ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The Broncos are expected to release their first depth chart sometime in the next couple of days and many are anticipating what the defensive line will look like.

The defensive line has been the weak spot the last couple of years, which is why the Broncos went out and signed ex-New England Patriot defensive tackle Ty Warren. He spent his whole career with the Pats and talked to CBS4’s Gary Miller about his move to the Broncos.

“They have a way of doing things that works for them and right now that’s an old chapter in my book and right now I’m just happy to be a Bronco,” Warren said.

Warren had a lot of choices. He could have gone to a variety of teams.

“After the talks with the coaching staff; John Fox, (John) Elway, Brain (Xanders) and all of the guys here; and also meeting players while I was here; I think that was kind of the deal breaker for me,” Warren said. “Just seeing where they were going, the energy, how they felt about where they were going; and allowing me to be a piece of that puzzle.”

The Broncos have been looking for good defensive linemen. According to a poll on CBSDenver.com, Warren was the free agent signee fans were most excited about.

“I have a history of stopping the run and shutting down one side of the field at the left end, making it difficult for guys to run on that side of the field,” Warren said. “I bring some leadership qualities and some work ethic qualities and I think it can be contagious.”

A hip injury kept Warren out of the game last season, but he thinks it makes him fresher for the new season.

“No doubt about it. Just being out for a year was kind of crazy. That was first time I’ve ever been out for a whole year in my career. So it was different, but still it’s a blessing.”

The Broncos travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys for their first preseason game on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Herb Nagel says:

    He’s damaged goods or the patriots would have kept him around.

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