Student Says She Was Forced To Drop Class After Seizure

ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A former student at Colorado Mountain College says she was forced to drop a class because she had a seizure.

Channing Seideman was in the middle of an emergency medical technician class when she had an epileptic seizure. She said faculty members asked her to drop the class, saying the episode was too distracting to other students and there could be more.

Seideman said it was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and she’s filed a complaint against the school.

She doesn’t want other people to experience the same thing.

“They’re allowed to have a seizure in class. They don’t have to get kicked out. It’s kind of just paving the way for other people with disabilities or epileptics,” Seideman told CBS4.

Colorado Mountain College did not return calls from CBS4. It told the Aspen Times it cares about all its students.

  • jasperddbgghost

    Liberal college professors will claim to be for the rights of people with seizures.

    ……they just don’t want to be near somebody with a seizure.

    …..same goes for blacks. That’s why their neighborhoods are a sea of white.

    • Pony Runner

      Well put! Libs attempt to control other’s behavior with laws like the Disabilities Act, yet when the law might apply to them……..not so much. Hypocrites as always.

    • mitchell

      No kidding, can’t have an emergency medical class have a medical emergency in it. They are mad they didn’t know what to do. ADA specifically mentions elilepsy on page one, doesn’t matter the class, this is a clear violation.

      • Flashman1854

        The key question is this: if this student was taking a class for emergency medical technicians, this presupposes she is studying to be one, or at least participate as one.

        It is very unfortunate she has this condition, but it seems she is very unqualified for a position as an emergency medical tech. If she were on a ‘call’, with someone’s life in the balance, and she was overcome with a seizure (which are very unpredictable) she would be unable to carry out her duties.

        So, why is she in such a class.

        Also, as Clint Eastwood once said (in his role as a hotel / restaurant owner) ADA is no more than a money grab. It is horrible legislation.

      • Brent

        In EMS you work in teams because anything could happen to anyone at any time for any reason. On any given aid call there will be at least four EMTs and/or paramedics. Most fire dept. require all firefighters to be EMT’s. I have been on scenes with over ten EMS personnel for one minor medical call. Diabtics pose a much more likelihood of passing due to the erratic diets and eating times working in that field. You don’t get two 15 minute breaks and a 1/2 hr for lunch. You run the calls until you get a break.

        And FYI, seeing a grand mal seizure it not going to ruin your life. Lets get real for a minute. A two year old temper tantrum is usually far more dramatic.

      • Omaha Bob

        I’m a surgeon. What if my team is operating on you and the resident holding the knife has a seizure? If something “important” is lacerated, your day just got ruined. Do you think she should be able to pilot an airliner because of the ADA? What if she were the co-pilot and the captain just had a heart attack? Better hope she doesn’t have one then. If she does, I’d rather you be on the palne instead of me.

      • John Sheridan

        Hey, Flashman, just because Clint is an actor doesn’t mean he knows what he is talking about…..just think Sean Penn…..

      • Soldier1

        …Or Ronald Reagan…
        Just Sayin

      • SpongeBob

        In reply to ‘Ohama Bob’. You sure sound like a surgeon, over confident, self absorbed, egocentric, smart alice. Obviously you became a surgeon to satisy your lust for money or validate your “greatness”, certainly not because you have an ounce of compassion for you fellow human beings. Of all people, you should be in this gals corner. Shame on you!

      • Beez

        She shouldn’t be forced to drop the class, that seems fairly obvious.

        However, as to her efficacy in her choice of career…epileptics have curtailed driving privileges in many states, depending on the frequency of their seizures. It would seem prudent that this could apply to other situations that could be life-threatening. Without knowing more about her situation, it’s hard to gauge where she may fall within that spectrum…but it seems obvious that there does exist some threshold that, once crossed, would seem to rule out a number of career options. It is not cruel, bigoted or uncompassionate to point this out for consideration.

      • yoni

        i think omaho boob is a ‘sturgeon’ not a surgeon. fish are notorious for not being able to distinguish between taking a class and entering a profession. swim far little buddy.

    • txcyclond

      Why anytime anything is in the news and not pleasant it’s the fault of any political party? Most in this country are so busy trying to blame one political party or the other for everything that no one is doing anything to make things better… everyone just wants to blame blame blame… not fix ;) In the mean time the only ones getting paid for the blame game live in the beltway while we all support all of them no matter their party…

      • roboko

        See the comment right above yours on my screen:

        “Pony Runner

        Well put! Libs attempt to control other’s behavior with laws like the Disabilities Act, yet when the law might apply to them……..not so much. Hypocrites as always.”

      • ethan

        because this is a ‘political issue’ in the sense that someone’s rights were violated. people here are hyper-sensitive to political attacks against them. since most are linked from Drudge, most are conservative, and every single time a piece of news about a minority being treated unfairly, or someone getting wrecked by a corporation, it immediately becomes the republicans fault. in this case, this person’s rights were violated by professors/teachers at a college, a stereotypically liberal establishment and we the conservatives, who are consistently the victims of repeated attacks, being called racist, even when we’re black ourselves, etc, are jumping at the chance to point out the hypocrisy on the left side.

      • Bev Stevens

        Nicely said, ethan.

      • jj

        …because it was linked from Drudge Report. That’s also why people here are venting about “the blacks” when this article has nothing to do with “the blacks”.

      • Rod Anders

        Get rid of lawyers and politicians, and things will radically change. I’ve known too many people who stopped to help accident victims and got sued as a result. First time I became aware of this, I stopped helping others.

    • I'm with ya brother

      The liberals I know hand their wallets to blacks just passing them in the street, usually muttering “please dont rape me”, and thats the male liberals.

    • jj

      How do you know the professor is a liberal? Who do you think signed the ADA into law? Do you assume that everything you agree with is conservative and everything you disagree with is liberal, and consequently evil? Are you in second grade?

      • Bill Vernon

        That’s awesome. They haven’t learned to critically think yet. Confirmation bias.

      • tantrim

        We assume the professor is a liberal because it fits the criteria as most are radical in their views against individual rights.

    • sickoffools

      that’s true, all talk and no walk. They hide behind their Prius and travel on jet liners, they eat organic and shop at Walmart, they march for civil rights yet deny rights of the disabled, they champion radical Islam but don’t dare set foot in the Middle East. Liberals are loons, idiots to the core.

    • Brian

      @Flashman1854: Nonsense. In many smaller communities you’re going to get two EMTs and that’s it. I’m sorry, but I have to agree that a seizure disorder would be disqualifying for the position of EMT in my department – and rightly so.

    • snuff

      Hey flashman, she was not working as an EMT, she was in a classroom. You want to start telling people they cannot take a spanish class because you think they are not qualified to speak it………….I have a better idea let’s just decide what everyone is qualified to do at around age 7 or 8 and send them to specialized schools. Who the hell do people think they are wanting to decide for themselves what subjects they can study…outlandish!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barney Loves Franks

    Can liberals be any more transparent about the true nature of their “compassion”? Is the irony of this lost on anyone with a brain? An EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN class????????? Could there be a better scenario to show these kids what they’re getting into??????

    My heart goes out to this girl. On the upside…another conservative in the making.

    • Kimo

      you know what they say. A Conservative is a Liberal that was mugged.

  • Fluffy Teegar

    I would think this is real practice in an emergency medical tech class. This is so messed up! I’m sure she notified her instructors of her needs and possible health concerns before hand.

    • Mary

      Of course she notified the teacher and the school. The teacher has no say in this it is completely up to the administration who IS in the wrong. The SCHOOL told her she was disruptive NOT the teacher.

    • TheRealKingMax

      Fluffy, I think your comment is the most intteligent statement I’ve read today!

      I cannot believe these clowns dropped this student.

      “So, boys and girls, what did we learn today”?

      “If a fellow technician has an epileptic seizure, KICK ‘EM TO THE CURB, and carry on”.

      “Class dismissed, and when she calms down, drag her out with you….”.

      Absolutely inexcusable.

      Obamacare is already going into effect?

      • royp

        So let the patient die while the EMT helps the other EMT? Or send 4-6 EMTz’sa on every call (who is paying for that??)

        C;mon, the ADA is a great law, it’s the cases like this that abuse it that and it a bad name.

        Diabetes can be controlled, epylepsy cannot.

    • no tyranny

      I have to agree a blatant violation of the ADA. I hope she sues the school and gets compensated for her losses.

  • BJ

    What a croc…an EMT teacher and class cannot deal with a student’s epileptic siezure!

    • Rob O


    • Gary

      Those who can do….those who can’t teach.

      • Larz Blackman

        And those who are foolish and ignorant repeat that saying.

      • me321

        Larz. you must be a TEECHER

      • stan

        An old Chinese proverb with roots going back to their civil service. If one could not pass the test to be a civil servent they wouldbe required to teach others how to pass the test. Doing so would force them to learn every detail and then be able to pass the test.

      • John

        Couldn’t have been said any better!!!

  • Sofia

    Theater of absurd. A person prone to seizures is planning to become an emergency medical technician.

    • joe

      your comment is short sighted and hateful. Epilepsy can often be controlled and the person lead a normal life. The youg lady may one day be an excellent EMT or even a doctor or surgeon. Dont count her out because of her condition now. Things change.

    • Darrell

      The article didn’t say she was wanting to be an EMT. It just says she was taking the clase. Don’t put words in her mouth.

      • David Bennett

        Hear, hear!

      • John

        Exactly, Darrell. What the…?

    • Sally

      Which she will not be able to do. She will be unable to become a certified EMT. Not to say she shouldn’t be able to take the class.

      • Brad Statham

        Epilepsy does not disqualify a person from obtaining an EMT license.

    • Jennifer

      I have epilepsy and I am a registered dental assistant. Would you rather go back to the good old days when epileptics were placed into colonies and sterilized?

      • Omaha Bob

        You are probably a very good registered dental assistant, Jennifer. If you have a seizure you might miss some plaque. If an EMT/surgeon/pilot has a seizure people can die. I’m sorry. I would let you be my dental assistant but would hesitate to let you intubate me (If I were in the position to make a choice) because a seizure while you are using a speculum can cause very bad complications. Some intubations are difficult with an anesthesiologist under ideal conditions.

      • Tom Weaver

        Intubate with a speculum?! You mean a laryngoscope?

        I’m calling BS. No surgeon mixes up these two. Sorry.

      • John

        I guess good old OBAMA BOB would. I’ve worked around enough Gods…I mean surgeons…to know that they are the coolest and don’t any of you, not even you, Jennifer, say such demeaning things that one of the great ones might come across.

      • Tom Weaver

        Omaha Bob,

        EMT’s don’t intubate; Paramedics do.

        EMT’s spike bags for fluids, apply monitors to patients, and get a d-stick. They also help with getting the pt on the gurney or backboard.

        Paramedic and EMT are two different things entirely. One is 6 months of schooling, and the other is 2 years.

    • Matt

      Yeah because a person with a minor disability should not be allowed to help other people. They should be locked away and discarded right? Are you seriously as stupid as you came across?

      • sickofvools

        Good one Matt, Jackie Joyner (Flo Jo) was an olympic runner, she had epilepsy. Many people suffer from this condition which can be brought on any time of life. Maybe Bob could have a head injury and face seizures, or smoke one cig too many and have a petite mall. Epilepsy strikes many during all phases of life. Guess Bob is okay wit Illegals working here for we know not of their medical history which could be epilepsy. That one guy could be his cab driver and then what, Bob ? Hang on tight before you hit that wall.
        guess Bob wants to stop all blind people from singing, or the deaf from loving. Bob will push all wheelchairs off the cliff, I mean he’s sure they can walk, right ?

    • Matt

      Are you seriously as stupid as you came across?

  • Dave

    That prof probably just saved some lives… No offense, but I don’t want an EMT working on me who’s prone to violent seizures.

    • Bob

      Just because she was taking the class doesn’t mean she was looking to be an EMT – ever hear of electives? I took a raquetball class in college, it doesn’t mean I was looking to be a Professional Raquetball player.

      • Tom

        Awsome point Bob. I ofter wear baseball caps, I am not a baseball player. i love when liberals try to protect other liberals with stupidity and conjecture.

      • WCH

        Bob, to be totally honest, you are not comparing ‘apples to apples’. You know it, You are being disingenuous. I can cite many a case where someone takes an inncuous class like ‘needlepoint.’ That is quite different as it is a leisure class which is exactly what you aforementioned Racquetball (which I have doubts as you should have known that it was spelled with a ‘c’ in there and most Racquestball people get ticked off to beat all heck if it is dropped — that’s how serious that is. Somehow, I don’t htink it was a typo.) a LEISURE class. Trying to learn or be certified (which is the ultimate ending for someone taking an EMT ‘class’) is a life-job. It is much more than a ‘leisure’ class. Even a CPR class though not nearly as relevant and important as a EMT course, while some might argue it as being a ‘pasttime’ type of class, one must be ‘into’ it in order to complete it yet it doesn’t mean that one is now a doctor or nurse or EMT. See the difference?

      • Geoffreeee

        WCH… Please do not lecture people on spelling, when your comment contain errors in the spelling of the same word you are lecturing people on.

        Many companies will pay an employee extra salary/bonus, higher wages, etc. to obtain an EMT license. This lowers company insurance costs and allows the company to keep someone on hand who is capable of dealing with rare emergency situations. My company does this and I have heard of many others doing the same. This person performs their normal work duties everyday and available if the need arises.

        My point is, that there are different reasons a person might be taking an EMT class. Do not assume you know the extent of this woman’s disability.

    • ewblood

      I wouldn’t want an EMT working on me that has to have their delicate little psyche protected from the vision of someone having a seizure.

    • sickoffools

      could it be possible that she was just learning for schooling purposes only and not for field practice. Maybe she was advancing her knowledge for others who have this condition. not all people who learn become the characters they review about. So everyone at Home Depot is a contractor, licensed builder, plumber, painter with field knowledge and practice. Education does not mean vocation. Offense taken.

      • Rand2012

        Some of these comments claiming to be ‘conservative’ directly, or effectively, scare me a little.

        There should be nothing that trumps individual rights; unless by excersizing said rights, you violate another’s individual rights.

        That being said, there is no ‘right’ to be a student, get an education, take any class your heart desires, etc. You’re free to pursue these things, but there is no guarantee.

        The instructor is within his/her scope to remove a student at his/her discretion.

        I can’t figure out why this story is national news. The point isn’t whether she was going to be an EMT or not. There really is no point here… perhaps the instructor missed a good teaching opportunity. However, beyond that, this girl has no, and should not, have any recourse.

  • Dave K

    Something ironic about a Emergency Medical Tech class dropping a student because she had a seizure. I would think that the instructor might use the occasion as a real life example of an event that they will likely see in the future. To ask any student to drop out for something that is not under their control is just plain wrong in any case.

    • Omaha Bob

      Would it be ironic if a flight school dropped a student because he couldn’t fly an aircraft without a seizure? You should be on that flight to think about it.

      • Dave S

        Bob, this is about whether or not she should be allowed to take a class, not practice some straw man profession you’ve dreamed up. I doubt that you’re a surgeon as you claim, but if you are I’m glad you chose that over neurology.

      • sickoffools

        What about alcoholic pilots who fly passengers for years, or those who suffered heart attacks whle flying an aircraft ? What about that dwarfed person driving the public bus, or Steven Hawkins, maybe he shouldn’t receive any recognition cause he’s in a wheelchair as a parapalegic. Name one flight that came down due to an epileptic episode from a pilot while flying passengers, or is more from other pilot error and events. Most people with epilepsy can tell when they feel an episode coming on. You’d be surprised what conditions people have that fly passengers. Hang on Bob, here comes that wall again.

      • John

        They should only let guys like you go on to become surgeons, though. You’ve got the perfect attitude to be one. You should keep working even if you get Parkinson’s also because I can just tell from your awesomeness that it wouldn’t affect your work.

  • cass

    The compassion of the left: Take it outside (but then we’ll tell everyone we’re the only ones that cared about you and make your seizure all about us)

    • Debby Kay

      Why is this a political issue? It’s a COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION issue. The article states that this young woman HAD A SEIZURE and was told she was too distracting and should withdraw from the class. HELLO, you pompous, arrogant jerks with no compassion- (Omaha Bob, thank GOD you’re not MY doctor!) NOT everything is political- I hope this girl sues the pants off that college and the instructors…and touche’ to the poster above who stated the obvious- a medical situation in an emergency medical class, and they couldn’t handle it. Outrageous and appalling.

  • NotDeadYet

    She should have told them that the seizure was caused by her sex-change operation. They would have done anything to keep her in the class.

    • yoni

      ^^^ for the win.

  • MrPandy

    Oooh! The school is afaid that the poor widdle EMTs-to-be might see something icky. Of course, they’ll probably see things much more traumatic and disturbing their first week on the job, but let’s ignore the facts for now….

  • Curtis Quico Reed

    While I agree that she should not have been kicked out for being “disruptive”…has anyone not thought that maybe–JUST MAYBE–if her plan is to become an “emergency medical technician”–that MAYBE it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA to have an EMT who has serious seizures? Her seizures could make her incapable of caring for a seriously injured accident victim and could die because she was not only not capable of performing her duties, but became an additional patient–and therefore a liability–for the other EMTs to treat?!

    • greedyschool

      Then MAYBE just MAYBE the school shouldn’t have taken her money and let her enroll in the class if an epileptic shouldn’t be allowed to become an EMT.

    • stewpatty

      Mr. Reed,

      Where oh where does it say that sh’e’s going to be an EMT? She was taking a class. Read carefully and don’t assume anything. I took a history of Art class, I’m definitely not an artist.

    • Debby Kay

      There are many areas for EMTs to work- SHE WAS TAKING A FRIGGIN CLASS, AND THAT’S WHAT THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT, it’s NOT about whether or not she should become an EMT… The article does not STATE WHY she is taking the class or what her plans are- In FACT, the article says that SHE HAD ONE SEIZURE. Did you know that ONE SEIZURE does not mean you have epilepsy?? Additionally, YOUR tendency to jump to conclusions demonstrates a lack of compassion for those who have this condition…

      • sickoffools

        Well said Debby. It’s what I wrote earlier and tried to get Omaha Bob to realize but he’s driving into walls lately. she took a course and due to an episode was kicked out. You’re so right, one seizure does not mean epilepsy.

  • ken

    why doesn’t she take flight training class too?

    • James Braun

      Why not? I haven’t had a seizure in 22 years (and as long as I take my meds, I’ll never have one again) Yet the law does not allow me to take flying lessons. There are pilots flying commercial airliners who have had multiple heart attacks over the last 22 years. Is a heart attack less disruptive than a seizure? Maybe before you make a snarky comment you should learn a little bit about the disease

      • stewpatty

        thank you Mr. Braun!

      • Geoffreeee

        Good One.

      • Omaha Bob

        She should be the co-pilot when the pilot has had a heart attack. The flight engineer should have brittle diabetes. Wouldn’t that be nice? They should recruit severe asthmatics for fire departments. Is that snarky? Can’t you accept the idea that no matter how nice you want to be that some people have health problems that can compromise job performance.

      • yoni

        example fail. a pilot that has had multiple heart attacks would be placed on leave. no airline is that stupid. (source: i have worked for an airline)

    • bellrigner

      She did with your wife.

  • timothius

    In the 60’s the Army drafted a number of epileptics, I remember watching Grand Mal seizures in the chow line and even at the rifle range. The Army didn’t kick these people out! So why should a professor of an Emergency Medical Technicians class kick someone out? Stupid Just stupid! However, in an emergency do I have time for my rescuer to have a seizure?

    • James Braun

      It is not that your last question is without merit, but for a great many epileptics, the odds of having a seizure on any given day are extremely small. My last seizure was 22 years ago, but because all epileptics are treated the same, I’ll never be able to get a pilots license or adopt a kid in certain jurisdictions. And if I did (God forbid) have a seizure while driving and cause an accident, my civil and criminal liability would be extensive (as compared to that of a drunk driver, whose liability is limited by the fact that he was “impaired” when he made the decision to drive).

      Moreover, if you are worried about your EMT having a seizure, maybe you ought to also be worried about a heart attack, or diabetic shock, or mental breakdown. THe conditions which cause these are far more prevalent

      • Ann-Marie

        I havn’t had a seizure in over 25 years. I take my medicine. I’m also an RN. My work was never impaired. People have all sorts of health problems. This is just stupid.

      • Kris McAllister

        Previous interviews with her (google her name) state that she has seizures daily, often multiple times so it would appear that the drugs are not working for her type of epilepsy, which from looking at medical sources online is about 20% of the cases. In the previous articles she stated that she has had seizures up to full loss of consciousness, and has a service dog as recently as April of this year that helps her with things. That’s all well and good.

        I’ve looked into this story a bit on multiple news places and it states that she has had 2 seizures on campus while she has been there, I have a feeling that they are the more severe variety, or the administration wouldn’t notice her gasping once in a while or jerking her head. The type of epilepsy she has can be aggravated by decision making, tiredness, stress or sensory overload, which on a college campus are all too common.

        I wish her well, but if her seizures are truly distracting and severe, I do hesitantly side with the administration on this. I really hope she finds a great career where her condition won’t hinder her.

    • stan

      I was in the Army 68-71. During basic training we had some guys (draftees)with medical problems who shouldn’t have been there due to serious medical problems. Typically they were released after 90 days, which at the timeit ment they would be eligidgable for VA benifits.

  • stop2think

    I never knew seizures were covered by ADA. Why? Are people with blue eyes covered since they are more senstive to the sun?

    • RJ OGuillory

      Well,….Stop2think,….perhaps if you’d follow through with your purported name, and “stop2think”, would understand that being epileptic is a form of “disability”….

      …..therefore, any action that an organization takes that discriminates against the disabled person, any policy or action that separates the “disabled” person from normally accepted policy, …is a violation of the law….

      …I was discovered at the age of 49 to have been genetically epileptic my whole life, and yet the seizures have really started to flare-up as I get older. I worked for 23 years for the US Department of Defense, and after two decades of being a Federally Protected Whistle-Blower, and absorbing years of abuse from my chain-of-command, they finally had to settle an ADA Complaint against their organization and pay for me to retire,….

      ….but again, much of that abuse was due to their misunderstanding related to the ADA….for example,… of my idiot Supervisors demanded that I have a “performance improvement conversation” with he and other unidentified executives while speaking over a speaker-phone hook-up to a room with an unknown number of people listening in…..the nature of the conversation was directly linked to my genetic illness, the epilepsy,….as well as the emotional and mental aspects of dealing with the disease. So, my chain of command expected me to discuss my mental health over a speaker phone, into an office with an unknown number of unknown people listening in,….

      ….the court decided that this wasn’t really a”reasonable accommodation” and they lost their case…..

      I agree that an epileptic employed as an EMT is a bit of a problem,…but that is between the epileptic and their employer,..not the school… fact, the school just set themselves up for a potentially huge loss in a lawsuit, and frankly, for being so dense, they deserve to lose,…..that is the point of the ADA law,….

      …you cannot discriminate based upon illness, and in those cases where policy or dogma violates a person’s right to “reasonable accommodation”,…..they are just dumb and deserve to pay-up.


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    • James Braun

      I’m just curious. Are you saying that people with epilepsy who are subjected tp irrational discrimination should not be protected under the ADA, or are you arguing that people with blue eyes are truly disabled

      Me personnaly, I think that people who post dumb comments on the internet are disabled and should be covered under the ADA

  • ravenbeck

    Was it a first time seizure for her? Have they discovered the cause? Seizures are highly treatable. There are people who hold many professions, including in the medical field, who have epilepsy yet can lead normal lives while taking medication. Let’s not assume anything here.

    The ADA covers obese people for pete’s sake. (People who can actually make a choice whether to eat or not. I don’t see why they wouldn’t cover people with a legitimate medical ailment/disease.)

  • bo manning

    I’ve suffered with seizures since 1991; so I know how debilitating these are.
    My medicine helps now; but the most embarrassing thing is to wake up from these, and see all the people standing around looking at you.
    This is even worse than that. For her to go through the seizure, and then to be embarrassed again by her college; is a disgrace.
    I hope you have a health; and wonderful life….

    • Omaha Bob

      Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to find out you crashed a plane full of people? Or you woke up and your trauma patient was dead? Much better for the school to let her go through that be embarrassed about having a seizure in class, right?

      • Bif

        Omaha Bob: suck my d**k

  • Ben Dover

    No child left behind except for those with epilepsy?

  • Dave

    There isn’t any real reason to publish the fact that epilepsy is caused by a “dumb and deaf” demon spirit, especially in medical circles , as no one will believe it. However, for those of you who seek wisdom, this is the very spirit Jesus cast out of a young boy in the Bible. Read if for yourself: Mark 9:17 – 29

    • Jennifer

      What? Is this an attempt at humor or your actual belief? If this is your belief, I can tell you that I am a Christian and an epileptic. There is a difference between possession and a medical condition. I have met a few Christians like yourself. One was quite satisfied when I experienced seizures, as I was rebelling against God for wearing pants. Why don’t you do a little research or will you not believe it?

  • playtheirgame

    Just tell them you’re here illegally. They’ll waive tuition and excuse you from having to take any of the tests as they are an affront to your superior culture.

    • Omaha Bob


  • Deskboy

    Go get them young lady. We all have a disability of some kind or another. It is rather obvious what it is for the faculty of this college.

    They were born with their head squared up the rectum.

    PS. If you were in my class, I would not have been able to concentrate on my studies.

  • Jack P

    Seizures left uncontrolled can be life threatening. She should have been referred to a physician for an evaluation to determine if she is physically able to continue in the class. Maybe all she needed was a slight adjustment to her meds and the problem would have been solved. I spent 30 yrs as a Human Resources executive and this is the type of policy we followed. Without exception, the employee’s meds were adjusted and he/she returned to work without further incident. Colorado Mountain College should be “gigged” on this one and be required to develop a policy which covers these kinds of situations if they do not already have one.

    • Leila

      Dear Mr. P,
      Your post comes across as though you have either misunderstood in a very big way, or are entirely ignorant.

      Seideman is aware that she has Epilepsy – a condition which a “slight adjustment of her meds” will not fix. She does not need to be “referred to a physician,” as she has been diagnosed for many years. She has struggles every day, even though they aren’t always grand mal.

      Channing is an outstanding student who has had seizures in class in the past and such has never been a problem. See proof of that below.

      No matter how you look at this, Channing was wronged. Good for her for fighting for students of the future to never have to go through what she’s been through.


  • Mike

    Let’s say she wants to go to truck driving school, is she allowed to have a seizure behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer? She can’t be an EMT if she is going to have a seizure when she needs to help somebody, just like a person who is blind or in a wheelchair cannot be an EMT. She’s just not a right FIT for the job, she should do something else.

    • Mom

      Again, no one said she’s actually planning to become an EMT. I took all kinds of courses in college that had nothing to do with my career. She wants to take this course, and she has every right to.

  • echinacea

    she should have just blamed the seizure on GEORGE W. BUSH and the school would have applauded and sang “for she’s a jolly good fellow”

  • Chuck

    Epilepsy can be cured with homeopathic treatment.

    • Rawego

      how can this be done? please email me at my son has seizures.

      • howelse

        by giving lots and lots of money to some weird looking chick in a mumu.

      • Kaz

        Please research the ketogenic diet. Especially with younger children, drastic changes in diet can potentially cure their epilepsy. Medication will never cure it… in fact, research what epilepsy medication can do to a human brain. There’s a really good movie called ‘First Do No Harm’ that you can also watch – but that’s more for an insider look and is more ’emotionally informative’. Nonetheless, I encourage you not to listen to those that will reject this treatment as ‘voodoo’ and intentionally keep themselves ignorant because they ‘feel’ this can’t possible be medicine. The Mayo Clinic is doing a great bit of research into this as well. Here’s a basic summary:

    • Jennifer

      No, it cannot. Don’t give people false hope. Some homeopathic treatments can alleviate symptoms, but they do not “cure” epilepsy.

  • ffirth

    Love how so many assume the instructor was a liberal just because it was at a college. A lot of people teach part time at colleges. And no, I’m not a liberal. Not a conservative either. Like most people, there are some issues I’m more conservative about, some that I’m more liberal about.

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