LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)- A special task force has been assigned to investigate a string of break-ins that are happening in broad daylight.

Law enforcement officers from Littleton police, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office are forming a committee to try to figure out if the rash of burglaries in three different neighborhoods are connected.

Police confirm there have been about a half dozen break-ins in Jefferson County, Douglas County and the Trail Mark subdivision of Littleton.

People who live in those neighborhoods are taking extra precautions.

“We’re home a lot. I work from home, so you’re wondering how these people got in,” said resident Richard Matkins.

Investigators said the thieves are following a pattern. The burglaries occurred between 9 a.m. and noon, thieves targeted homes located close to the subdivision entrance, entered the homes through a garage side door and stole large electronics like computers and TVS.

“Certainly when the victims come home and they find their home ransacked and drawers taken out, it does cause them alarm,” said Littleton Police Sgt. Kim Ferber.

Littleton police have increased efforts to step up patrols in the neighborhood where several burglaries have occurred.

“If anybody’s brazen enough to in the middle of the day when there are probably dozens of people in this neighborhood, I know people work from home, and they’ll pull up into the driveway, yeah, it’s troubling for sure,” said Matkins.


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