Colorado Grave Digger Fired For Dancing On Graves

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A grave digger could face criminal charges after being fired when video surfaced that showed him dancing on a grave.

Christopher Redd was fired from his job as a grave digger in Mesa County after playing a shovel like a guitar while dancing on an empty burial vault.

Redd, 27, of Clifton, said it was part of an attempt to win tickets for a rock music festival. He said the taping happened before a funeral service was held at the site and that no remains were in the grave.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident.

Redd says the performance was approved by a superior.

The charge in the case that might be pursued is a misdemeanor of desecration of venerated objects.

  • Marian Ripley

    I don’t think this guy deserves to be charged with a crime or even to be fired. He may have had bad judgement but really, does he need more then just a talking to?

    • GS

      I’m with Marian. What a joke. CHARGE THIS GUY WITH A CRIME!
      Firing him for this is also ridiculous.

    • Mbireline

      Not a grave til somebodies in it. Just a hole.

    • Dumasse

      Really! My God, how friggn stupid to charge this guy with anything! IT WASN’T A GRAVE, MORONS!!

    • gmac

      Yep, I’m not getting this at all. It certainly wasn’t a grave, nobody was in it yet. The headlines are so inflammatory. Later in the news, a man pees into a car. Well, it’s actually sheet metal, but it was later made part of a car.

  • ass hat

    thank you i-phone

  • Leslie

    Crime of the century. Did the Mesa County cops finally get tired of hanging out at Dunkin’ Donuts, and decide to fight some real crime for once? Nice job! Mesa County will be much safer now. Thanks, guys! You’re awesome!

  • Steve Bradley

    I hope he has a good lawyer, and sues the socks off of those who fired him and those who think they might prosecute him for this non-crime.

  • John Barnard

    Bad taste? yes, Poor decision, yep. If this is the worst thing this poor guy’s done this month? He’s still in the plus column I’d say.
    A day or 2 off with no pay. and a “don’t do it again” seems about right to me.

    • Binny

      I’m with you. The gravesite was EMPTY! Actually not a grave if no one was in it. Who was injured here?

  • John Barnard

    and p.s.? THIS is why i am being BURIED AT SEA. Makes THIS alot tougher eh?

    • Attorney at LOL

      Jesus will then be arrested by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department at the second coming for walking on a grave.

  • klez

    The grave was empty. Who cares if he danced on it? Come on.

  • Nana-T

    Give me a break!!! The official need to find better things to worry about.

  • Jan

    Give me a friggin break….REALLY. Even if there was a body in there, I’m sure he didn’t bother the person. If I lived there, I would be so embarrassed by this OUTRAGEOUS and STUPID charge

  • BostonChickenBoi

    Yeah, poor judgment by the employee and the sup that “approved it”. That made me laugh. They could have made a mock grave in their back yard and this would have saved them from any hassle. Also, this act was probably done on company time which also shows poor judgment. I think getting fired is harsh but it is embarrassing to a company also.

  • Common Sense

    I wonder if you’d feel the same way if the funeral service that followed was for someone you loved. I doubt it.

    • tired of politcal correctness

      Oh shut up…

    • ray

      No kidding shut up

    • Seriously??

      I would love it if people danced on my grave. Go out with a party I say. Funerals are supposed to be a celebration of life. Why so disgustingly somber all the time? I see no problem with this myself.

    • Have some RESPECT

      I agree with you Common Sense. The fact that these guys commented just shows that deep down they feel the same way. (Of course they’ll deny it though). I agree that a funeral should be a celebration of life, but everyone grieves differently. That gives no one a right to behave in the manner that this guy did though. Yeah it was an empty grave, but the fact of the matter is that it already BELONGED TO SOMEONE…and he knew it! That was just poor judgement on his part. And it was disrespectful. The family is grieving, yet u decide to dance on the grave right before they lay their family member to rest? Bad idea.

    • StacieStevens

      What difference would it make? Your name is not accurate.. Should be dumbazz!
      I see nothing wrong with this, no matter whom the grave was for.. Don’t be such a stick in the mud!

  • Coriolana Sinta

    Donut shortage? DA not got anything better to do? Poor judgment? Maybe. Firing? Draconian nonsense and now comes the pompous spouting by talking heads to try to justify it.

  • Guest

    This is pretty stupid to get offended over.As long as the body itself isnt desecrated,so what?

    This planet has been around for millions of years.Theres dead bodies everywhere.Im sure every inch of land has had some death on it at some point.

    Its not like he was masturbating or anything,

    • Attorney at LOL

      Good point!

  • Anon

    Your papers please…

    • Julian

      I very much doubt it’s constitutional to even have a criminal statute prohibiting “desecration of venerated objecta”

  • awojoone

    No body was involved. Just an air guitar demo. No harm no foul carry on.

  • Leah Martini

    The guy digs graves for christ sakes, give him a break!

  • Jeremy

    I had to check the calendar, I thought it was April Fools

  • Cornelius Cox

    this man did nothing wrong……it was an empty hole in the ground……what venerable object did he desecrate?…

  • teremist

    The real crime here, is that this poor guy got fired, and may face charges. I suggest a boycott of this facility until he is rehired with back pay. If the DA actually files any charges, HE should be looking for a new job. Personally I plan to be cremated, and to have the ashes spread out in my daughters garden. Roses love ashes.

  • winch

    I think he should be fired for stupidity.


    Hello, 1984

  • Lyman Iteberg

    This guy did NOTHING wrong. Heck, it might even be part of a celebration in some cultures TO dance on a grave. If he was a janitor doing this with a mop in a warehouse, no one would have cared, so why is this even an issue? Did the interred complain about his performance? If not, then everyone else should just shut the heck up!

  • Rhonda

    Seriously???? People need to get a grip. It was a hole, nothing in it. He doesnt deserve to be fired or even reprimanded. Society is way to sissified anymore!

  • Kate

    Feel Free to dance on my grave……..we can’t handle death in this country. Such a taboo subject.

  • Fannie Toner

    I can’t add much to the majority of the comments already made. He meant no harm, he did no harm. Everyone stands up at work and stretches once in a while. It was just a light-hearted moment. By their action, his employers have done harm to him, and have not elevated their own image. And the headline certainly was inflammatory, suggesting some outrageous public display of disrespect to a certain deceased person. Good heavens.

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