COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado Springs police have arrested a man accused of raping a baby.

Police said on July 13 they arrested Shawn Joseph McCormack, 28, on an outstanding arrest warrant for sexual exploitation of children.

Investigators in Canada informed Colorado Springs police and Homeland Security Investigations that a suspect in the Colorado Springs area had been distributing large quantities of child pornography involving infants. The investigation led to McCormack.

“A search warrant was conducted at McCormack’s residence. During the execution of the search warrant, evidence was recovered that confirmed that McCormack was responsible for the possession and distribution of thousands of images and videos of child pornography,” police said in a statement.

The investigation began after authorities in Boston found a video of a man raping a baby during a pornography bust. Investigators were able to trace the video to a Bakersfield, Calif. motel where the attack happened.

Investigators matched a commercial playing on the TV in the background during the attack to the TV show that was on at the time. The only time the commercial had played was on March 28, 2009, in Bakersfield.

Agents were able to track McCormack through receipts used at the motel.

The victim was the child of a Bakersfield family where McCormack would sometimes stay while working in California. He allegedly took the baby to the motel while the parents were sleeping at night.

McCormick is being federally charged with sexual exploitation of children. The U.S. attorney’s office said he is now in federal custody in Colorado. U.S. marshals will move him to Fresno where he will face a federal judge.

Comments (55)
  1. allrightlythen says:

    Why is it that this guy will probably get a slap on the wrist and not just executed? Second, WHAT MOTHER CAN’T TELL HER BABY HAS BEEN MOLESTED, seems the parents need to do some time.

    1. DMM says:

      if a baby can’t talk, how can a parent know that this happened? only if there is physical evidence could they have known. sure the child may act differently emotionally but how can anyone ever suspect that a person would do this to their baby? that man is the definition of evil. there are no words to describe how this makes me feel and my heart is aching for this poor baby and his family.

    2. think then type says:

      DMM, this man RAPED the baby. If a male baby is raped, then when the mother changes his diaper, she should notice the anal trauma.

      1. james says:

        DMM is right. Rape isn’t just penetration. Rape can include a number of sexual activities. There could be little or no way of knowing whether a baby was being touched inappropriately.

    3. Amerirkid says:

      OMG! Really?? like the child is going to tell them? Idiot. Babies cry all the time. They’re hungry, they’re not feeling well, there’s a long list of things babies cry because of,. and being molested isn’t one that just stands out. What a moron.

    4. jason says:

      They were probubly saling the child for drugs. Such a sick piece of you know what ? I agree where was the parents? you can’t tell me that the parents didn’t know where there child was. I know where my kids are every second of the hour every day. this is sick and disturbing.

      1. Donna says:

        If you had paid attention while reading the article, then you would know the answer to your question.. He took the baby to the motel while the parents were asleep in bed.. and no, no parents knows where their child is 24/7, you have to sleep sometime.

      2. jon says:

        yea, like Donna said… your questions are answered in the actual article. and growing up, parents like you were known as “nazi parents”. if you really keep tabs on your kids 24/7 (btw which is NOT possible) then when they are old enough, they will rebel and/or get as far away from you as possible. i doubt any parent wants that.

    5. Gort01 says:

      ok ….already you people are starting on the mom….omg…why are we always to blame….for everything….shut up

    6. Chris I. says:

      I agree. A baby would show signs that something had happened. Like Lots or redness and swelling, and possibly bleeding. So you can’t convince me that you wouldn’t have been able to tell.

      1. jon says:

        hi, im sorry maybe i missed it in the article… where did it say that the baby was penetrated?

        from a writers stand point rape i bet was meant as molested, writes have to make their writing seem more than it is… its a dieing art form. and always remember this is YAHOO news…

        Yahoo NEWS is to internet news, as FOX NEWS is to television news

    7. Gisella Handelong says:

      I agree with you. These parents didn’t realize,like PHYSICALLY realize that this baby was being raped. They belong in jail then for sheer stupidity and should be sterilized!

  2. Disgusted to the max says:

    How does anyone come to be such a sick individual. He’s not fit to walk this earth. There are no words to describe my feelings about this. It’s absolutely despicable and this fiend should be shown no mercy.

    1. Kelly says:

      He needs to DIE for what he did because he’s now responsible for the death of the spirits of the poor innocent baby and his mother and father’s.

  3. Vomit says:

    this makes me want to vomit. you sick F

  4. don't deserve my air says:

    We do not execute pedophiles, WHY?

    1. binny says:

      Apparently letting them run loose and trying to keep an eye on them is more exciting.

    2. Christa says:

      I agree, I am a survivor of being molested at like 5 and I don’t know how many times growing up I wanted to commit suicide. A molester KILLS that person emotionally. They are only a shell of what they could have been. If it wasn’t for God healing my pain, I would not be the person I am and I would probably be on many drugs to help me cope. There should be a 1 strike FEDERAL law. Do it only 1 time or even if you possess the child porn….get rid of them…They cannot be rehabilitated!!! If not death…then CUT IT ALL OFF.

    3. canttell_u says:

      Because MOST of them are WHITE MEN…..that’s why

      1. September A Lukic says:

        go read
        these kinds of things happen all the time and by all races. 2 that stick in my mind are a black father who raped and fractured the skull of his 8 day old baby, and baby brianna whos family is hispanic. please there is nothing here about race, just about how sick humanity is

  5. Belle1231 says:

    Clearly a worthy candidate for the death penalty. It’s a proven scientific fact that these monsters cannot ever be rehabilitated. Take him out of the gene pool and protect us all from him forever more.

    1. Amerikid says:

      Very well put. Agreed.

  6. El Turkito says:

    Deat Penalty.

  7. laurieQ says:

    as horrible as this story is, I am comforted by the extent to which they went to find this A$$hle. Find a motel somewhere in the country- from Boston to Bakersfield, then find a commercial, narrow down a time and location and actualy find the room and receipt, hopefully to make sure this guy is imprisoned for a very long time. I’ll pay more tax money for these types of results.

  8. B-Man says:

    i’ve read some sick stories and this one by far takes the cake. There are not enough derogratory words in the english language to define or discribe this man. What’s sadder is that he haiils from Colorado. I hope he is intergrated with the general population of prison and current prisoners are aware of his past…

  9. Nena Moreno says:

    Just let him in loose in the general population in prison. I would pay to see it!!

    1. jon says:

      that says alot about you… do your fellow church going friends know you want to watch a gang prison rape?

  10. karianez says:

    I believe the death penalty is in order.

  11. Chops says:

    I would like 10 mins with this POS. He would picking up his teeth off the floor.

  12. Rachelle L Kepner says:

    im sorry but this man took the baby while the parents where asleep..i think i would have known if my baby was gone in the middle of the night..this is one reason why my baby sleeps with me at night..its crazy i cannot stand animals like this…this is something that has to be of the devils work god would not create a baby raper…this man and other should suffer and i hope the wrath of god gets them cause trust and belive they will not be safe when the lord gets threw with there souls..well let me take that back people like this do not have souls..if law enfocment and courts cannot handle people like these i say throw them out to the public and let us handle people like the would way back in the western days..put them on display and let us punish them it makes me so so mad..that i dont think i could com e up with a punishment and tourtre that would satsfy me enough….*ANGRY* PARENTS PLEASE PLEASE BE MORE AWARE OF UR CHILDREN AND WHO U LET THEM GO WITH AND WHO STAYS WITH THEM EVEN IF THEY ARE FAMILY..HELLO

    1. jon says:

      wow wait… so God only makes good people? and the devil makes bad people? what part of the bible are you getting this from? I also find it interesting that religious people are so quick to say things like “torture” or “make him suffer” what he did is unforgivable and unforgettable dont get me wrong we’re on the same page in that respect… but people who do these kinda things aren’t right in the head! surely we can agree on that.

      P.S. i doubt you would know if ur baby was gone in the middle of the night… im sure you like to think so… and it makes you feel better about yourself thinking so too but seriously… i think if you were asleep you would be asleep and not magically have a dream of someone stealing and raping your baby to suddenly wake up and notice your babies gone. you’d continue to dream about what you were dreaming about because you were asleep.

  13. mom says:

    I want to kill him myself.

    1. jon says:

      if it turns out your kid turns out like him would you feel the same way? if your kid had a chemical imbalance in his brain that made him not right or horrific sexual situation at a younger age that change him forever… would you still kill him yourself?

  14. starraider1999 says:

    good that the detectives who investigated the motel were able to find the perv,now take him out to a feild and hang/shoot him!

  15. Gene Mccusker says:

    Wow, very impressive detective work! Good job. Now turn the other way while the lions tear him apart in lockup.

  16. Jessica yep I said it! says:

    Cut his manhood off…That should be the penalty for all sexual preditors let alone baby/chld rapist! Whatever happened to torture chambers?!!?

  17. teremist says:

    Let us hope his death is as sadistic and cruel as he is. The Supreme court has ruled that child predators may not be given the death sentence. (It is too cruel and unusual,) if the victim(s) survive. No matter how they were maimed, tortured, ripped apart or paralyzed, no matter the number of times or ways they were victimized, or over however long a time period. They might feel differently if it was THEIR child that had to undergo multiple surgeries to survive, and was left irreparably damaged with a colostomy and urine bag. If they had to listen to the agonized screaming from the nightmares that follow. Every state legislature has failed to make life in prison w/out parole mandatory for these monsters, they are returned to the streets over and over. PLEASE let them know, it is TIME to enforce a ZERO tolerance policy. Society and the victims DESERVE NO LESS.

  18. Jen says:

    BULLET to the HEAD…’s real simple!!

  19. Canttell_u says:

    Could this somehow be cnnected to race? I have read of several cases like this over the years and the babies were raped by “dad”. All were white guys.

    1. September A Lukic says:

      go read
      these kinds of things happen all the time and by all races. 2 that stick in my mind are a black father who raped and fractured the skull of his 8 day old baby, and baby brianna whos family is hispanic. please there is nothing here about race, just about how sick humanity is

  20. dimples says:

    Why are they even locking this animal up. He should be castrated with a blow torch inch by inch.

    1. Chris I. says:

      You mean millimeter by millimeter.

  21. Jax says:

    I feel like vomiting, I hope this man receives the MAX punishment

  22. ljones says:

    Just kill him and kill him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. SMH says:

    speaking of execution, no one deserves it more than this sicko….

  24. Donna Lusciousdc Sayles-Corbin says:

    “The U.S. attorney’s office said he is now in federal custody in Colorado. U.S. marshals will move him to Fresno where he will face a federal judge.”

    Take him back to Fresno and let him face this baby’s parents. This piece of garbage shouldn’t even make it to Fresno.

  25. Chris I says:

    Uhm … Why is cruel and unusual to remove “it”?? Seems to me the world would be safer if he didn’t have “it”.

    1. jon says:

      immagine… not this case, as it is cut and dry about who did what… but immagine someone innocent gets accucsed of sexualy assault or whatever that that was the punishment! only to later be expunged of the charges, you cant put it back on! also, it makes peeing more dificult than it should. how could a man even comment about removing another mans manhood anyway?

      people like this guy stir up these feelings of hate in everyone… and make perfectly nice people cry out for torture and murder! people like him are making our good society people less good. (no good person wishes these kinda of things to anyone no matter the ill justification). if you guys continue to allow yourselves to feel such hate… then his kind wins…

    2. jon says:

      P.S. removing a mans member has nothing to do with how crazy he is… i mean, if we wanted to blame testosterone its still not in the member itself… he would still be crazy… maybe MORE crazy!! couldnt imaging life without my member. if anything, if my member was removed it would make me even madder toward the people who removed it. maybe more crazy too.

      Chris L maybe you cant figure out while its cruel and unusual to remove “it” because yours is so nonexistent (meaning small and you wouldnt notice if it was missing)

  26. TC says:

    This guy needs to be tortured and receive a very slow death.

  27. global regulatory specialists says:

    I used to be suggested this web site by way of my cousin. I am no longer certain whether or not this submit is written by means of him as no one else know such distinct approximately my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thank you!

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