BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – University of Colorado Buffaloes coach Jon Embree tore into his football team after they gave one away to Washington State last weekend. But on Tuesday fans saw a kinder, gentler Embree.

On Monday CBS4 conducted poll in which 67 percent of viewers thought Embree’s comments over the weekend were too harsh and might lead to him losing the team.

“When are they going to get tired of finding a way to losing, because you know what, this staff, we’ve been here for five freaking weeks and I’m tired of it,” Embree said on Sunday. “So if I’ve been here for five years I’ve got to be tired of it myself too.”

Watch Embree’s comments in the video below:

CBS4’s Eric Christensen asked Embree on Tuesday if he was concerned about losing the team.

“You’ll have to ask them … you’ll ask to have them,” Embree replied.

So Christensen did.

“He wasn’t trying to attack us at all. He was just trying to relay that message to us and we know that,” quarterback Tyler Hansen said.

“I think it’s a good thing because obviously he came here to win. He’s very passionate about that … he’s sick of losing and I definitely am too,” wide receiver Jason Espinosa said.

While the players seem okay with Embree’s fire and passion, the coach didn’t seem his normal self on Tuesday. Now it’s up to the Buffs to find some answers.


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