As part of CBS4’s Xfinity Monday Live! broadcast each week sports fans get a chance to pose questions to the special guest. This week Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was the guest and he responded to questions on a variety of topics. Read the questions and his responses in the Riddle Me This segment of the show in the following transcript:

Carlos asks: Is it different to catch a pass from a right handed quarterback compared to a left handed quarterback?

Brandon Lloyd: It is different. I am pretty particular on how I like to catch the football and how the football is delivered to me and I think you are talking about Tim Tebow (a lefty) versus Kyle Orton (a righty). Some lefties put a lot of spin on it. I played with Mark Brunell — he put a lot of spin on it.

With lefties even when it hits your hands you can kind of feel your hands twisting in a funny way. As opposed to right handed quarterbacks, there it usually comes with a little bit more touch.

I think the difference more is the release because you don’t ever see the ball thrown to you — if you do it’s probably a bad situation — but it is kind of where the ball appears out of the line. Like how it is coming. Sometimes it will come over the top with a right handed guy and with a left handed quarter back sometimes it comes up funny. So there are some little nuances about catching passes from left and right handed guys.

Cody asks: What is your favorite song to dance to and can we get a dance demonstration?

Lloyd: Right now I am listening to Drake’s “I’m On One” and it is more of a head bob, because it is just one of those songs where you are really listening to the lyrics.

CBS4’s Vic Lombardi encouraged Lloyd at this point in the show not to do any dancing, which brought some laughs.

Lombardi: What athletes did you look up to when you were a kid?

Lloyd: Wow, I really looked up to Deion Sanders. I once heard him say an athlete is someone who can compete in multiple sports and be successful.

He was an All American at Florida State in football and baseball … he even ran track in college.

Then went into the pros in football and baseball.

That was kind of my inspiration as a kid, to play so many sports because I wanted to show how athletic I was and I wanted to be really good.

So I was in baseball, football, basketball and track. That was one of the reasons I ran track at the University of Illinois because Deion Sanders ran track at Florida State.

Watch more of the video with Lloyd in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.


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