DENVER (CBS4) – Ten different terrorism-response drills took place in the Denver metro area on Friday.

Approximately 80 different police and fire agencies went through drills in the different locations, which include the Park Meadows Mall. At the mall a CBS4 crew captured video of a SWAT team preparing to enter the mall with guns drawn.

First responders were working with volunteers in mock emergency scenarios and said they wanted to make things seem as real as possible.

It’s called “Operation Mountain Guardian” which is a terrorist-based, full-scale emergency exercise.

Aside from the mall, locations where the drills were taking place included Union Station, Sports Authority Field at Mile High and two schools.

The drill included simulated gunfire, weapons and smoke.

There was little public impact from the drills.

The exercise was paid for by a grant from the Homeland Security Administration.

Comments (4)
  1. David says:

    Doesn’t 10 drills seem a little excessive? At schools? Really!! I wonder what we are being prepared for?

  2. Baa Baa says:

    Keep the sheep in fear and begging for protection.

    Typical NWO strategy.


  3. Thomas Maddox says:

    What better way to get civilians comfortabl­e to military presence. This way when they finally move in and create marshal law no one will be the wiser until it’s too late. Think that’s paranoid, read some world history and you’ll see that it may be more cautious worry than paranoia. We are slowly heading down a path that is far removed from what our founders envisioned and fought fo

  4. Thomas Maddox says:

    What were the children doing in the tunnels and bus marked “Special”? Why did CBSnews not cover this?

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