DENVER (CBS4)- A plane en route to Los Angeles from New York was diverted to Denver International Airport at about 9:20 p.m. Thursday after a passenger allegedly hit a flight attendant in the face.

American Airlines flight 21 was on its way to Los Angeles International Airport from JFK Airport when it was forced to at DIA.

The passenger, identified as Varoujan Khodjamirian, also allegedly made verbal threats, including “I kill your children, I kill your mother, I will beat you all down and kill you.”

Khodjamirian now faces federal charges. Witnesses said he was visibly drunk.

The flight continued on its way to LAX at about 11 p.m.

The FBI has not commented on the situation.

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  1. Turd Furguson says:

    So, is this really a news story?????

  2. KAPA Pilot says:

    It’s clear that the media knows very little, if anything, about aviation. And that they will broadcast anything that might bring scrutiny to the topic. In fact, landings are never unexpected; all pilots know that the plane must land at some point. Unscheduled is the correct term. And, since all commercial airliners are required to be in continuous contact with Air Traffic Control, the unscheduled arrival at an alternate destination is hardly unplanned; the controllers are the ones giving guidance for the landing.

    What’s more disturbing is the speculative fear-mongering… “no word on whether anyone was removed from the flight or detained” and “the FBI has not commented.” It’s shameful to presume something nefarious is always afoot with regard to aviation. As a pilot, myself, I’m sure it was simply a precautionary landing due to an unexpected situation in flight, Still, that’s not exactly a news-worthy item. The media doesn’t bother to find out how many flights, commercial or otherwise, are delayed or diverted due to precautionary measures. They’d rather something spectacular and sensational happen, instead. That’s what makes for ratings.

  3. J. Kreydatus says:

    I think it was a good reason to divert the flight to land in Denver…a person that cause a disruption of this nature could be capable of causing much worse situations for everyone aboard the flight…I would have appreciated the pilots and flight attendants wishes to land the plane immediately if I was on board that flight, especially if my children were with me…

  4. KAPA Pilot says:

    The original story didn’t include anything substantive; it contained nothing about a disruptive passenger. Simply that the plane made an “unexpected” landing in Denver. The story should not have been broadcast until it contained some facts.

  5. KAPA Pilot says:

    And, if you read the story now, there’s at least one word missing. Isn’t there an editor to proofread what’s posted? So much for journalism.

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