Written by Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4) – A series of mischievious events at a Denver Police substation — including mace planted in a command officer’s car — are nothing more than practical jokes, according to a department spokesperson.

Other officers, however, say the pranks are a show of anger and dissatisfaction with police commanders.

“Cops are notoriously humorous people,” said DPD spokesperson Lt. Matt Murray. “Not that we condone these things.”

CBS4 has learned that in recent weeks, a female mannequin was found attached to a ceiling in District 6, 1566 Washington Street.

Additionally, someone planted mace in the air vents of a lieutenant’s department vehicle, apparently aimed at macing the police commander when he started up his car.

Contacted by CBS4, District 6 Commander Tony Lopez said “I have no comment. Thanks for calling and have a good day.”

He then hung up.

One officer familiar with the District 6 events told CBS4 they were pushback against Lopez and other commanders, who rank-and-file officers perceived as being heavy handed and demanding more activity and accountability from District 6 cops.

Department spokesperson Murray disputes that.

“There is no indication these practical jokes are targeting an individual or group of individuals for a purpose,” said Murray.

Comments (4)
  1. MT says:

    OMG How dare you Commander Lopez trying to make cops accountable for their actions! Especially after all the beatings etc. What is it that you want Brian Moss? First you report about cops beating citizens then you act like your feelings are hurt because he doesn’t have time to answer you questions while you twist everything he says around. o you want cops accountable or not…….Then let him do his job and respond to reports that mean something.

  2. Cathy says:

    Is anyone really surprised? The majority of the officers fired this year came from District Six and hopefully more of them will be fired soon. There is so much that no one knows. There are criminals in jail and criminals at District Six. The only difference is that the really dangerous ones have badges. Stay tuned there is so much that Brian Maass doesn’t know about District Six, but if he keeps digging he might uncover it.

    There is no one at the helm of this department and it will eventually shipwreck unless someone does SOMETHING!!!!

    1. Denver Republican says:

      The Denver Cops are not giving the liberal media here in Denver good news stories about their antics besides actual good police work so CBS 4 finds this useless article about people playing jokes on each other. We do jokes all the time in our office and morale is good. Thank you DPD for all you do.

  3. denvervet says:

    I live in Curtis Park near 5 Points. District 6 police and the Fire Dept. always respond within minutes when called. The have a good “show of force” in the neighborhood. They are courteous and do their jobs well. I have no complaints against them. I am sure their job is tough and I wouldn’t want it. There are bad apples in EVERY organization. Thank you District 6 for your professionalism.

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