Last night the body of 19-year-old Kenia was discovered near Keenesburg.

My heart broke.

We have been covering this story for months and while most seemed to expect the worst since no one had heard from her, it didn’t lessen the blow of the news that she had passed.

They found her after inmate Travis Forbes told them where she was.

He will soon be charged with her death.

We report so many sad and tragic stories and this is certainly one of them.

A young woman whose light seemed to shine so bright.

My prayers go out to her family and friends during these dark days.



Comments (2)
  1. Jessica Rose says:

    This is so horrible and sad it breaks my heart and I weep for this family and I cried sadly this is the kind of world we live in

  2. Jessica Orona says:

    such a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her.. and such a sad and tragic loss. my prayers for strength during this difficult time go out to her family and friends. i hope she will get the justice she deserves!

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