DENVER (CBS4)- A Denver police officer is caught on tape swearing, threatening and begging when he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in February 2010.

Silverthorne police arrested off duty Denver police officer Jesse Sandoval after a he drove his personal car off a mountain road. One police officer recorded Sandoval as he repeatedly asked for preferential treatment, urging the Silverthorne police to let him go.

“I tell you what, we take care of police when I used to work in Chicago, you suck,” said Sandoval.

Watch CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass’ report with excerpts from the recording below:

A test showed Sandoval’s blood alcohol limit was three times over the legal limit for DUI in Colorado. He was suspended for 26 days and is back on patrol for the Denver Police Department.

Sandoval was previously awarded the Denver Police Department’s Medal of Valor.

Sandoval did not respond to Maass’ repeated efforts to contact him via email.

  1. Rocco says:

    Another loser prick Denver Fake Cop! What a waste of human skin!

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