DENVER (CBS4) – A former University of Denver men’s basketball player has won the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest.

Phil Heath, nicknamed “The Gift,” beat out four-time winner Jay Cutler (no, not that Jay Cutler!) He is just the 13th winner since the event started in 1965.

The contest took place last weekend in Las Vegas.

Heath joined names like Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the world champion in bodybuilding.

Watch a CBS4 Classic report from Reggie Rivers in 2008 after Heath’s 2008 Ironman Pro Champion win:

“I feel awesome. Words cannot describe how I feel right now,” Heath said told “I’m so happy that I was able to do it and able to have fun while doing it.”

Heath, 31, of Arvada, was a member of the DU Pioneers from 1998-2002. He played 65 games as a point guard and shooting guard before beginning his professional career in bodybuilding.



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  1. dave h says:

    Until they start doing blood-testing, which of course they’ll never do, all bodybuilding competitions are a fraudulent joke.

  2. juan says:

    how is it a joke? everyone knows that to get that size you need to add some juice. They never deny that. It takes more than juice though. It takes genetics, dedication, perserverance, knowledge, sweat and then juice.

    1. MC says:

      As a cop and life-long drug-free strength athlete, competitive lifter and BB judge, I personnally LOVE arresting these folks for possesion and distribution of the ILLEGAL drugs they are using and very often pushing. The sport once represented health and fitness. It has not been the case for a very long time.

      1. Tim Beadle says:

        And what about your cop buddies? Do you also love arresting them when they are using juice?

      2. John says:

        MC Your such a super hardcore badass!! ROFL

      3. Jordan says:

        So glad to see we have guys like MC operating from a position of authority to instantly categorize people based upon such a limited range of information. You’re giving the people of your profession a bad image – angry (tone), quick to stereotype (elaboration), inferiority complex (your reference to your own exploits), etc.

        If you are such a strength athlete, you would realize that Phil has put in more hard work over the last decade than you (probably) have in your entire lifting career. Aside from this, many people in Denver actually know Phil Heath and would tell you that he is a good guy.

  3. SteveJ says:

    I’d much rather watch the Reebox Crossfit competition.

    These muscle bound freaks are a joke….I want to see just one of them be able to scratch their own back!

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