LOS ANGELES (AP) – President Barack Obama is heading to Denver to pitch his jobs plan in the city where he accepted the Democratic nomination. But as he’s acknowledged at fundraisers up and down the West Coast, this election isn’t like 2008.

Obama told a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser Monday night that this time around people are weary, and the energy of 2008 — when he was an exciting new face — is going to have to be generated in a different way.

He urged guests, including actors Eva Longoria, Danny DeVito and Jack Black, not to get tired now. “This is when we’re tested,” he said.

Obama has held seven fundraisers over two days in Washington state and California in advance of an important fundraising deadline. Tuesday in Denver, he will tour Abraham Lincoln High School and then speak about the $450 billion jobs plan, mixing tax credits and public works spending, that he wants Congress to pass.

With the economy stuck and unemployment high as the 2012 campaign heats up, Obama has been reminding supporters that he never told them governing would be easy. He’s also getting in some shots at the GOP presidential field.

“I urge all of you to watch some of these Republican debates. It’s a different vision about who we are, who we stand for,” Obama told about 120 Hollywood supporters at Los Angeles’ Fig & Olive restaurant. Guests paid $17,900 each to attend.

The American people want a “bold and generous” vision of America, Obama said, not the “cramped” one he said the Republicans are offering. “That’s what this election is about. It’s about values, it’s about character, it’s about who we are.”

Republicans have panned Obama’s West Coast swing, criticizing the president for being more interested in saving his own job than creating new jobs for Americans. And Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said Obama was “treating the West Coast as an ATM for his campaign coffers as he makes his way toward the first billion-dollar campaign.”

By Erica Werner, Associated Press

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (7)
  1. Reny G says:

    Ron Paul 2012! A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for true change… Ronpaul.com

  2. Reny G says:

    Are we done with the status quo? Are we done with the flip floppers, and puppets? Are we done listening to empty promises? Then Vote Ron Paul president! He is solid and has stuck to his word for over 30 years. RON PAUL 2012!

  3. john says:

    You know I hate to sound so negative here but my best friend taught at Abraham Linciln High school for years.
    Like any other inner city school it has good students and bad students.
    I guess my question here is Do you have ANY IDEA what it costs us taxpayers for this idiot to speak at a lousy high school?
    Not that Lincoln high school is any less deserving than any other school the fact remains it is a high school and a fairly small one at that.
    This is again a TOTAL waste of taxpayer money.
    Most of those kids have NO IDEA what they wantg to do, why in the world would you give a speech on jobs at a ;lace like that?
    AtT any hogh school for that matter?
    Have you ever done a career fair at a school?
    If you have you know what I am talking about

  4. Don says:

    Problem is u gotta run on ur record,, which is a big yellow streak when dealing with the republicans.. Sad excuse for a democrat this guy is,, though he talks a good game,, just no follow through.. ex dem

  5. PAULA says:

    will he be speaking in a latino accent dropping the j like he did to the black caucus?

  6. ct says:

    Taxes are the lowest they have been for 50 years under Obama. And the deficit is from Bush policies that are still in place and Bushes spending!! Let not forget while under Bush, he was the first president to get us into a war and at the same time raised our taxes!! Cleaning up after what Bush did to this great country for eight years would take someone TWENTY years!! Obama inherited a country that was ran like a corporation that absolutely had no governing for eight years. Under Bush the US was USA INC.

  7. Jesse Jackson says:

    The “Vision” the country needs.. I s the sight of a jet with you on it heading back to Kenya!

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