DENVER (CBS4)- Police in Denver said they won’t file charges against a man who packed a handgun into his checked luggage at Denver International Airport.

The man was on his way to board a Frontier Airlines flight to Kansas City when checked-baggage screening alerted officials to the handgun at about 6:45 a.m. Sunday. The gun was loaded. Police officers discharged the firearm into a barrel designed for the purpose.

The passenger did not try to take the gun through security. Denver Police Lt. Matt Murray said the man was cooperating with investigators.

The Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman told CBS4 that the gun had not been declared, was not packaged properly and was loaded inside the luggage.

The passenger was questioned by authorities and allowed to continue with his travel plans.

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  1. MR says:

    I’ll answer why this is news. It’s good intel. It shows the x-ray machines are good enough/strong enough to show cartridges through a semiauto butt/chamber, or revolver cylinder.

    Also, the authorities knew how to unload the piece without firing it. The reason for firing it into the barrel was to get ballistics data. That guy’s weapon will now no doubt have serial number and ballistics data connected to him forever.

    One more reason to understand the rules exactly, so you can take advantage of them – exactly. I travel by air a few times a year and absolutely will NOT go anywhere without a way to defend myself. Every airline has their implementation of the federal laws right there on their site.

    This idiot didn’t read them, and he got nailed. Or, possibly, he was carrying on a CO permit, forgot (it can happen with a good holster), realized it too late, dumped it in his bag, didn’t declare, and hoped for the best.

  2. matt says:

    Mr, it does not say they alerted officials because the gun was loaded, they alerted officials because it was undeclared and packed improperly. There is no way to tell by the language used here whether they discovered before or after going into the suitcase that the gun was loaded. So your ‘intel’ is no good.

  3. denvervet says:

    They should have arrested the jerk, who the heck in their right mind packs a loaded gun in airline luggage? Dummy.

  4. Warrior says:

    I agree that it was a completely stupid move. If you have a basic knowledge of weapons you would never pack a loaded gun into your luggage. It’s asinine. To me it is glaringly obvious that this yahoo is lacking in his knowledge. I say take the gun away until he takes mandatory class.

  5. Roman Grinberg says:

    Hmm. Lets see. This story makes no sense. All the other incidents in the news about people and guns in the airport don’t turn out this way. Why did this guy not get arrested?

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