these two structures. One we’re serving food out of and the other is a (medical) tent just in case people get hot or tired,” a protester told CBS4. “The people have decided they don’t want to take down the tents. We really need them. We will remove them at 11 p.m. Watch the interview in the video below:

But around 7 p.m. police moved to take down the tent that had been set up to hand out food. It looked as if the people occupying the tent were arrested.

Also just after 7 p.m. CBS4’s Jennifer Brice reported police began to use pepper spray to control the crowd. Watch Jennifer Brice’s live CBS4 News at 10 report on the pepper spray in the video below:

Just after 7 p.m. Gov. John Hickenlooper’s office released a statement saying, “We respect the First Amendment, but we can’t condone illegal activity. State troopers and Denver police are showing great restraint in the face of very difficult situations. The governor and senior staff have closely monitored the situation in downtown Denver all day and continue to do so. We urge all protesters to obey the law.”

“The vast majority of Occupy Denver protesters today exercised their free speech rights peacefully and within the bounds of the law. Unfortunately, some did not, and Denver police officers and state troopers were forced to take action and make multiple arrests,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement. “We have closely followed the activities all through the day, and my team and I will monitor the situation throughout the night. As I’ve stated all week, Denver will continue balancing First Amendment rights with concerns for public health and safety, ensuring the law is uniformly and consistently enforced.” Watch Mayor Hancock’s reaction in the video below:

Some protesters asked police officers to drop their gear and join them. Others shouted vulgar words at them.

About 7:30 p.m. many of the protesters started gathering on the 16th Street Mall at California Street. The Regional Transportation District was forced to shut down the Free Mall Ride for two hours.

The protesters have planned another rally for Sunday.

Friday night protest leaders respected the 11 p.m. curfew and no one camped in the park.

“I’m not sleeping in the park. I’m staying awake. Sleeping in the park isn’t even worth the ticket,” said protester Marcel French.

It’s a stark contrast to what happened Thursday night and early Friday morning. Colorado State Patrol made good on its promise to enforce the curfew and tore down tents where they had been set up. A total of 23 people were arrested and charged with unlawful conduct on public property.

PHOTO GALLERY: Occupy Denver

State troopers were strategically spread throughout the park Friday night in case anyone did try to set up camp. No one did.

Occupy Denver set up camp last week. The movement started in New York with people protesting Wall Street greed. The crowd has grown considerably since Monday. On Wednesday, there were more than 70 tents with dozens of protesters. They are vowing not to leave without a fight and claim it is their First Amendment right to gather and protest in a peaceful manner.

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  1. Jack Meoff says:

    Wait until the property damage, looting start. These people are Marxist`s coveting what some one else worked hard for. Hick is in over his head, He funds leftist causes through his Chinook Fund.. If a leftist does not get their way violence! Everyone get ready.. The violence is going to happen here..Denver has become a model for Democrat “feel good” programs and attitudes and will become the next San Francisco with it`s crime. Drug use , and disregard for law.

    1. chris says:

      I live in SF- the crime rate is VERY low – 50 murders a year for 7OO,OOO people. You should get your state right.

      1. ZudZ says:

        That is laughable. I lived in Cali. You must only be counting murders committed by legal citizens.

    2. Ed Valdez says:

      If you dont like it here…leave

    3. William C. Steffen says:

      When did this Marxist riot with looting happen? Where did it happen? How many Marxists have been involved in Amerikas LONGEST WAR, in the Middle East. Please don’t tell me you think OBOMBER is a Marxist. That would only prove that you are an abject idiot who doesn’t even know what a Marxist is.

    4. Fee says:

      @Jack Meoff – probably the only one who will Jack YouOff is yourself. Have you been watching the news moron – the RIGHT WING party is the one creating the violence by beating protesters with batons. Morons like yourself should become educated before spewing nonsense. The 1%ers, the government they OWN, and morons like yourself are the ones – THE REAL FACISTS – are the ones who WANT violence to ensue, that way you can TRY to use it as propoganda.

    5. Anonymous says:

      I’m no Marxist sir, nor am I a Democrat, or a leftist. If anything, I am a Libertarian, and if you know anything about the political spectrum, that happens to lie on the far right (I myself, don’t give a damn what side it lies on)! Many of those down there were veterans, the elderly, businessmen, as well as the youth. Sure, there probably were “Marxist” in the crowd, (which by the way I love how close minded individuals throw that term around to label anyone who’s ideas do not align with their own).

      It is foolish to think that this is about any of the ridiculous labels that the government has forced fed our society in order to divide us. And you are only proving that it is working. This movement is soooo much bigger than Democrat or Republican, Marxism or Fascism, or any other political ideology. It is about the flaws of the entire system in general, the corruption that has been running it and leaving people hurting from being lied to!

      We are not all jobless. We are not all coveting what someone else worked for. I don’t necessarily agree with every last view of each protestor. We all have different views on certain issues. No one is expecting a handout! We ARE expecting the corporations to stop getting handouts!

      As far as waiting “until the property damage, looting start”, most of the people that I have talked to have no plans for that. Our goal has been to take a page from the recent Egyptian, Libyan, etc revolutions and from the words of Ghandi and go about this peacefully. I would like to point out that any true patriot of this country would realize that that peaceable assembly is a Constitutional right, that many of our forefathers such as Thomas Jefferson felt was our responsibility to care out whenever we have grievances with the government. That is the beauty of true Democratic-Republicanism.

      I sat there doing nothing but holding onto those next to me while the police came up and forcefully pushed me around, pepper sprayed myself and those around me, and forced us down. I did not curse, I did not fight back.

      Please watch the videos of the same movement in Madrid….watch their peaceful resistance, and tell me that we are all the violent, unethical people that you have labeled us as.

      And remember, many people felt the same way as you during the Civil Rights Movement, but because of those brave, courageous, and peaceful people such as Ms. Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. among scores more of people, their fight was won, just as ours will be! It is a worldwide movement now, soon our message will not be so distorted to those of you who turn only to the mainstream media to get your idea of “news”.

      I hope to see you join us when you realize that we are out here fighting for you, for your family, for the police, for the Republicans, for the Democrats, and everyone else in between! This movement has grown as more and more people are realizing what it is we will achieve. I can’t wait for you to realize it, too! Much love, friend. 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    I believe they bring voice to the middle class which is hurting right now. Can’t anyone protest with out being called a Marxist, socialist or communist?. Those are tired old cold war labels, Sure some of them look scruffy but they have the right to protest and from what I’ve read recently in mainstream news they are gaining support from a majority of Americans. You sound like you have a lot of hate. I feel sorry for you.


    1. fred says:

      Hey Fred, its fred. I agree totally that marxist,facism,and socialism are being thrown around way too freely and I firmly believe that its because affordable healthcare for all was labeled socialism. I was there today,and I saw all walks of life… person coulda been your grandma,your friends mom, or your neighbor. Out of the thousands, the bandana rebel punks, jacked up on red bull, amounted to maybe twelve…….everybody else was totally cool.

      1. ZudZ says:

        Are you sure it was Red Bull? By the way, I’m “scruffy looking.”

    2. ZudZ says:

      Can anyone protest without being called a racist a xenophobe or a nazi?

  3. Greg Wall says:

    Give me a break. There are jobs out there and these people have nothing better to do. They are yelling at the cops and they have nothing to do about it. Go home, look for a job, take your lazy ass home. I’t ok to protest about Wall Street, Obama, Democrats, War, funding idiots in other nations, ETC. Quit pushing on cops.

    1. rocketdogaquarian says:

      U have a different understanding why these people are demonstrating…I think the cops are the one making the rally to be violent, since they’re capturing putting people in jail,and i don’t see in the tv news…It was a peaceful rally from the beginning,but the government officials are the one that made this impossible for those expressing of what they believe. Cops in Colorado are people that i don’t want to trusts: what about that young man was beaten by the cops captured in the video.It doesn’t mean that bec. they have shields they just beat up someone bec. he was reluctant to give his cellphone.Come on wake up! and not only that the young man was harassed as well by those policemen. So that makes it okay!!!! it just like one shot,and the police will shoot back thousands of shots…Like my friend’s house was wrongly search in Aurora,and they shoot his dog bec. he was barking at the polimen.hahahahahahaha! not only that they went to the wrong house,and they killed one member of their family too.. So that is why i don’t trust police men….I thought that the state park belongs to the citizens of Colorado since it is our tax money is paying for the development,and all the maintenances.. We are all entitled to utilize it !!!! Those cops and government officials does not owned the park, we own it…So now speaking of looking for a job as everyone have mentioned here!!! there’s no job, maybe if they found a job is not as same salary what they’re used to having.Their income of what is the market nowadays is not sufficient enough to feed their family,gas,utilities and a mortgage that is twice as his salary….so come on do you guys even think if we are all confortable of whats going on in the US Of A economic wise that those people will be on the street demanding to fix the descrepancies,and unfairnes of the banks. I do believe that they’re their to stand up of what they believe of what is going on with the government and the banks….I admired them for standing on the street sacrificing their time,and effort defending what’s left of thier expectations of our governement…Don’t punish them and be biased of your opinion….

      1. ExExZonie says:

        Whoa dude, use the Enter key to make paragraphs!! Unreadable!

    2. Anonymous says:

      I happen to have a full time job. I am nothing close to lazy, and it’s incredibly ignorant of you to generalize this entire movement in that way! It’s okay though, when you wake up, we’ll still welcome you in with open arms. We’re fighting for you too!

    3. DenverJohn says:

      Tell me PLEASE where the jobs are – I have taken a job at two thirds of my previous pay after over 18 months of be unemployed and my wife is still unemployed after over 2 years! I apply to over dozen jobs every week as does my wife – it is rare to get an interview.
      Please where are these jobs! I know we were supposed to have all the jobs created by extending the BUSH tax cuts ( at least that what they claimed) so WHERE ARE THE JOBS?!?

    4. fee says:

      Were are these jobs, which are hopefully paying at least what Greg makes? Another moron speaking nonsense.

  4. greg says:

    I’m watching this on the news shaking my head. These people need to take their ass to DC, waste whatever money they have (get a job no matter what it is) to complain to the banks, goverment, whoever they think is at fault. Leave the cops alone because the protesters are wasting the money that I pay to cover city services.

    1. Aaron says:

      Does that really make sense to you?? The cops came in in FULL riot gear to disassemble a peaceful assembly of people. They came in ready for war, not the protestors. Maybe you should go read some books, quit getting you “news” from CBS 4 or any other MSM station, and learn something. You don’t even know what you are talking about. Wake up dude, they are going to come for you too. This whole show of force is only to condition you for what is to come from the economic collapse that is getting closer each and every day.

  5. Dez says:

    Occupy Who? Did you see all the I phones that all the people have, who had too much time on their hands in order to be downtown. Sell them, spend you time looking for ANY job and quit wasting our money. They are also chanting POLICE SUCK. Who raised YOU. Protect who’s rights.?

    1. Aaron says:

      LMAO what did you do today?? “who had too much time on their hands to be downtown?”–PEOPLE THAT WANT TO FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COUNTRY, MY FRIEND!! They are doing what you SHOULD be doing. You just sit on internet passively accepting that the banks and corporations have farrr too much power and have hijacked our country. The people out on the streets are standing up for you too, you are just too ignorant to see it.

      You need to understand that the police are TRYING to cause confrontation and make something violent out of this. They came in like the army, twice now. People protesting with signs, made of cardboard, and cops in full riot gear with tear gas and rubber bullets…….That seems like a reasonable use of tax dollars to smh I would suggest you CALL HICKENLOOPER and tell him to stop wasting your money on peaceful protestors. Maybe ask why it is that the police are ready for war in this situation. I am not defending ANYONE that was in the face of a cop antagonizing, because I saw plenty. However, the manner in which the police are behaving is RIDICULOUS.

    2. William C. Steffen says:

      If the police didn’t want me to think they suck, they shouldn’t have beaten me down while I was handcuffed when I was a teenager and then written 2 pages of lies about me when I was in my 50’s (at least they are consistent). The Denver Police get more complaints of abuse of the citizenry than ANY OTHER large metropolitan police force , coming in at TEN TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE!

      1. Anna says:

        Wow. We are supposed to listen to a guy that gets arrested for a hobby? I have never been abused by the police because I don’t give them any reason to arrest me. Simple right?

      2. USA says:

        Your facts are wrong. LA PD for example, gets so many complaints that they have a person on the payroll whos only job is to give payouts to citizens to avoid lawsuits. Denver PD is only the focus of the local citizens.

  6. lwg says:

    mainstream media loves this. they weren’t saying such nice things about the Tea party. What exactly is their message? Obama, the community organizer, has got to behind behind all of this Occupy movement…

    1. Aaron says:

      They are TRYING to in Denver, but it is not happening! We have gotten the focus onto the fed and the big banks. The “tax the rich” group is just a small minority of people within the denver movement. If you are in denver come out and help us keep focus on the FED. We have done a lot to wake these people up to what the fed does. If we just watch it happen and do not educate about the real problem we will not accomplish anything. You have to get active and help educate people within this movement. They all mean well, but many are indeed brainwashed by the system…..

  7. fred says:

    1000 ? I was there. People joined in from the side streets during the march.The march was way more than a thousand…..way more. It was smaller at the beginning,but isn’t everything.

    1. Aaron says:

      At least 3,000….I was a “marshall” for the march and I saw the whole crowd pass by multiple times. 16th street mall was lined people from the fed to the end of mall.

  8. Josh Kucey says:

    The police do suck! I’m so tired of being bullied by officers in Denver and Aurora. There is no reasoning with them, they are never at fault, and they force their will upon the citizens because they are able to hide behind their badge. The war maching is in cotroll and untill the people fight back and some major changes happen in this country, we will be harassed and told what to do. I am self employed because I couldn’t find a job. I’m very happy and making money however, no bank gave me a loan or would help me succeed yet, the banks took my tax dollars so they could stay in business. The system is corrupt! It’s all about profit and nobody cares if you can’t make your house payment this month or if a family member got sick and their insurance found a way to bamboozle them out of the coverage they paid years for. So Jack Meoff, go jack off. Dez, your so far gone from reality that you don’t have a clue. Gregg, when you become a judge you can start judging people. Have some sympathy for those who are fighting to make a statement. It would be different if protest were only going on in Denver but, this is going on nation wide so maby you all should open your eyes and get ready.

    1. Jack Meoff says:

      I`m ready..Lots of ammo.Come try and take what I worked for. You have Obama Pelosi,Reid trying to do it for you now..It ain`t gonna` happen.. next you will try force it is the Alinsky and Obama model. So go work on your “Dreads”,smoke another bowl.” Self employed”? What do you do panhandle on a corner?

      Come and try!

      1. Aaron says:

        hahhahahaha You are sooo intelligent aren’t you?? C’mon your are so mature and intelligent that the best damn name you came up with is jack meoff. You will see when the BANKERS AND ELITE come for, “what you have worked for”, they already are and it is the Republicans just as much as it is the democrats. Wake up you fool!! Get Obomba out NOW, and do NOT put in any corporate republican that has been sold out like the rest of them. If you want to keep your money you should probably vote for Ron Paul. P.S. I do not have dreads, smoke weed, or panhandle…I DO go to school and work full-time…. Grow the f*@k up!! You are sooo tough on the computer…..just wait until THEY come for you, it is going to be the very same cops that you are so blatantly defending right her and now…….smh

  9. fred says:

    This isn’t about jobs,einsteins. Its about corporations pushing around politicians. I’m from Longmont. We are,as we speak, getting slaughtered by a PAC group from big telecom,who is trying to buy an election referendum.We set up a fibre optic loop in 1997. 8 years later,big telecom, got the legislature to handcuff our ability to use it. We now need permission to use what we already own. The PAC groups ,for the second time now,have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars…telling my townsfolk that the loop will fail. Well ,why not just let it fail ,then? Because they are afraid that it will succeed ,and they wanted to legislate away the competition. We are the front line. We are getting bombarded from the mail, the phones, the commercials,and the door knockers. By law the city cannot respond. Its up to the grass roots. And our grass roots are stuck in the mud. You live in a town and see what happens when big corp. comes and cons your people. This is our town. This is my town. Its not even about the loop. Its about that big corps. went to politicians, and then they went to their PAC”s,who are very good at spreading fear,uncertainty,and doubt. And they are muscling my town…and we can’t fight back. We need help. This is the front line. Whatever I have to do,I will not lose this fight.

  10. Kim says:

    I was in the Occupy Denver crowd all day today. There was nothing “volatile” about the crowd until the cops got there. The park is paid for with public taxes. We are the public; it literally belongs to us. The police – who need their jobs like everyone else – were being used to drive the citizens they are supposed to protect, out of a public park, four hours before the agreed curfew time. Why? Not one police officer was threatened with any violence. In fact, we gave them water (it was hot down there) and let them know that we were there fighting for their unions, their pension plans, and their rights. Those of you who believe that all the protesters are young, unemployed slackers, clearly have NO idea what you are talking about. They are people from all backgrounds and economic levels. I am a school teacher, and my husband is an electrical engineer who owns a part of his firm. We are well-employed, fortunate, and grateful, but that doesn’t mean that we approve of our government’s elected representatives being owned by vast corporations and their lobbyists. We are Americans, and we invite you to come help us recover the integrity of our great land.

  11. Rusty ONeal says:

    I am sick and tired of people telling me that 1% controls the country.
    I have made my choices and lived my life how I wanted. I have not had a
    Socialist Government telling me what I am capable of and my place
    In the society. If you don’t believe socialism is that way review your

  12. accessahut says:

    This movement is about sustainable choices and lifestyles as well.

    I was there and there was pepper spray and tear gas–and from where I was peacefully protesting, it did not look like there was any good reason to do that.

    1. Archer Stevens says:

      There was no tear-gas used. There’s a big difference between pepper-spray and tear-gas. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to learn it.

      1. fee says:

        they are both used by facists to control peaceful people.

  13. Josh Biggs says:

    Stupid fleabagger clowns drove to the protest in a car made by a corporation with a sign made by paper and pens made by corporations. They are all wearing clothes and carrying cameras and cell phones made by publicly traded corporations. They act like idiots to get their faces on the local news produced by corporations so that they can us a computer made by a corporation to connect to an Internet service provider , another corporation, to read about themselves protesting corporations. The Anarchists, the nazi’s, the communists, the unions, and the progressives answering the call of the Obma administration to help distract from the most crooked administration in US history. Tools one and all.

    1. Fee says:

      Another moronic comment by yet again another moroniioc right winger without a clue.

  14. Heather says:

    Sadly so many people are UN-informed about this movement and have a biased reception due to the spin the media is putting on it. What so many people don’t realize is that most of the people involved in this movement are not UN-employed. People Stop Just Watching TV and listening to hearsay go down to a demonstration just to see what goes on.
    People should also look at history for once this is a very similar situation to the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement at the time was seen as Radical, Socialistic, and was filled with nothing but criminals and un-employed people, However we look on it now as the right thing to do and see it as a noble attempt to change the system and guess what IT DID!

  15. lockedandloaded says:

    I’m OK with the police/state patrol using water cannons on these fleabags. They’ve p*ssed on every TREE there – so it’s time to clean them up and get them out. The Veterans have a permit for a gathering in 2 weeks – these dirtbags need to VAMOOS – OR they may find themselves picking their teeth up off the sidewalk.

    Morons ALL – GO GET A JOB – BUT PLEASE, don’t work for a ‘corporation.’ Work for some hippie who pays you in granola ’cause that is all you are WORTH! LOL!

    1. fee says:

      right wing attitude with the name “lockedandloaded” condoning violence – imagine that!!!!! LMFAO what a god damned moron.

      just proves what I have been saying all along – the right wingers – the 1%ers they suppoort for reasons unknown, and the government that they own WANT VIOLENCE to use as propoganda.

      Funny how all these poeple supported like hell the riots in the middle east over the last year – but when it comes hoem – its anarchy. again comeplete MORONS.

  16. MTNBUN says:

    Nothing is going to change no matter how many hours you sit in the park and protest. If you really want to change things, run for some office and get real power to do something meaningful. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

    1. Dave says:

      Run for office? The politicians are one gear in the machine that got us into this mess.

    2. fee says:

      True, the only way for change at this opoint is to get ALL the lawyers and career politicians out of office, from state and county levels all the way to the whitehouse. this will take gigantic amounts of organization on the part of the 99%ers.

  17. Larry Walker says:

    I hope everyone realizes that obama is the one that incited these riots.
    This muslim so called president should be impeached.

    The one mistake that Denver officials made was allowing these lowlifes to break the 1st curfew. That just empowers them. You can’t run a classroom without definite expectations and need to follow through on the consequences the FIRST time so it doesn’t escalate like these riots are getting to be.

    1. Aaron says:

      Only an uneducated person, getting news from the mainstream would say something like that….RIOTS?? haha LOWLIFES???? lmao You have no f**ing idea what you are talking about….I saw men, women, boys, girls, babies, white, black, brown….I saw people from ALL walks of life out there today. You obviously didn’t because the media wants you to see violence that never even happned. The only violence was from the DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT. You were NOT ther so you have no place to say ANYTHING. Get a grip on reality my friend. You are sooo lost it isn’t even funny. I am farrrrrrr from a low-life and so are about 98% of the people out there standing up for YOUR rights. Don’t use your rights and they will be taken away. Quit being apathetic, and quit accepting everything the government does….You are the only one that really bring change, boting for your team isn’t going to work anymore buddy.

    2. Livid says:

      If you can’t latch onto one stereotype, apparently you’ll find another. From where do you get your information?

      What is disturbing is the type of unsubstantiated rhetoric that you engage in too easily gains momentum and is assumed to have some rationale by the irrational.

      People are not dogs to be tamed to your opinion. Even if they aren’t white.

    3. DenverJohn says:

      No President would have the ability to create the mess we are in in just 2 years. How about all of congress – still probably not in that amount of time.
      No the mess we are in was created over the past 10 year at least – maybe 20.
      It is not a Dem or a Republican issue alone
      It comes down to those who have the gold are making all the rules!
      Come-on get a clue!

  18. Aaron says:

    Do any of you ignorant people see that link right above the comments that discusses what is coming for wall street?? Go read it and shut your mouths, this economy is going to collapse it is only a matter of time. Meanwhile you numbnuts are bashing the people that didn’t DO ANYTHING TO YOU, while you watch apathetically as the government steals everything from you…..that makes a whole lot of sense people! C’MON!!

    1. Anonymouse says:

      Love them, regardless of their flaws is what I say! We do not need to defend ourselves to them. This is too big to continue being ignored, to go on much longer with the subjective views of corporate media to portray our movement as some “socialist, hippie, pot head commune”. And once they realize what is going on and wake up from their false sense of reality, we must remain peaceful toward them and welcome them with open arms into our movement. They attack us, but they are still our brothers and sisters, and whether they believe it or not, what we are doing is for their good as well. Your passion is admirable, I’m so glad you feel so strongly for what you believe, but you only degrade yourself by stooping to their level. Keep a calm head and remember the beauty of what we have started! 🙂

      1. shorty says:

        AMEN! They will get it, or wake up one morning and find themselves in the streets with us, no job or food and holey shoes.
        THIS IS THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION and I am so happy to be part of this along with all our wonderful brothers and sisters!

  19. Melancholic™ says:

    The more people I see protesting corporate greed, the more I think “why just corporate greed?”. What about the greed behind insisting upon a hand-out when one is perfectly capable of working and contributing to the community? “Gimme money, I don’t want to have to work for it!! Gimme health care!! Gimme more housing than I can pay for!! Gimme free food!! Gimme free education!!”
    I understand that a certain percentage need a helping hand, but you better believe that the problem of waste, fraud and enabling along these lines is monstrous and a very real part of our current problems as a nation. Just as much as corporate misbehavior. Where else in the world is “poverty” represented by spectacular suffocating obesity? That’s not real poverty. It’s gluttony and laziness and greed all rolled into one, and it’s feeding upon American resources just as much as white collar greed. Where is the protest against that?

    Show you’re above this sloth, protesters. Conduct yourselves with dignity and responsibility. Don’t make a disgusting mess you’ve no intention of cleaning up yourselves later. Because when you do, and when you lash out without cohesion or intelligence and defecate in the streets and slum around only to walk away when you’re bored (as will almost definitely happen) leaving those quiet Americans who are thankful to have a job to clean up after you, you expose your true colors and what’s hiding behind your histrionics: greed of a different nature.

    1. fee says:

      Do you watch the news? Seems to me protesters are MORE THAN WILLING to clean up after themselves. Once again uninformed moronic rhetoric. Cleaning is the PROPOGANDA you are using to try to end the protest.

      1. Melancholic™ says:

        I was talking more on the protesting that’s going on everywhere, not just here in Denver. You’re an idiot if all you’ve gleaned from everything I had said is that I’m proposing cleaning, of all things, as a means of ending the protests. Do you even have anything intelligent, much less anything of worth to say in response to what I had written? You seem to be too busy standing on your soap box talking down at people to formulate an articulate response for anything.

        People like you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  20. I-VOTE says:

    How can anybody blame anybody for the way things are turning? I recieved my ballot today and “IF” you don’t use it how is change expected? No matter what the political issues are. USE IT OR LOSE IT!
    Who put us in this situation?
    “WE THE PEOPLE”…..”!

  21. Dave says:

    Looks like the ’60s government mentality has returned. Fire hoses and dogs were used on civil rights and Viet Nam protesters. How soon before history repeats?

  22. roy says:

    Protest all youwant but do it within the law and the police will not bother you. Looks llike you want to be bothered. Blame no one but yourselves for for the confrontation.

  23. K says:

    Blah, Blah,Blah Blah……. This is such ignorance! all of it.

  24. DenverJohn says:

    What are these protest about? What do they want?

    The Occupy movement can be summed up in just one word. Accountability.

    Among others these are the key;

    Accountability of our elected leaders from Washington to the State, City and County where you live.

    Accountability of large Corporations and business operations within the US. ( to be good ‘corporate citizens’)

    Accountability of the links between these two especially when it comes to election finance and lobbyists activities.

    And while greed is often used connected to the Occupy protests – I think it is something a bit broader than greed – Selfishness.

    More accountability and less Selfishness. That is what it seems to me to be about. That is what I want.

    Plus a return to the original Golden Rule – not the one that says those who have the Gold, make the rules.

  25. denvervet says:

    Dont forget these younger protesters are different than protesters from the past. This generation of the young feel “entitled” and live in their own little worlds.. There is no “we” in their vocabulary, its all about “me”.

  26. Not-a-Hippie says:

    Look at all of those dreadlocks!! No wonder you all can’t find jobs!!

  27. David Ball says:

    And that’s my older brother getting arrested.
    And here I always thought I’d be the first one of us to get arrested for standing up for something, even though I don’t agree with any of the “Occupy” movements.
    Granted some of the ignorant comments above would even make me want to protest them. Tying in all caps just makes a unintelligent remark looking even more belligerent and ignorant.

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