COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – The Colorado Republican Party has decided to move up its presidential caucuses.

The plan was approved Saturday in Colorado Springs. The caucuses will be on Feb. 7 instead of March 6. The Republican committee says it could give Colorado a bigger voice in the Republican presidential contest.

Colorado can make the change without penalty because the caucuses don’t actually determine delegates. That process happens in April.

  1. Robert Aiassa says:

    Let’s send CNN to fight in Iraq- Please.

    WHAT Does anyone expect -Keanu- or CNN – other than a bunch of really very very un-american veiw points.

    Keanu was playing the race card – not Morgan Freeman.

    NRA- if you own a gun – liberal CNN – they are the merchants of death? I didn’t hear Keanu _ ask Mogan Freeman on single question about how” barack obama” did anything sucessfull- to give any points to the argument.

    Can’t blame Morgan Freeman for that – it’s the ignorance of the media- specifically CNN.

    If they CNN would of interviewed Adolf Hitler- he would of won the election!!

    Who’s really at fault for racism in this country- not the tea party. Just making a point- and putting the fault where it lies, just a stupid network – period.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa 09/25/2011

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