FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) – An annual Bible handout outside a Fort Collins middle school is under review after a parent complained that the Gideons International representatives went too far.

The (Fort Collins) Coloradoan reports that Webber Middle School Principal Sandra Bickel plans to meet with church members before next year’s distribution about how the Bibles can be handed to schoolchildren.

A parent said that on Monday, church members were blocking sidewalks outside the school and not allowing students to pass without talking to them or receiving a copy of the New Testament.

School officials say they can’t stop church members from being on sidewalks. Bickel said she’ll meet with the Gideons before next year’s event to make clear they cannot block students or force religious literature on them.

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Comments (7)
  1. Bill says:

    Individuals who force religion on anyone need mental help.

  2. David Elsey says:

    What in the world? That is a LIE from Satan the above comment! The cool people who handed out the BIBLES did they say “Take one because YOU MUST”?

  3. Sheryl Howell says:

    The woman who first complained about this should get a metal. Satan. Please people. listen to yourselfs. these are little children who just learned to tie their shoes….I don’t care if these people we’re carrying bibles or rocks, they don’t need to be near our chilren.

  4. Jen says:

    Have some of you not seen some of these children in todays world. They need a bible to look at, many of them are BULLIES. I do not agree with force religion. I think that many parents need to get off their butts and quit trying to be you child friend be a parent. I spend many hour around the youth today have you look at, How many are prenant? How many have used drugs and alchol? How many have had sex? Look at the numbers to these question they will blow your mind. This is happening in middle school.The teacher are trying their hardest to raise people children, many parent do not care. They do not raise themselves after 2nd grade you need to do your part in guidling them. Looking at children today they look so lost. Many children do not understand were they belong. The thing that I hear the most when I ask a child why do you dress or act like that they tell me they do this to try to recieve attention from their parents that fight all the time and have no time for their children. Wake up people the children do not raise themselve. It is okay to tell you child they can not do something it will only hurt their feels for a little bit. It is okay to tell you children NO…….. They will learn to get over that to.

  5. Jenny says:

    They were at my kids’ school yesterday as well. Of course, neither one of them is dumb enough to take ANYTHING from a complete stranger. I don’t know if those who planned this are familiar with kids that age, but someone unknown telling them they MUST take one will have the opposite rebellious effect & once one teen tells the do-gooder to get lost, all their friends will follow. Find a different way to spread the word – harassing them at school is not an efficient or moral way to get your message across. Kudos to the administrators at our school who were open with the students. Informing them who was out there and what they were doing – adding a warning about strangers but leaving the decision to them – was the correct thing to do.

  6. Beverly Aune says:

    Turn about is fair play. Perhaps someone could stand outside churches and push information about non-Christian religions to children coming out. My great grandmother taught me about walking a mile in the other person’s shoes. I would be very alarmed if adults were accosting my unsupervised children on the street for any reason. How would these people feel if the tables were turned?

  7. Leauxra says:

    Now I really want to stand outside their church and hand out copies of _The Origin of Species_, and tell them they MUST take it, because they have to understand the scientific method.

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