Woman Claims TSA Agents Took Her Insulin Before Boarding Flight

DENVER (CBS4) – The Transportation Security Administration has apologized to an Aurora woman after taking her insulin before she boarded a flight.

The incident happened at Denver International Airport on Thursday. The woman, who is six months pregnant, was getting ready to board a flight to Phoenix. She said she had traveled with her insulin before and never had a problem.

“Why is it that she was treated with such disrespect? Why is it that she was treated as if she did something wrong?” said the woman’s husband, Aaron Nieman.

Nieman’s wife, who didn’t want CBS4 to use her name, said the ice packs used to keep her insulin from spoiling drew the attention of the TSA.

“It alerted them that I was a threat for explosives,” the woman said. “Me and my husband traveled to Israel recently and I had double the amount and Israel gave us less of a hard time traveling than we had on American soil.”

The TSA said the investigation is continuing, but denies the woman’s claim that two of the four vials were missing when the screeners were finished with her.

“We talked to all of our people and they said they didn’t touch her insulin,” a TSA director told CBS4.

Nieman is upset that despite repeated emails and calls to the TSA nobody responded.

“I was in tears. You’re putting my unborn child at risk. I don’t think that’s right,” the woman said.

She was able to board the plane with her insulin after the screening.

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  • Therese Procter

    The TSA are nothing more then paid thugs that don’t deserve neither a paycheck or a uniform, unless its one they wear behind bars, where they belong.

    • Fritz

      Liars. The article even says she was able to board the plane with her insulin. Pity that people are too stupid to realize the TSA is here to protect us.

      • bob

        your an idiot TSA is a bunch of reject theives that dont even quilifly to work as dog catchers

      • Yez


        What do you know about the background of TSA personnel?

  • Danny Ross

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The uniformed thugs of the TSA are just looking to expand their realm.

    • jerry

      The TSA people who never had any authority in their little, uneventful lives so they get a power trip threatening others. If you even ask a simple question they feel threatened and immediately tell you you can be detained for even speaking to them. You are right, these are Big Sis Napaliitano’s thugs.

  • J. Britzman

    Take this lady’s insulin, but dont you dare profile a real terrorist. Rediculous!!

    • A. Levy

      This is what happens when you take people from the welfare rolls, give them a uniform and authority, and make them “Federal agents”. And it’s all in done in the name of “diversity and affirmative action”.

    • Smedley

      Learn how to spell “ridiculous”.

      • Spanky

        Learn where to put the end quote marks.

      • greg miller

        Well Smedley…I see that you were bright enough to figure it out….you are just so special…

      • nobrainer

        up yer arse

      • momsaid

        You are both observant and precise. The ones ridiculing you for pointing out errors can go pound sand. Your close quote placement was correct.

        –Grammar Queen (or ‘Nana Martha’ to the fortunate few)

      • uclalien

        Here in the United States, all periods or commas go inside quotation marks. There is no exception.

    • tiny hope

      whats ridiculous is your spelling! This is the gestapo for all of you US residents. Get used to it.

      • DaveL

        It’s not “whats.” It’s “What’s.” Also, “Gestapo” should be capitalized.

      • greg miller

        Geez Davel….I think that you’re a moron or Moron…whatever!!!!

      • Spanky

        We definitely wouldn’t want to offend the gestapo by not capitalizing their name.

    • Old Man

      To Spanky. It is common practice outside the USA to put the period outside the quotation marks. The only time they should go inside the marks is when the words inside quotations are a complete sentence.

      As someone who was in the printing industry in both Britain and Canada, we had to pay particular attention to this. Acceptable throughout the World. Not acceptable in the USA.

      • The Bruce

        It’s little bits of trivia like this that interest me.

      • Vinnie

        I’m unaware of any modern day convention that calls for the capitalization of the word “world,” Old Man, but I won’t object too strenuously. Thanks for the information that the United States is not part of the world. I was unaware of that, too.

        You forgot to mention that we’re talking about typographers’ conventions and what looks “pretty,” not about what makes sense.

    • Bobba

      You appear to have not paid much attention to what the article said. She did take the insulin with her on to the plane. Read the last sentence again. It makes me wonder why tyhis non-story was published. He her ice been a explosive and she had been a terrorist who knows what would have happened.

      • Mike D.

        I read an article on this a couple of days ago that was slightly different. It said she had a bottle left that they missed during their search.

    • MartianWarrior

      Welcome to “Change”

      • Ed

        Actually, the TSA has ramped up things quite a bit since Bush left. Body scanners aplenty, revised patdowns where they use the fronts of the palms as opposed to the backs and go inside your waist band, frisks on little kids and baby diapers.

        So yeah, all those changes HAVE happened since 2008.

      • Bruce McClarron

        I’m waiting for the real CHANGE…. When we boot Odummer out of the W/House next November!!!

      • EarthWarrior

        B/c these changes to TSA JUST happened in 08, rite? Get a grip, tool.

    • Dusty

      lets see exploding ice, damn the whole artic circle should searched for this dangerous explosive. Israel, has their act together because the do profile for terrorist. This country bends over backwards not to offend anyone and guess who flew the planes into the world trade center. Not a pregnant woman or an eighty year old grandmother trying to fly from Florida to Detroit. NO…………it was a bunch of Camel Jockeys who should have not slip through our great security.

    • dusty

      looks like Larry and Bobba need to get ther heads out of the rectum cavity. Sure you can fly, just wrap a towel around your head or speak spanish. I’m driving to Phoenix in November in a JAPANESE CAR & BURNING ARAB FUEL.

      • Ed

        There’s actually a better chance that the fuel came from Canada, Mexico, Venzuela or from the US.

    • Richard Koch

      LOL The real terrorist. I hope you mean our government with your reference to the real terrorist!

  • John

    Lets be honest. The people who work for the TSA are the same people who work at McDonald’s, but with more power. Really… Sometimes I’m stunned at how incredibly dumb they are.

    • alicat

      I completely agree.

    • Barry Levy

      let’s not demean those that work at McDonalds.

    • Michael

      I think the people at McDonalds are actually more qualified than the TSA agents. TSA agents have ABSOLUTELY no common sense.

    • JImbo

      TSA are McDonalds rejects

  • MM in NC

    What happened to this woman is horrible. As someone who travels frequently with groups of people, I tell everyone that if they have a medication they need to keep it in the original container from the pharmacy and it is always a good idea to have a copy of the prescription to show TSA.
    I wonder if this young mother had any of those or just had the insulin i without the identifying information.

    • Robert

      That’s the same mentality as “if you don’t have anything to hide why be afraid of the government snooping.” She shouldn’t have to show a thing. The idiots at TSA are morons who couldn’t tell a threat from a dirty diaper.

    • bill

      Insulin vials are clearly marked. TSA screeners reject prescription copies or physician’s letters.

      • AMS

        Not if the vials are shattered in an accident.

      • gphx

        Excellent point. Some people don’t understand being deprived of insulin is as serious as being deprived of oxygen. And the threat of being deprived of insulin is as serious as the threat of having a gun placed to one’s temple.

      • Pattin Texas

        She was neither deprived of insulin or oxygen, but feel free to twist the facts to make your case, everyone else is.

  • larry

    it is so absurd to be so down on tsa. if you dont wanna be screaned dont fly. get a life! every time I’ve goitten on a plane in recent years i’ve had to submit to this stuff. some how complainers are soo tiresome.

    • gphx

      That’s like telling women if they don’t want to be raped they shouldn’t walk down public streets.

    • Robert

      Hey, Liberal Larry, whacha gonna do when it’s your butt they come after with a vengence? Change we can believe in …… my ass.

    • Michael Boone

      TSA is all about mandatory compliance with any and all government commands, no matter how stupid, or else. TSA doesn’t keep you safer, they keep you obedient. The TSA’s spoke mouth says that their agents acted professionally, yea right, as if TSA gets to make that judgement about themselves. Sorry TSA, the verdict is in and you people are clearly unskilled government workers who could not get a real job in the private sector. Because of your attitudes. Janet Nepolitano is just another stupid pervert, one of many in this failed administration. If you TSA supporters don’t understand how groping perverts with blue costumes and fake badges are violating your basic constitutional rights and protections, then you don’t deserve your freedom.

    • Bobette

      Hey Larry,

      Ever been in a diabetic coma? Didn’t think so.

      • Tony

        He has been in a stupidity coma since birth. Be nice to the handicapped.

    • Bobette


      BTW there are some places you can’t drive to…….Just sayin

      • Dr. K

        Some parts of what Dr. Bob said are right. I’m a doc too. If you can write your own script , there’s no problem “picking it up at the drugstore”.

        The good doc must be a type II DM. “Classic” diabetic comas happen from hyperglycemia which is almost only seen type II. DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) is seen almost only in type I can also result in loss of consciousness and death.

      • Dr. Bob C

        Hey; Bobette
        I’m 74, been taking insulin for 53 years. Never been in a diabetic coma. I have traveled extensively. Rules vary place to place and time to time. I agree with Larry.

      • http://patrioticamerican.wordpress.com patrioticamerican

        Apparently, Dr. Bob agrees with restricting our freedoms and complying like sheep to an oppressive government agency. What a winner!

      • mkked

        Dr Bob, you have never been in a diabetic coma? So, I guess that means that nobody has ever been in a dibetic coma. I mean, if you haven’t and you are old and flying for a long time… That is good news, that diabetic comas are a myth.


      • Dr Bob C

        to mkked
        Diabetic comas are real and occur at very high blood glucose levels and cause brain damage. Most people are ignorant about Type 1 diabetes and think diabetic coma when they observe an insulin reaction. I have had many insulin reactions and still have a very high IQ. When I accidentally find myself without insulin, I reduce my carb intake until I buy some at any drugstore. I AM A CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. I DO NOT WHINE.

      • PatInTexas

        To Dr Bob C:

        You are not a Doctor or a Type 1 diabetic. “I have had many insulin reactions and still have a very high IQ. When I accidentally find myself without insulin, I reduce my carb intake until I buy some at any drugstore.”

        BS Dr Bob. If you were either of what you claim, you’d know better.

        Mom of Type 1 diabetic.

      • JohnJohn

        Hey Doc Bob,
        You probably have never been pregnant either and had to deal with diabetes. READ the articlle before making igmo(ignorant moron) comments.

    • ron

      Larry, come out of your mother’s basement and breathe some fresh air. Your brain is addled.

    • chuck s

      So you are telling us that you are now asubject of the goverment and will do anything they say and that the people that complain are tiresome? You are a major part of the problem. Have the mentality of a MORON and won’t stick up for yourself. You depend on the governmnt to take care of you etc. You are the one that needs to get a life. Probably on the gov’t dole too.

    • freecheese

      LIBERAL ! !

    • Freedom isn't free

      Hey Larry, Baaaa, now be a good little sheep and go stand in line to be shorn. Don’t ask why just do as you are told.

    • konc1

      That’s because you are a sheep Larry and are willing to trade all of your freedom as long as the government takes care of you from cradle to grave.

    • BigBoa

      That’s right. You TELL ’em!!

      Except what about the fact that they’ve been doing the same to people riding the train, the bus and even private cars? What is it with you marxists that don’t understand. Once you give them an inch, they’ll take much, much more than a mile.

      It is absolutely pitiful that people aren’t in more of an uproar. Thank God the founding of our nation didn’t depend on complacent people such as yourself.

    • Icarus

      Hey, Larry

      I can’t believe you just complained about “how some complainers are soo tiresome.”

      Just because you are willing to take the increasingly abusive treatment of the TSA does not mean others share your opinion. Some of use believe it is appropriate to look for ways to combat this erosion of our supposedly constitutional rights.

      Unless, of course you are with the TSA. Your spelling and grammar and lower-case letters would make you a typical TSA employee.

    • michael shaw

      How many other things will I be forced not to do because the government wants to treat me like a terrorist? Today it’s flying. Tomorrow it will be trains, there have already been trials for that. What next, buses, my own car, bicycle? They have overstepped their bounds. Accepting it here means we will be accepting it wherever they feel it is “necessary” for so called security to restrict us.

      I can’t walk past a preschool or retirement home because the government has led me to believe they could be terrorists. They must be hotbeds for home grown American terrorism since it seems they have been profiled as such. Add to the list people that need medication to live as well, apparently.

    • NotFondOfLibs

      Hey Larry, get a clue you stupid jerk. Your mentality that a diabetic shouldn’t fly is beneath contempt. Do you take dumb pills or does your stupidity come natural.

    • Ken

      Larry you are a mental midget. A rock has more IQ than you do. A severe lack of intelligence should be an automatic rejection for working at tsa. Insulin is marked as such. If there are any problems at all with the ladies child tsa should be held directly accountable as well as nappy and judasbama.

    • nickoury

      Hey Larry, what’s it like to be “screaned”?

    • nickoury

      And Larry, don’t be afraid to use a comma once in a while as well as capitalization.

    • BigDaddyDK

      Hey Larry,

      I live abroad and travel regularly. I don’t have that option. Nice that you do. I’m sure though that you have no problem with the further eroding of your individual liberties. I for one do have a problem with it. Here’s an idea: if you are too afraid to fly on a plane where people haven’t been searched without probable cause, don’t fly. Maybe it’s the cowards that should stay off the flights. Let the rest of us take care of ourselves.

    • Durgator

      Given his inability to punctuate, spell or think I have to assume that “larry” is a TSA hack or works in the fast food industry.

    • Dave Turner

      Larry – so are you sheep who believe the debacle that the TSA actually provide any security.

      I was at the airport at San Francisco where I witnessed a car parked at the departure area with no one inside. I alerted the TSA agent who proceeded to do a perfect imitation of a deer in headlights and proceeded to do absolutely nothing at all.

      Feel safer now?

    • Dave jones

      Larry is the best example of a cowardly moron that I have ever seen

    • Mark Smith

      Sure Larry…we have no right to expect protection from unreasonable search and seizure,do we? I’m sure you feel that what they are doing is REASONABLE, in the name of security,right? Thomas Jefferson (one of our founding fathers) said that those willing to give up their liberty in exchange for a little security deserved neither. Why should I be denied the priviledge of flying because I want to preserve my right to privacy? What’s next? Cavity searches to enter a restaurant? It’s a public place like an airplane or airport.Body frisking to enter the mall, it’s a public place. Do we have to submit to a strip search to enter the football stadium to watch our kids play? It’s the public risk that the TSA uses as their excuse to do this. Why just limit it to the airport,Larry. I for one will wear something comfortable, and easy to remove like a bathrobe, to facilitate my strip search the next time I face TSA,how bout you,Larry?

      • Pink Floyd

        Actually, Benjamin Franklin said that, not Jefferson, but your point is well taken.

      • Barry

        WELCOME TO NAZI GERMANY – AMERICA IS NOW A POLICE STATE! There’s the local Sheriff, the city police, the school police, the park police, the rapid transit police, the FBI, the state police, the highway patrol, the military police, the federal police, the secret service, and the Gestapo —- aka TSA!


        In Washington, they just keep raising the FRAUD-CEILING http://www.BirtherReport.com

    • The Bruce

      In other words, Larry, you enjoy your police state, and you’re perfectly willing to trade other people’s freedoms for the illusion of security.

    • IraqVet

      You can’t be that ignorant…no, actually I believe you can…history is full of victims just like you.

    • KC

      Larry, TSA is such a waste of $billions. They herd travelers into a small area, get them in socks and various stages of undress to slow them down, then intrude on their privacy with no sense of intelligence to provide “security”, If you’ve traveled, then you know there is zero security from the parking lot to the xray machines…so anyone could get into the midst of hundreds of people and set off an explosive killing as many as an airplane, destroy a terminal, shut down travel–maybe across the US depending on the location. So really ALL TSA saves is a corporations metal tube. Terminate TSA, save money, get back to basics and add dogs and agents roaming terminals/parking and free up the folks to move faster through terminals and have less idle time.

      • PatInTexas

        Can’t be dogs KC. Muslims don’t like dogs. Cabbies won’t pick up blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs. And that’s legal in NYC.

    • hattie

      “goitten”? TSA employee?

    • Cynical

      Larry, what’s absurd is the invasion of our privacy, violation of our 4th Admendment rights, by a bunch of incompetent thugs just in order to fly.
      And you know what, Larry? TSA has not caught one single solitary terrorist. Ever.

    • Barry

      Larry tis better to have a big blo fly buzz up your sorry A** than suffer from a diabetic coma. You’re an idiot. The TSA agents probably thought they scored some drugs and stole half of them!

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Look who’s attracted to a TSA job (besides lower-case larry):

      Screeners are all people who are willing (eager?) to treat their fellow Americans like cr*p for money.

      Sreeners are people who will steal from luggage and then lie about it.

      TSA ought to be a four-letter word, ’cause that’s what think when I think about the TSA.

    • John Adams

      LIberty is so bothersome isn’t it Larry. Better that the goernment should just lock everybody that is not a supporter of Big Brother inside a camp to be disposed of at their earliest convience. Larry is the height of ignorance. A terrorist can walk right through either TSA screening procedure with explosives hidden inside of his or her body anytime they want too. At least Larry will die secure in the knowledge that he was gang rap ed by the TSA before he meets his maker.

    • mkked

      Well, Larry, your comment is similar to others I see in every TSA story. There are always a few who puff up the chest and tell us that they are tough enough to go through TSA screening, and it didn’t hurt a bit. And that we all need to toughen up.

      The irony is that you are actually demonstrating great weakness. Sure, no little old scanner can hurt you, and TSA groping– bring it on.

      But you are precisely the weak-willed follower that goes along with government jackboots as they impose their will on the rest of us.

      History is replete with stories of people like you, who were all too happy to give up their freedom for a temporary feeling of security. They lost both, as it always ends that way.

    • Bumper Press

      Yah, Larry, you are a goot fascist svine fer da homeland und a moron.

    • no

      People like you frighten me. You have no value of your freedom and no concept of right from wrong. You’re one of those “why do you care about privacy, if you have nothing to hide?” morons. You sicken me. Also, learn to write. What are you, five?

    • H. Johnson

      Hey Larry…can you say “Yes Massa’ ” I bet you can.

    • Tiapan

      Hey Larry, Go stick up someplace the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Madog

      well larry its absurd that tsa breaks the law every day and idiots like you thinks its ok.

    • MarkBench

      Can anyone name the date of the last terrorist arrested by the TSA? Oh….no?

      The TSA is merely one of several planks in the plan to tighten down control of the general public. Next up is an internal army for rounding up a dissenting populace.

    • master ace

      as the shadow of a sand spook dances by. my dont they have some preteen girls ass to probe?

    • Richard Koch

      You are absurd. These TSA screenings are a violation of the guaranteed 4th Amendment. Dissent is a valuable tool in a non-violent revolution.
      Absurd remarks and the willingness to give up your liberties are what I find tiresome.

    • disapointvet

      Hey Larry, if you don’t want to have to think be a democrat. what an idiot. it’s not about driving or flying, its about the erosion of your rights as a citizen of the US. it’s about being so afraid to offend minority religions by profiling that you take away the majority’s rights.

  • danc676

    An agency that was ill concived under GWB has become BHO’s Civilian Defense League ie

  • alicat

    Recently flew with my dad . He didn’t tell me that he packed shower gel in his carry-on and TSA confiscated it because it was over 3 oz. When we got to our destination I looked through his shaving bag-that was in his carry on- and a pair of scissors got through, not only 1 but 2 security screenings. TSA is a absolute joke. The reason the Israelis didn’t give her a hard time is because she doesn’t fit they profile that they use for terrorists. The TSA won’t profile and that is why all these stories are happening here in the USA. The US government doesn’t want to “offend” anyone and that is why the TSA system doesn’t work.

    • Brian

      You DO know that scissors are not prohibited, right? Before you cast aspersions, maybe you should become better informed.

      • John

        That WAS the point of the story, Brian. But I think you’ve missed it.

      • DaveL

        Scissors ARE permitted if the blade length is 4 inches or less measured from the fulcrum to the tip.

    • tiny hope

      The TSA is for the american public and so is the patriot act. wake up er stay asleep. Up 2 u, but the role out of some far more intrusive searches and non-lethal compliance tools are coming ourway. Peace is the only answer. Sit down and do not co-operate any longer.

      • Concernedcitizen

        is your name Gladys?

    • http://rogueoperator.wordpress.com rogueoperator

      I don’t think this has anything to do with “security.” Just operant conditioning for a police state infrastructure that screens for patriots who don’t take too kindly to being exploited.

      • JohnJohn

        Correct. I feel much more secure on the open highway than submitting to government-sanctioned gang rape. Good point and has already been stated. Wake up people!

    • KC

      Exactly, TSA and Gov’t figures if we offend everyone, then we offend no one. Except that they offended…duh, EVERYONE!

    • PatInTexas

      The US government doesn’t want to “offend” anyone.

      I disagree with the “anyone” part.

      They carefully choose who they can offend and get away with it, and who they cannot, or will not.

      Oh, gee that sounds like discrimination doesn’t it? Wups. MY BAD !!!

  • freecheese

    Boy, am I proud that Big Sis is on the ball ! This American terrorist probably wasn’t pregnant, but had a pouch of plastic explosives planted in her womb! Thank you Big Sis, for being so vigilant.
    Why, though, did you let the turban-wearing Abdual Hussain just waltz through screening ?

    • dan

      i am surprised they didnt do a C section to make sure it wasnt a bomb in the oven

  • bill

    Not unusual behavior. I travel with an Insulin Pump, and for the last three or four months this automatically earns the full TSA massage.

    The cooling packs, a necessity if traveling in hot weather, seem to draw automatic hostility from the TSA folks.

    When headed out for a month long trip last summer I was grilled for about a half-hour at SMF as to why I needed more than one vial of Insulin, but at least I managed to hang on to all of it. It is obvious that more training is needed for the TSA screeners. You wind up in a bad position, because anything other than slavish obedience, such as a request for a supervisor, draws massive hostility.

    • Lori

      Ah, yes, why do you need more than one more than one vial? You see, all TSA agents are automatically granted medical degrees under Obamacare as well. It’s in there somewhere.

      • Spanky

        “all TSA agents are automatically granted medical degrees under Obamacare as well.”

        They’re going to have to do battle with the American Postal Workers Union to be the group selected to provide medical services under Obamacare.

        Think of how much money we could save if we got medical treatment at the USPS offices!

  • rmharper

    Get the govt. out of airline security. It is in the best interest to let the airlines be in charge of security. We are a capitalistic society and we need to let the invisible hand remain in charge at the airports. Remember when the IRS took over the Mustang
    Ranch Brothel in Reno Nevada. Well they took a highly profitable operation and some how lost money trying to operate it. Go figure.

  • Bruce Michael Grant

    What’s worse than these constant outrages is the fact that OTHER TSA personnel watch them happen and say NOTHING.

    This is the same human dynamic which led to the Holocaust. Such people, becoming desensitized to indignity and humiliation of others, can gravitate terrifyingly fast to tolerating and participating in genuine evil.

  • Jaque Bauer

    This is just another example of hoe the Obama Regime has created a Monster Gestapo out of Homeland Security. They answer to no one-that is if you believe Her’ Napalitano , also known as “Big Sis” is someone that knows what she is doing.
    Americans are being abused, irradiated, x-rayed, and molested in the name of national security, But show me one terrorist they have caught !

    It is time to fire Obama and his gang of thugs that he has assigned to ruin your life. You have lost your job, your home, your savings, and so you use your last $500 to fly home to live with your parents. You never make it, because some creep with the TSA has singled you out for a “private interview” You are taken to a dark small room, and told to wait, The door has been locked so you cannot leave. After 24 hours you are still there, locked in and forgotten. Your bladder is about to explode, and there is nowhere to relieve yourself. Is this the America you grew up in ?

    • Brian

      Wow, what the hell are you talking about? Lay down the crack pipe!

    • tiny hope

      Absolutely bang on my friend!
      “Give up your liberty for security, you deserve neither”
      Stand up America and shout I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore

    • Nexus2

      The TSA was created as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, sponsored by Don Young in the United States House of Representatives[2] and Ernest Hollings in the Senate,[3] passed by the 107th U.S. Congress, and signed into law by President George W. Bush on November 19, 2001. Originally part of the United States Department of Transportation, the TSA was moved to the Department of Homeland Security on March 25, 2003

      Rather than blast Obama for the TSA and the current economic crisis, you should get your facts straight and recognize that everything you are blaming on Obama is actually the result of George W Bush.

      • Doug

        It’s 2011. Obama’s had the reigns for a while, and he doubled-down on crazy.

        –Disclaimer: I hated the concept of TSA back in 01. But, at least in 01, they didn’t wield the ability to ruin your day as much as they do now.

  • Ron

    These yahoos at TSA couldn’t get another job. They’re part of Obamamamama’s job program. Well it may keep them from joining with the rest of their kind in rioting and rushing supermarkets, stealing and plundering as they go. There’s a lot more of this thuggery to follow. Mark my words.

  • John

    I carry insulin on the plane. I don’t think you really need to carry ice packs with it. I just refrigerate it when I get where I’m going. Never have had a problem with it spoiling. The TSA agents I’ve run across have all been very professional and in fact some of them are very nice.

    • TexanPatriot

      John: TSA Employee out here posting contrarian stories.

      DID you know that TSA has a whole section of people…working with Blogger Bob who spend all day posting nice flowery propaganda about how GOOD the TSA is?

      Wonder how Blogger Bob….(AKA Baghdad Bob) will phrase this one….Geez, I wonder how that guy can SLEEP at night. Then again…the Gestapo agents were perfectly happy in their jobs too.

      • Spanky

        I can tell you should be sent to an Obama Re-Education Camp immediately!

        I’ve been a couple of times and they’re really not that bad, once you learn how to deal with the waterboarding.

        Just remember to bow towards Washington DC five times a day and chant “Obama Akbar! Obama Akbar! Obama Akbar!”

      • IraqVet

        I’ve seen Blogger Bob’s (aka Baghdad Bob, Uber Goebbles) handy work…what’s really disgusting is his bio in which he claims to have been in the military…obviously his oath to protect and defend the Constitution didn’t make the transition into civilian life. What rational man can stand by and whatch their loved ones get molested by government thugs?

    • Bob O'Bobobob

      Insulin does not need to be refrigerated, except for storage before the vial or pen is placed into use. Once it is placed into use, it is good to go at room temperatures for 28 days, after which time it should be discarded..

      • gphx

        Right. Room temperature. She was heading to Phoenix in summer when it’s frequently 115 degrees. Once when I was in Phoenix the air temp was 125. The temp on the tarmac or in the cargo hold of a delayed plane would be much, much higher.

    • Talitha

      Yeah, well, you are not and have never been a pregnant lady. This lady cannot afford for her insulin to spoil; she’s taking care of not just (or mainly) herself. She’s taking care of her child, too, for crying out loud. What I suspect, too, is that the TSA saw the opportunity for a “two-fer” with her. If this is not clear, google Jeffrey Lovitky and Delta Airlines…

    • JM in San Diego

      Stop sticking up for the TSA. Just sounds stupid when everybody else hates them.

    • BSG78

      And what is your position with TSA?

  • Steve

    The biggest mistake they made with the TSA was allowing them to unionize. As with all unions, they have no accountability, so you get a bunch of unprofessional yahoos who do and say what they want without fear of ever being punished.

    • Spanky

      …but if the TSA wasn’t unionized, they’d have children doing the job 14 hours per day 7 days per week! (according to union propaganda)

      • poppie_1215

        True, but children would do a better job

    • no


      The unions are the ones wanting to perform these actions. The TSA is a tool of the administration it serves and get their directives from there. The TSA union (the federal workers union, actually) wants things like a proper study of the danger of the full body scanners to be conducted and the right for TSA employees to be allowed to wear dosimeters when working around these machines. The government stands in the way of this request and basically tells them to shut up and follow orders.

      Unions or not, the government would be forcing the same actions.

      • Yez

        “no” What type of dosimeter would you suggest?

  • me

    Here’s my suggestion…Don’t fly. That’s not a trite answer. It’s the only way you are going to get the airports and airlines to reject this kind of BS on their property. Once they start feeling the pinch of few passengers, they can only raise the price so much to make up the difference before even fewer will fly. They are in it to make money, so take your money elsewhere.

    • TexanPatriot

      I REFUSE to fly. I’m driving to Atlanta next month…I will not step foot in an airport, period. Not even if there’s a death in the family, so I’ll just miss the funeral. But, I WILL NOT FLY as long as TSA’s reign of terror continues.

      GET THAT AIRLINES….? ONLY YOU can put the pressure on the government to get rid of this terrorist monstrocity.

      • Rick O'Shea

        You and me both. brother. I’ve flown all over the world but will never sit in another airliner if going through this BS means I can fly. Dogs can do the job better than any pat down or so called harmless x-rays..

      • patintexas

        Me too. If we can’t drive there, we won’t go. I refuse molestation, even under government order, so I guess airports are off limits for me and my three kids.

    • Spanky

      “It’s the only way you are going to get the airports and airlines to reject this kind of BS on their property.”

      The problem is that since Obama wants to destroy the country, by not flying, we are going along with his plan.

    • Myself

      This is a good idea…except it won’t work. I refuse to watch the garbage they put on tv these days. Last time I checked, they’re still running the same garbage whether I watch or not.

  • Mose'

    Wait until TSA stupidity causes a death. Then the outcry might be heard.

    • Spanky

      They’ll blame it on Bush or someone else.

  • DHC

    Oh I see. The TSA agents said they didn’t take her insulin, so that settles it — because a TSA agent would never lie. If the tables were turned, Federal thugs would break down doors with weapons drawn — on a simple suspicion that a civilian was guilty of a crime — but since the alleged guilty person is a TSA agent, they are absolved by their own words of “um, no, I didn’t steal her stuff”.

  • bill

    if you use Byettta it has to be kept ool with ice packs. Thats why we are driving to our daughter’s Key West wedding rather than flying, The TSA screeners are the same morons they had before 911 they just turned them int a protected class of govt employees and let them continue their ineffective lazy screening procetdures but with even more of a sense of power.

    • PatiInTexas

      Bill – we weren’t being felt up at airports until recently. Do NOT lay this on 9/11. Only if you triggered an “alert” were you patted down or wanded, like the alarm on the metal detector.

      But these mandatory “patdowns” and checking the elderly’s Depends DID NOT happen until around late 2008, early 2009.

  • Tom Jefferson

    Revolt America Revolt!!

  • Bill Fisher

    TSA obviously confiscated her insulin and inexplicably apologized since they later denied taking it. This has been the normal business as usual for TSA, gross inconsistencies due to a lack of training and mismanagement with their excuse being that this is somehow part of their security strategy. They won’t be satisfied until a passenger dies as a result of TSA ignorance and arrogance.

    It has become so obvious to anyone who travels more than once a year that this agency is composed of misfits and criminals and left unsupervised by indifferent and incompetent managers. Pistole has proven completely incapable of managing this problematic agency and admitted this week on USA Today that there are rampant abuses of passengers by his staff but that he problem isn’t bad enough yet for him to take action.

    If TSA actually provided security instead of theater people might be inclined to support them. As is stands TSA is the most hated agency in government and the majority of travelers want them to be reformed or abolished.

    Since December there have been 40 screeners arrested for crimes ranging from rape and child pornography to drug trafficking and theft from bags. In the same period there have been 39 security breaches or test failures, dozens of lawsuits and thousands of groping and abuse complaints. Most recently the pat down of a six year old girl and removal of a dying woman’s diaper made headlines.

    This agency is violating passenger rights on a daily basis, committing crimes and endangering airline security with their incompetence. Avoid air travel and complain to the airlines and elected officials before the situation worsens further.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Scroooooooo the moo-slums! Discriminate against them — not against Americans.

    • no

      You are an idiot. You do realize that “muslims” are not a nationality, right? They’re a religion. It’s like saying “descriminate against christians; not Americans!”. There are muslim Americans and Christian Americans. There are even *gasp* atheist Americans. You are a vile idiot and it sickens me that you are a citizen of my country. A country where freedom is valued above all else.

      • BSG78

        No, you are an idiot, and you and yours are what has ruined America. Islam is more than a religion, it is a political ideology and has no place in American society. Nothing about Islam is compatible with democracy. If they want to practice this vile “religion” then they should keep it to themselves.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Who protects us from our protectors? Deliver us from saviors.

  • truthmatters


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