Written by Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4)-A new batch of suggestions from Denver Police Officers to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock makes it clear many are hoping the new mayor dumps Independent Police Monitor Richard Rosenthal.

“Fire Rosenthal,” one officer wrote in his suggestion to Hancock. “He has brought a negative light on this department with his unsubstantiated allegations that he goes to the media with.”

Another officer who identified himself as a 25-year veteran wrote,”The Office of the Independent Monitor is not being operated in a fair and impartial manner. It is my opinion that the office is being operated with a severe anti- police agenda which is crippling the police department.”

“Fire Rosenthal!!!,” urged a third officer.

Reached by CBS4 Friday afternoon, Rosenthal declined to comment on the suggestions.

The input comes from suggestion boxes Mayor Hancock placed at Districts One, Two and Four. Those were released to CBS4 Friday following a Colorado Open Records Act Request.

Identities of the officers who submitted the suggestions were scrubbed from the documents. The Mayor’s Office previously released suggestions submitted by Officers in Districts Five and Six.

Hancock placed the suggestion boxes at DPD substations in August saying he wanted officers to provide their thoughts and opinions about the department, ideas to improve operations and characteristics they would like to see in the next chief.

Amber Miller, a spokesperson for Hancock, said the suggestions will be taken seriously by the mayor.

While some of the 73 pages of just released suggestions addressed broad department issues, others were specific.

“I recently was issued a light uniformed jacket from the DPD Uniform Supply Unit. I was given a DPD Jacket made in China. I would propose the City and County of Denver buy Made in USA products on everything possible…,” wrote one officer.

Another complained about police cars saying many had dents and dings and lousy paint jobs.

“To be considered professional, we must look professional,” wrote one officer.

“We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We just expect to be treated fairly as professional adults,” wrote one officer.

Some of the suggestions indicated officers feel they are not supported by the city administration and that their department is top heavy.
“Also, we don’t like bullies,” opined one officer. “That includes fellow officers, superiors, defense attorneys, media representatives, city officials or independent monitors.”

Several of the submissions were intensely critical of current DPD managers.

“I would prefer not to work under toxic leadership, dictator leadership or narcissistic leadership,” wrote an officer. “Currently our management just makes decisions and the people on the bottom suffer through bad choice after bad choice. I am sure you have already picked who you want for Police Chief. Asking us to provide input is a nice gesture.”

Numerous officers urged Hancock to sack the man who they view as their nemesis, Independent Monitor Richard Rosenthal.

“Mr. Rosenthal and his methods to justify his job are very bad for morale and causes officers to second guess their training and their actions’, implored one officer. “I would hope Mr. Rosenthal is replaced with someone who is truly independent and without an agenda.”

Several officers invited Hancock to ride along with them and see what they deal with up close.

“Please feel free to call me if there is anything I can ever do for you,” wrote one.”After all, you are my boss.”

Comments (3)
  1. John says:

    You know it is amazing to me how the police can say
    “a few bad cops don’t make the whole force bad”
    That is certainly fair enough and exactly right.
    The problem is they should practice what they preach.
    In their mind and the entire legal sysyems mind anybody that breaks a law
    regardless of their past perfect record is a disgusting maggott and an evil criminal no different than the rest.
    This is why our jails and prisons are so full.
    Law enforcement and legal systems just can’t be bothered with sorting out a few common sense facts.
    Just because someone makes a mistake does not classify them as being the most offensive criminal on the street.
    Even if they make the same mistake someone else has made it is not wise or fair to group them the way the legal system does.
    The courts seem determined to “send a message” even if that means handing down a much more severe sentence than is necessary.
    The police want to be viewed that way but they win’t treat anybody else that way will they?

  2. whatsright says:

    It’s clear there’s a huge problem with administration overall when statements like; “Also, we don’t like bullies,” opined one officer. “That includes fellow officers, superiors, defense attorneys, media representatives, city officials or independent monitors.” come from th epeople that REALLY do the work. Sounds like there’s to many chiefs and not enough REAL Officers. At the sametime however, there’s got to be a method in place to hold those in this position to the highest of standards. For the innocent people, not to mention the tax payers, to have to suffer brutality & the consequences of these exorbitant legal penalties incurred by the wrongful acts of people placed in authority can not go without appropriate resolution and I DO NOT mean a slap on the wrist as seems to be the current mind set…the wrongful actions need to be severely punished to an even larger extent than would be dealt with in the civilian population…thanks to our ‘money talks’ legal system that too probably isn’t harsh enough.

  3. WoW says:

    Frankly I can’t blame Chief Whitman for being disinterested with the Police Dept. I find it hard to understand why it’s taking our dear Mayor so long to replace him . I’m amazed that this Chief kept his job for over 10years. Why people did not come forward sooner? I always knew he was bad. The worst managers fail to trust employees, don’t respect employees, and intimidate employees. The monitor is not the problem. He made some mistakes (running to the media like a crying baby) but I believe he did some good things. He needs to find the right balance and come forward for both Citizens and Officers when appropriate.

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