No Felony Charges For Longmont Woman In TSA Groping Case

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – No felony charges will be filed against the Colorado woman who allegedly sexually assaulted a Transportation Security Administration agent in Phoenix.

On Tuesday the Maricopa County district attorney decided to turn the case of Yukari Miyamae, 61, of Longmont over to city prosecutors. She could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Police say Miyamae grabbed the female agent’s left breast, squeezed and twisted it with both hands on July 14 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Miyamae was getting ready to board a flight from Phoenix to Denver.

Miyamae’s attorney Judd Golden says his client was violated, endangered and threatened by the actions of TSA agents. She denies doing anything wrong.

Golden released a statement Tuesday, saying Miyamae is a self-employed translator, author and radio producer. He used the following words to describe how the situation unfolded:

Ms. Miyamae says she told TSA agents she wanted to be screened by the metal detector gate. She did so out of concern for excessive radiation exposure from the full-body scanners, as she is a frequent business traveler.

Her request was denied. She was soon surrounded by TSA agents. One TSA agent, a tall woman, approached Ms. Miyamae, who is only five feet tall.

Ms. Miyamae felt panicked and experienced a volatile aversion to the TSA personnel violating her personal physical space. She felt endangered and threatened based upon prior traumatizing security pat-downs, repugnance at the prospect of being touched again in such a violent and undignified manner, and instinctively pushed the female TSA agent away.

Golden says Miyamae is considering offers to do interviews but so far hasn’t committed to doing one.

Some Facebook users who are obviously frustrated with the strict procedures of the Transportation Safety Administration set up a Facebook page over the weekend called “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” expressing their support for Mihamae.

A different Facebook page was set up by friends called the Yukari Miyamae Legal Defense Fund.

  • JOE

    guess tsa agents cant take their own abuse.

    • What is Taxed dot com

      The larger the government the smaller the freedom.
      The answer to 1984 is 1776.

      • truthmatters

        Exactly right, so9 says Thomas Jefferson in BLACK AND WHITE even!

      • Johnny Wishbone

        Join with the Council of Conservative Citizens and let’s take back our country!

        Visit them at www . C of CC . ORG

        that’s !!

        See you there!

    • Sandy Ohio

      How about we have special flights just for you morons who don’t want to be searched for your own safety. You can all be in danger together without endangering people who understand that it is necessary

      • Stacey in Texas

        A million thanks to all you champions of liberty who replied to ignorant Sandy Sheeple in Ohio. Sometimes I feel as if no one but my husband and I understand how wrong these degrading, humiliating and ILLEGAL searches are. The United States of America may not be perfect, but I love my country and she was founded on the concepts of life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. Without freedom, the others are meaningless. I do NOT want to live in a police state where stripping people naked an/or sexually assaulting them for nothing more than the desire to use modern modes of travel is seen as normal and *safe*. From my heart, thank you again–your responses to this pathetic excuse of an American gives me hope. I am so grateful that there are still other people here who know what this country is based on and know that security theater is a very poor substitution for liberty.

      • Pilot.Dave

        Sandy Ohio

        How about we have special flights just for you morons who don’t want to be searched for your own safety. You can all be in danger together without endangering people who understand that it is necessary

        Obviously you lack the understanding of “Security” – TSA has not found a single terrorist, and in point of fact has allowed more than one to fly. All that at a $1 billion plus a year and Americans being “Guilty until proven innocent” Stalin, Hitler, and Chairman Mao would be proud of people like you.

      • Terry Black

        Sign me up. Taking a trip without being groped or radiated. Sounds like I.ll be taking a lot more trips.

      • TexanPatriot

        We would love to oblige you ma’am. We’ll just take over Southwest Airlines, let our passengers carry their guns on board. We don’t need no stinin’ Air Marshals who just boot a paying passenger out of their First Class seating, and just simply sleep through the flight. We’ll give young men in long flowing robes the critical eye.

        Hijacking problem solved!

        So please, write Obama and TELL him yes, that’s the solution we rednecks in Jesusland want.

      • Anisha

        Ok Moron, just how are u safer when TSA sticks their hands down a child’s pants or in the diaper of a 95 year old who couldn’t take over a plane if their life depended on it? You obviously don’t get any and enjoy being molested by strangers. But don’t make the rest of us – and our children – suffer these indignaties in the name of this security sideshow. You’re a thousand times more likely to be murdered in your community than suffer a terrorist attack aboard an airplane, yet we don’t allow police on the streets to randomly grope a child’s crotch in the name of crime control. I’ll keep my liberty and take my chances.

      • Kris Long

        Apparently you have never seen any sort of reality outside what the television feeds you, but for the *entire* history of flight, and still in much of the modern world, the “morons”‘ system, what we used to call air travel, works and has worked without your pet draconian measures. How many terrorists have actually been stopped BEFORE they got on an airplane by this invasive and, yes, unconstitutional system of compulsory violation was put in place? And don’t go :”Well before it was in place, 19 got through and turned our world upside down” because a> those people could still likely get on planes today b> we still have almost no accountability from the systems that WERE in place on 9.11.2001 and c> we continue to have threats end up on planes fairly regularly no matter how ridiculous and misanthropic TSA procedures become. Where does it stop? Apparently not when terrorists cease to effectively blow anything on a plane up for a decade :(

        No, you can have the special flights. we’ll call ours “air travel” and yours can be “Super Secret Squirrel Rape Airlines” or whatever you want to call it. Just keep it the hell out of my pants and those of the people I love.

      • American Man

        Well Sandy, obviously you like to be violated, and you are delusional , brain washed very well , that this is the answer to everyone’s safety. The made you so scared that they can just have you do anything , because they are in control and you need to submit.
        Are your brain waves accepting the new wave of implanted devises in suicide bombers, and lets not forget the method of concealing explosives in the intestinal track?? How will you feel when you have to back up to a machine which sends a camera probe up your interior back side !! Oh I understand you would need a clean sanitized probe, of course. Well at least we are safe, right, even though Israel doesn’t do any of this, just good observations, and picking out the suspicious ones. Oh well what do all us morons know!!

      • GregoryAZ

        I agree with the replies We are not any safer, just voilated and irradiated. After reading this story i found another

        To skip to the highlights…this is the wrapup “It’s unclear how the bullet was not detected by security at Kansas City International Airport and in Nassau.” much safer.

      • Dilligas


        I don’t need to be searched for MY own safety. If you do, I’m sure that someone will be happy to provide you with a place you can stay where they can look after you for YOUR safety around the clock.

      • saveup

        Sandy, you need to seriously consider living in North Korea..It would be heaven for you. Violation of individual rights from every orifice.

      • Bucko

        Sandy in Ohio — I have a better idea: we have NORMAL flights where normal people get on board a plane and fly without requisite molestation — and if anybody tries any funny business, the normal people know what to do.

        THEN, we can have a “special” type of flying arrangement that caters to sheep-like, insecure individuals like you. You can get groped, prodded, probed, and felt up to your heart’s content so that you can “feel safe.” You can be abused and manhandled so that you develop a false sense of security. Oh, but anybody with Muslim garb will still get waved through without any scrutiny to board your “secure” flight. (Wouldn’t want to be politically incorrect, after all.)

        How does that sound, dear?

      • BigDaddyDK

        Apparently the concept of the 4th Amendment has eluded you. The TSA is a government agency conducting searches of people without probable cause. There would be less reason to complain if airlines conducted their own security because at least then it would not be the government doing it to us. However, the limitations on the government codified in the Constitution are not intended to be applied at the whims of the government. They are there to protect the rights of the individual. If you cannot comprehend the magnitude of the government’s intrusion on individual liberties then I invite you to hand over everything to them and relinquish every shred of individuality you have.


      • dave

        your a friggin idiot

      • venus

        Works for me!!!

      • Bob

        ok lib they havnt found not one bomb sents they started there commie attacks here at any US airport theyve all came from over seas all the thugs want is to feel up little kids and poor grandmas you idiot

      • Auncle Charlie

        Sandy Ohio is my cousins baby sister, and she is 285 LBS, and gender confused.
        She hasn’t worked in 10 years since the insurance co she worked for fired her for falsely filing a sexual harassment suit against her manager, a married man.
        He was supposed to shrivel up and crawl away, but he fired her instead. She has been sponging off her mother and father ever since.
        I wish Sandy would get a job, and stop bothering folks who have serious issues with the TSA.
        My aunt is so impressed, she emailed my wife the link to this page so we could all laugh at her and her hokey username, she is really Sharon, from Long Island.

      • Arthur Carlson

        You are the type of linguine spined wimp who will stand by and watch their wife and daughter be violated by the soldiors because in some subservient rationalizing part of your brain you feel it will be necessary to your security. All the brave real men that fought and died for your freedom and you just throw it away, you sir sicken me.

      • pcon

        How about we have a special country for you morons who don’t want the BIll of RIghts, and who are willing to be searched without probable cause, spied on and molested by the agents of a police state.

        I actually do endorse your idea. When the flights reserved for the clueless sycophants and government shills are canceled due to low demand, the market will have disproven the government’s lie.

        We’ll just form two lines – one for those who value freedom, and one for those who cower in fear and require a BIg Sister to look over them.

  • Chris Brown

    Hero! TSA agents should be tarred and feathered!!

    • Granby

      She is a hero! TSA must be made to pay for their crimes!

    • Avery Windcastle

      Agents don’t make the rules, they just follow them. Tar and feather the administrators who make the rules.


        Note to all TSA employees: Revisit the Nuremberg Trials. Those who follow orders are NOT exempt from the crimes they have committed and WILL BE held accountable.

      • Marc

        They enjoy their “power”. Tar and feather them all.

      • HHB3

        The guards at Nazi concentration camps made the same claims. “I was just following orders”

      • Lee D

        This is the same excuse made throughout history by those who do wrong in the name of the government. The Agents choose to follow the “rules” rather than their common sense. If they, collectively, chose not to abuse their fellow Americans then the TSA would have to change their rules.

      • Mike Landry

        Yep just like the nazi’s go after the ones that give the orders not the ones that carry them out. We will all be on the train soon enough

      • CSATexan

        That is what the cops said during the civil rights movements. I wonder how proud they are of unleashing dogs on black teenagers.

      • Ed

        TSA Agents WILLING follow the rules and sexually assault people. They are not FORCED to do it.

      • truthmatters

        Yes we will be on the trains to the incinerators built to kill us en mass. One of those train death camps is at FEMA’S Beech Grove IN death camp facility. YES these death camps are very real and await US patriots for incineration when they begin the process of elimination. Do your own research and learn the truth about what those wonderful European monarchs and super rich bankers have in store for America. This is being done right under our noses and we sleep like sheep waiting to be led to our slaughter.

      • span man

        Yes we will be on the trains to the incinerators built to kill us en mass. One of those train death camps is at FEMA’S Beech Grove IN death camp facility. YES these death camps are very real and await US patriots for incineration when they begin the process of elimination. Do your own research and learn the truth about what those wonderful European monarchs and super rich bankers have in store for America. This is being done right under our noses and we sleep like sheep waiting to be led to our slaughter.

      • SmarterThanLibs

        That is the same thing Nazi concentration camp guards said when they were arrested for war crimes.

        “I was just following orders!”

      • RJM

        Thats what Nazi concentration camp guards said in their ‘defense’ of their own actions “Just doing my job.”

      • Susan

        The nazi’s and the SS were also following orders! Duh!

      • CKCM

        The Nazi concentration guards tried that excuse at the Nurenberg Trials; it didn’t wash. They went to jail,. The point being that individuals have an obligation to refuse an order which is perceived to be immoral or unethical.. Even in the military, under the Law of War, soldiers have a right to question an order which they in good faith perceive perceive to be illegal. As happened in the LT Calley incident in Vietnam.

      • James

        Yes, I was only following Herr Hitlers’ orders.

      • Michelle

        Yes, but the TSA agents DO NOT have to work for the TSA. They choose to so they are in cahoots with in this instance.

      • IraqVet

        As long as people are willing to go along with and follow illegal rules, they are all guility of complicity…I was just doing my job and following orders defense failed at Nueremberg.

      • Anisha

        Nazis just followed orders but we still hold them accountable for not using their heads. Just what kind of degenerate molests children all day for a living? I don’t care if they were told to do it, these perverts are criminals and should be in jail.

    • Paul Roth

      She is no hero. We are continuously being assaulted by foreign nationalists who want to kill us. Granted, its no fun having to pass through security, pat downs and machines. However, welcome to 2012. I’d much rather be screened, touched, and pat down than find out someone got through with some dangerous device. My take -if you don’t like that pat downs, find some other way to travel.

      • Marc

        Paul, The line has to be drawn somewhere. I mean, patting down grandma and 6 year old kids? Get real. This is more about conditioning us as a society to accept a police state than actually securing the planes. You’re a good little lemming. I’m sure the TSA appreciates your blind acceptance.

      • Adam Smith

        Absolutely. The TSA is all about breaking people to the state. They fondle and molest you when you know you are no threat and they know you are no threat. You are expected to have TSA agents leering at nude pictures of you, trading them with others, fondling you and your children and to kowtow to all of it because they have a badge and are doing the will of Obama and Big Sister. The 2012 election cannot come soon enough.

      • pred3000

        You sound like you work for the TSA. If you truly believe this, then you volunteer to be patted down every single time you go into an airport.

      • Durazac

        That is patently false – this was a domestic flight – show me a list of say – 5 foreign nationalists who recently boarded a domestic flight and was caught. I know you want to say 9-11 – but those men were PERMITTED to travel with razor knifes. And yes, I did find another way to travel. I used to fly once a month or so but have been able to drive instead for the last year. It’s slower, but far more enjoyable.

      • thomas jefferson

        they found a TASER in one of the southwest planes last week,,,, do you feel safer now that you got your junk touched….. its all a false sense of security….. become self reliant and protect yourself! Manup

      • ChurchSox

        What? How about, if you’re afraid to fly without an invasive screening, YOU find some other way to travel? There is no consensus that TSA procedures do anything at all other than comfort the cowardly.

      • Dilligas

        Paul, It must be difficult for you to get up every day and leave the house (and I am making the presumption that you do leave the house). The chance you have being killed randomly by just about anything (drunk driver, car crash, being hit as a pedestrian, etc.) is much greater than you dieing in a plane – let alone a terrorist attack on a plane. To put it in perspective, if I recall the stats correctly, you’re at least 8 times more likely to die from a lightning strike. You have a better chance of winning the lottery (more than once). So, as others have mentioned – if it scares you that much, then the terrorists have won (against you) and you need to find another way to travel.

      • Bucko

        Time to clean out your headgear, Paul. Get some new perspective. You sound well brainwashed and conditioned. People like you are a totalitarian’s dream.

        For the millionth time:

        “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

      • englanddg

        I’d at least want dinner and some flowers first…

      • BigDaddyDK

        Thank you for leading the charge toward the cliff.

      • Daniel

        Bahhhh, bahhhh little scared sheep, bahhhhhh.

    • Alice Polarbear

      So should their dominatrix overlord, Janet Incompetano, and HER Communist boss, the Obummer. The fish starts to stink from the head!

    • TexanPatriot

      What REALLY happened is a simple get away from me gesture that happened to “touch” an agent….TSA Goons typically inflate their statements to the cops, they’ve been caught in THAT LIE before.

      If you bad mouth them they call the cops and say you are using profanity and to arrest you for disorderly conduct. If you decline the pornoscanner, you are treated like a criminal — on purpose.

      Time to impeach this Impostor visiting this upon us….!

      • The Jig Is Up

        Start with Michael Chertoff, head of “Homeland Security.” Incidentally, he is a foreigner. Did you know that? Not even born here in the US. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Brad Skidmore

    If anything it was self defense…

    After multiple molestation events endured from the TSA… wouldn’t you eventually get frustrated to the point of fighting back?

    • Ed

      If someone touched me in that manner I certainly would deck him.

  • rick

    Thank you for standing up against the unapologetic and systematic abuse of human rights by the TSA. You are a hero.

  • J Ruben Kincaid

    I am sure the TSA perv thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  • dgb

    Give her the Presidential Medal of Freedom!!!!!!

    • alllen

      obama may think she is dead when he gives her the medal….lol

  • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

    Why do you all keep whining about this!? You know it’s gonna happen! It’s your choice to get groped or not. Don’t like it? Drive your car. morons

    • rick

      Get a grip on reality! The TSA is creeping and expanding their “mission” as much as they can get away with. Buses, trains, checkpoints on the roads, malls, ball games. If it doesn’t stop, they will be molesting up your teenager all in the name of “safety” at your local mall soon!!

    • Joe

      Useful Idiot!

      • Alice Polarbear

        I suspect that Christopher FanSaw Franzen is either a TSA drone or at very least a koolaid-drinking Obama voter.

      • Pilot.Dave

        “I suspect that Christopher FanSaw Franzen is either a TSA drone or at very least a koolaid-drinking Obama voter.”

        Wouldn’t he be both ? Assuming its a “he” and not a “she” writing from 601 South 12th Street, Arlington VA….

        Now, if after years of $1 billions per year TSA actually caught a SINGLE terrorist, maybe the Sheelpe could have something.

    • Taipan2900

      Christopher, I bet you would have been a sympathizer to an American enemy in an act of war. I can see you now grabbing the arm of defender because you’re afraid. Did your mother dress you in little girls clothes when you were a boy?

      • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

        I love how childish of a response that was. Can’t even say anything to refute it other than insults. Show’s how stupid most of america is.

      • Taipan2900

        Go cry on a huff and post site

      • Aeternalis


        Oh, the delicious irony. Haha.

      • Roxanna

        For some people, flying is necessary. We should never have to give up a constitutional right in order to enjoy a lawful activity. What the TSA is doing is not about national security, but about power.

    • john the baptist


      They will grope you soon grope you and fry you with radiation when you enter malls and drive cars in toll roads.

      You are a programmed zombie that cant think outside the box.
      You are a minion that loves his masters. You are like a robot that can not think but just repeats what the programmer tells it. Like a parrot that repeats cnn and fox.

      watch 1984 the movie. you will see yourself in a mirror.


      Christopher I challange you to find out why people are up in arms about this. instead of name calling look into why the FBI and Police are NOT allowed to touch you inapropriety unless they are making an arrest. Look up innocent ntil proven guilty. Look up privacy and why Americans are able to have privacy while other countries such as China does not. Seek the truth. You have the power.. we all do. We must all stand together or we will all hang together. Tyranny is at your front door. These machine were put in by Michael Chertoff who makes money off of them and his cousin wrote the propaganda hit piece about 9/11 in popular mechanics which no factual info was given. Facts and truth go a long way in this country. Don’t let the media spoon feed you. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

      • Eyeroll

        I’m sorry, what’s that website again? We didn’t get it the first thirteen times.

    • Marc

      You’re a fool Christopher, plain and simple. But it is kinda funny that you call people who are sick of being harassed morons. It shows that you’re clearly not burdened with heavy intellect.

    • Ed

      That’s what I do, MORON!

    • Tex A. Montana

      Chriistopher: I am sure you are the kind of guy who would erjoy being groped, probed and penetrated by Bull Napolitano and her ( a her?) TSA thugs. Take some money to SF and you will experience the Nirvana of your dreams. I will not respond by refering to you as a “moron”. Just sick!

    • Richard


      1 – Abolish the TSA

      2a – Buy a pair of Depends(tm) and fly, wetting yourself in private because you are scared of the one-in-billion chance of a bomb

      2b – Rent a limo and a teddy bear, and be driven to your destination in comfort. Depends(tm) are optional.

      Why should pro-fourth-amendment Americans be told to drive? Let the panty-soiling fascist fraidy-cats drive. Afraid of six year olds with plastic dinosaurs? Drive. Afraid of 6 ounce shampoo bottles? Drive.

      Optional Step 3 – Move to Saudi Arabia where their hatred of freedom is more in line with your personal beliefs (ironic that Islamic whackos and allegedly anti-Islamic whackos are nearly indistinguishable on their attitudes towards freedom).

      • Cogito ergo sum

        lol. Nice response.

    • elladeon

      Sigh. You do know that not everywhere is accessible by car, right?

      • MD*EIT

        Love it. Thanks for exposing the inherent stupidity in “just don’t fly” statements…

    • TruthInMotion


      So I guess any time the government comes in and hijacks free enterprise industries through totalitarian and police actions, that we have to exit that free market due to their actions…or that is a reflection of our bad judgement? What a central planning communistic idea! Maybe you should run for elective office, and by the time elections are also done away with and our leaders are “appointed”, you’ll be in a position to help completely destroy liberty and free enterprise.

    • chris Newman

      Yes, it’s perfectly OK to be groped by the TSA goons. If you don’t like it, even if you are a young child or an octogenarian, you are a moron. If you grope back you are committing felony sexual assault. Had enough government yet ?

    • disapointvet

      you obviously miss the point, which is they have no right to search you like this in the first place. It’s the “illegal search” part of illegal search and seizure. What crime was this woman suspected of that she was going to be physically searched? if you are willing to just give up your rights, you deserve whatever happens to you. can you say baaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Jack

      “You DON’T like riding in the back of the bus??? Then drive your car, n’ers!” If everyone thought like you, women still wouldn’t vote, debtors would be in prison, and blacks would still be riding in the back of the bus. Look straight into the mirror if you want to see who the moron is.

    • Susan

      Another uneducated, liberal pothead sheep baaaaing… but when a sheep baas in the woods, does anyone hear it? Noooooo… because the sheep is being led to slaughter and it’s too stupid to know or even resist!

      BTW, I was raised on a ranch in Wyo… we only raised cattle because sheep were so stupid!

    • Alice Polarbear

      Hard to drive to Europe or Asia or Hawaii. Personally, I intend to drive or take Amtrak to Vancouver Canada and fly out on Air Canada. I don’t think Canadians degrade and humiliate THEIR passengers the way minions of the B& D Lezzie Janet Incompetano are instructed to do by their squat ugly ubermistress.

    • ivanthedestroyer77

      You cowards who are willing to sacrifice “freedom” for security don’t deserve freedom. ONE of Your founders said that …WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE … MORON!


      The Above poster is Correct: Following Orders is not an Excuse to commit Crimes. Many Germans Hung for Following Orders. America set the standards for judgment and it is not exempt.

      Additionally, the 9/11 hijackers did not use anything that would have been construed as a weapon. They could do it again today if they wanted. People like you are just plain Stupid and YELLOW.

    • Michelle

      It is the right of a free people to speak out when injustice occurs. The TSA does not keep us safe because it does not screen each individual or use proven screening techniques that work. Not to mention that as these travesties continue to occur and become more intrusive, the airline industry will nosedive and no one will be flying. Thanks to people like you.

    • Pilot.Dave

      “Christopher FanSaw Franzen”

      Show us the LAW !!! I did NOT consent to sexual assault or illegal x-ray scanners (every state in the US has laws that all x-ray workers wear dosimeters at all times while using them, among other aspects being violated by TSA)

      No sir, the only “consent” is “We the Sheeple” not wanting the extra hassle of standing up for their rights. For this woman, I could see it in court – “so the accused did the exact same action as the accusing agent? Case dismissed”

    • BigDaddyDK

      Hey, @$$hat. Some of us have no choice because we must travel internationally. I got news for you. I cannot drive my care to Europe or Asia. Read your Constitution — carefully. The 4th Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable search and seizure, which means that the government cannot search you without a warrant and/or probable cause. Choosing to travel by aircraft does not in and of itself constitute probable cause as no clear intent on my behalf to do harm is established by that single act.

    • Bite Me

      So now you not only want us to comply with illegal search under the 4th amendment, you also want to supress our freedom of speech. Good little socialist, Stalin would approve.

  • Templar X

    The TSA goons are about as sharp as bowling balls!

  • Come on really?

    They ca dish it ou but cant take it…..nice!

  • Brian

    Not guilty. I hope more people ‘spread the wealth’ right back to the TSA like this fine woman did.

  • Philly T


    you go girl

    • Ruell

      and philly T, i’m sure you’re responsible for Obama being in office as well. you knee jerk reaction fools. If it feels good do it, right? Wake up people. When did this country lose its values and it’s people lose respect for one another? I have an answer, it’s when we kicked God out of schools, and the courtroom, and the military, and just about everything else. United we Stand, Divided we fall. We are falling ladies and gentlemen. Eventually all Empires fall, and y’all are doing your part to make sure this one does.

      • D

        Actually it lost it’s values when we didn’t let Buddha into schools, courtrooms, and the military.

      • This Jig Is Up

        @Ruell, God should never have been in the schools to begin with. It started a lot further back than than you think. News flash: the world was not created 3000 year ago in just 7 days.

  • Rod Boone

    More Courage than Rosa Parks!

  • Stephanie

    Case in point, it is a violation of our privacy and an abuse. Thank you, Yukari! If you can get charged with assault for doing the same thing they do to you, it is not security — it is abuse.

    • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

      uhhhhhhh no. just no. When you CONSENT to it it’s not a violation of your privacy. You want to use a GOVERNMENT SERVICE, then follow the rules.

      • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

        Morons, TSA is gov’t. The airlines aren’t but you CANT GET TO THEM UNLESS YOU GO THROUGH TSA. Get a clue.



      • NOMERCY55




      • Todd

        Oh, I didn’t know air travel was a government service? Did Obama Nationalize the airlines too?

      • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

        Taipon, Republicans forced this on America? I thought it was muslims…

      • Taipan2900

        Christy, I knew you were a weak Liberal..It was Tom Daschle who is a Dem that pushed the TSA through the house. Bush sign the Bill, but he sided with the Progressives his last 4 years.

      • JustAGuy

        Uninformed sheeple!

        I have a family member who’s so compromised that she thought Republicans are the ones who want to raise taxes on us.

      • TimG

        Republicans introduced it and Democrats reinforced it. Welcome to the two-faced one-party system. The only time one party argues with the other is for the purpose of Kabuki theater. The two-party system is a farce when both parties go after the same agenda of restricting people’s personal and financial liberties for the sake of freedom or fairness. It’s a rouse and I suggest you wake up.

      • JustAGuy

        The “make-you-nude” scanner was introduced during Bush, but Bush had enough decency to NOT use it. Then Obama becomes president and now we get to have naked images taken of us and perfect strangers feeling us up!

        Welcome to the United States of Obama!

      • Christopher FanSaw Franzen

        Commonsense, use your name dude. You did consent by buying your airline ticket and showing up. THAT IS CONSENT. And learn to read.

      • Yirmin Snipe

        The ability to travel freely is a basic right people in a free country have, to expect that you need to consent to molestation in order to exercise those rights is insane.

      • Taipan2900

        The airlines are private, the TSA was forced on us by losers like you.

      • Don Woodson

        Franzen, you are a total twit. I hope you don’t dare call yourself an American citizen, because you are far to weak of a sheep.

      • Philly T

        airlines are privately owned, they’re not GOVERNMENT SERVICE< unless they're military craft, or
        Air Force One

        what a clown

      • Wilhelm

        She did NOT consent and flying is NOT a government service.


        Last time I checked the government wasn’t allowed to break their own laws. Child molestation laws, sexual abuse laws, etc… We have rights in this country. Beleive me when you let them take your rights away you will have to fight like you never fought before to get them back. If you’re tired of hearing about this then maybe you should switch sides. Help us get rid of the criminals and still have your safety without being molested or having your rights taken away. Old ladys in wheelchairs and young kids are not a real threat. TSA has the requirement that they have a high school diploma OR one year experience. YES they can have NO high school diploma and ONE year experience in able to molest Americans. Do you really trust a person who can’t complete high school to do security? Really? If you feel that comfortable then all the drop outs should be patting you down everyday. Then you could really feel safe. As we went through school and received an education they were skipping class and now they are our masters telling us what is right and wrong and molesting kids and grandmas when they couldn’t pass a simple test in high school. Yeah.. not a good idea to trust these folks.

      • Stephanie

        Where are the dogs, Christopher? No human needs to touch me inappropriately when there are other ways to legally “secure” a person while guarding their right to “be secure in their person”. Seriously, dogs work cheap. Cheaper than those scanners and 45 agents to surround a little white chick traveling with a 4 year old.

        Wake up, Christopher. We are not criminals. It is illegal for anyone of authority to treat Americans as such. It is illegal to search without a warrant. Buying a ticket is NOT consent to TSA assault on anyone. How else am I to see my mother in law in California on a week’s vacation? This abuse was just forced on us. I’ve since stopped traveling with my daughter – and the GOVERNMENT did it. Just don’t fly? That doesn’t cut it. I am American, and this is the absolute worst security theater in the world. Your argument is a joke.

      • nunya

        Listen, the TSA was forced over private airlines. It is a violation of our rights, I know you feel safer, but dont be scared, you will never get out of this world alive anyway. Its obvious you are trying to backpeddle from your original statement. Obvious…..’dude’.

        You said it yourself, we cant get to the planes unless we go through THEM. What part of being allowed to move FREELY dont you understand? I bet cash you dont pay taxes and can barely vote.

      • Tex A. Montana

        I already responded to Christopher (aka Anthony’s Weiner). No other waste of time needed.

      • Susan

        I’ve figured it out… this tool is from San Francisco!

      • ivanthedesroyer77





      • Michelle

        Flying is NOT a government service. The airlines are privately owned. Unfortunately the government thinks it runs the airline industry and all flying in general. The government itself is NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES by using fear to promote the direct violation of the 4th amendment. When they show me the warrant and have probable cause then they can pat me down.

  • T Bonham

    I like the idea of Tar and feathers. They can grope you but its sexual assult if you grope them????

    Burn ’em

  • Jeff B

    TSA agents should also be charged with sexual assault as well.

  • Tom Davis

    I guess that is tit for tat

    • SS

      Actually…. It’s tit for tit…. ;-)

  • Lockemeister

    I know what to do now next time I fly…

  • Don Woodson

    Tit for tat?

  • Sailordude

    Got to love old Japanese women! They can get away with things I sure cannot!

    • Granby

      She did not get away with it. But she is a hero no matter who she is!

  • Chad

    Sorry to hear you didn’t pass the interview process Ms. Miyamae. The TSA job screening process should have hired you on the spot.

  • Hank Warren

    Rosa Parks of the anti-TSA movement. Useless TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Todd

      Hank, Hank, Hank. You had me until I read the fiction. I have to agree on violations of the B.O.R and the current administrations use of the Constitution as toliet paper but the whole 9/11 conspiracy is a bit much. It totally negates your argument.

      • MD*EIT

        Todd, you may think his argument is negated, but a growing many of us find it more compelling. Upon a close examination of real evidence (not just the official gov’t story), and expanding the mind beyond the magnitude of its implications, you may indeed realize that those planes could not have destroyed those THREE buildings in the way they fell. Take it from an engineer. Or more than 1500. Look at if you do really care about truth.

        9/11 truth isn’t conspiracy theory, though many conspiracy theories come from 9/11 truth. But the truth of the event is the first step…

  • Brian

    Hey, I don’t like the TSA either. They are just another inefficient Government program that is a waste of tax payer money. Having said that, flying in a plane is not a right under the Constitution. If you do not like the process in place to screen passengers, you do not have to fly commercial. Fly charter, drive, or stay at home.

    • joe

      why don boot lickers like you drive?

      violating basic human rights in order to fly is wrong, wrong wrong.

      • Bill

        basic human rights? to fly without being searched? hmm..

        you’re right someone is wrong wrong wrong..

        and dont go with the claim its groping by TSA agents.. I fly every 3 out of 4 weeks and never been or seen anyone touched inappropriately

      • erik

        For the sake of argument, we will say TSA groping/genital touching does not exist.

        What part of unalienable do you not understand? Flying is not a right, the 4th amendment is a right!

        I can’t understand why people defend unwarranted searches. You are far more likely to kill yourself than be murdered, let alone die in a terror attack.

        Don’t let fear change your definition of freedom.

      • Iam Wendy

        Well, Bill – then give me a call. I have been subjected to unwanted and inappropriate touching so much I gave up flying. I never could understand why having metal between my knee and ankle required my breasts and buttocks to be inappropriately touched.

      • James

        BS …just BS! I probably fly more in a year than you do in your lifetime. I’ve never experienced this type of behavior from the TSA. If you were really violated than file a lawsuit but your just trying to exaggerate to support your ill begotten understanding of human rights.

      • DeadMeatDad

        Yes Bill, basic human rights. The right not to have my ass and crotch touched by someone without my permission, or without probable cause. The right to travel interstate without having to “show your papers”.

        I fly often as well, but unfortunately I wear a below knee prosthesis. I get jacked up EVERY time I fly. I opt out of the naked scanner because I have to go through the secondary screening regardless, so I see no sense in exposing myself to unnecessary radiation.

        I especially love the new tactic of the TSA putting the biggest, ugliest and meanest looking agent in front of the metal detector in order to intimidate you into going through the naked body scanner. I walk right up to them and tell them that I am opting out.

        Additionally, now they want to X-ray (yes, X-ray) my leg from five different angles every time I pass through security. I just take it off and hand it to them and tell them to run it through the X-ray machine.

        And spare me the argument that I have the option of driving instead of flying. coast-to-coast driving is not an option, nor should it have to be considered just to avoid repeated invasive and illegal searches of my person.

        Some of us don’t have the option of leaving everything metal in our carry-ons in order to breeze through airport security Bill. And I, for one, have a problem with letting some DMV flunkie see me naked or touch my junk Bill. You go ahead and lay down and submit without a fight Bill, it appears to be in your nature. I may lack the power to change things, but I will certainly not make it easy for them to violate my BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

      • Dr.McMurr

        Congratulations, you’re the ideal police state citizen. You’ll be receiving extra good citizen points for your positive attitude and happy cooperation.

      • Avenger

        Bill, Bill, Bill! Don’t you know it’s okay to open your eyes when you are at the security gate?

      • len

        Bill, you’re clearly lying.

      • Tex A. Montana

        Well, at least Obama can count on CBS as supporting Obama and his freedom hating henchpersons (Napolitano, Holder,etc.). Perhaps you can lead us all in bowing to Mecca (or where ever the “boy king” deems appropriate)!

      • Doug Hanson

        Go get a hip replacement. You’ll change your tune.

      • BillLies

        then you must be blind, troll.

      • joe

        it is a basic human right to not be photographed naked.
        it is a basic human right to not have someone force their hands down you pants.
        it is a constitutional right to not be searched without probable cause.

        weak little babies like you are no safer due to these abuses and our whole society is suffering because of your apologies for tyranny.

      • John Sheridan

        Bill, It is hard to believe that anyone that has the intelligence to type on a keyboard could make such a comment unless you were a propagandist for the TSA. Of course, since this is a CBS affiliate, the network of Dan Rather et al, you could just be doing the administration’s bidding. If you do not realize how this deprives everyone of their rights, you are not smart enough to be allowed to vote. Here’s a flash Bill, even a sworn on duty police officer would not be allowed to do this to you unless you were under arrest and going to jail. Even they would not be allowed to grab your balls.

      • rufus levin

        still having eyesight problems, Bill??

      • Don

        Are people really this stupid?

        1) Comparing TSA agents to Nazis.. COME ON. REALLY?
        2) People have a choice as to what method they want in regards to being searched. Pat down or body scan. To say, I’m afraid of radiation is ridiculous. Do you have a cell phone? Willing to bet they put out the same amount of dangerous radiation. NONE.
        3) You don’t have a RIGHT to fly. To want to fly means agreeing to being searched by the methods in place. Don’t like it? Drive.

      • Bob

        Oh well, I guess it doesn’t exist then. So by that logic, I guess mass starvation doesn’t exist, either, or the molestation of a child. Doesn’t exist, simply because by your “logic”, since it doesn’t directly affect you, it must not be real.

        Get a clue.

      • DeputyMarshal

        Perhaps WIlliam, you are too repulsive to be touched Sir! However, don’t give up. Hope springs eternal… PS a bath or shower might improve your chances. Good Luck, friend!

      • Me Me Me Me Me

        So since “YOU” have not seen it, and not experienced it, everyone else is lying and making it up????? Putz.

      • Mike

        What is “appropriate” for you may differ than someone else’s view.

      • arthur mann

        A lot of people have Bill, so what is next, ? maybe special papers to go back and forth to work.

      • robertsgt40

        “…allegedly sexually assaulted a Transportation Security Administration agent in Phoenix. Bill is another lemming headed for the cliff. Every time a TSA agent touches someone, it’s an assault. But then the 4th Ammendment is gone like many others. No matter the screening devices have already caused cancers in TSA screeners. Some people enjoy being herded. I stopped flying 5yrs ago. Wake up folks. Your country has been taken from you.

      • James

        I’m a person with rational thought and logic where you’re incapable of neither. There is no human rights violation occurring with these searches. They are more than reasonable since it is required for the safely of all flying on the plan. I’ll be damned to give the advantage to a terrorist to board a flight with a bomb or to allow them to mutilate innocent people just so you’re stupid notion of human rights is maintained.

    • John Steele

      You going to feel this way when the government starts doing this at malls, theaters, your car on the Interstate — all for your “protection” of course. The government have become the worst threat to American freedom that the terrorists. All the terrorists can do is kill you, the government is making you live like a subject not a citizen.

    • Aeternalis

      That’s correct. Flying in a plane isn’t a right under the Constitution.

      However, protection from unreasonable search and seizure is. Check out the Fourth Amendment sometime.


        You have the right to move freely around the country. Planes didn’t exist back then and moving freely has changed a bit since then but the INTENT of movely around freely without showing papers without being searched still exists. And yes it is covered by the consitution. Don’t kid yourself or beleive the main stream media. As the Rupert murdoch scandel now shows they are not to be trusted. The government is bought and paid for by corporations, cia, etc.. that is called fasicm or corporatism. It is not called freedom. It is tyranny. if you can handle the truth.

      • Ralph E Berkeypile Jr


      • kirsti

        the keyeword here is “Unreasonable”… check out what happened on 9-11. Security isn’t perfect, but TSA is working to make it better everyday. Right now, this is the most accurate way to ensure the safety of people like you and me.

      • robertsgt40

        Aeternalis–finally, someone thinking clearly. Our rights guaranteed(not established) are systematically being eradicated. Our rights aren’t established by the Constitution. Our rights are God given. Which means they are not freely taken by the govt without due process. We no longer live under the rule of law, but under the rule of men. Big difference.

    • Jennifer

      Driving isn’t a right either; the government can regulate it, just as the government can regulate flying. However, just because it can be regulated does not mean the government can take away your constitutional right preventing unreasonable search and seizure. A police officer must have justifiable cause for putting his hands on your person. At an airport you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent by submitting to an unreasonable search. Demanding to see someone naked and giving pat downs that would normally require justifiable cause is the definition of unreasonable. If you don’t agree, then I guess you won’t mind getting a body search the next time you get in your car, ride a bus, or hop on a train.

      • James

        I’m sorry but did September 11, 2001 escape you memory?

        When I drive my car I can make the decision about who is in the car with me. I can’t make that decision when I’m on a plane full of strangers. We are all suspected terrorists when boarding a plane. It must be that way for safety. My and others livelihood supersedes you obscure view of constitutional rights. The constitution wasn’t around when plays were being flown for commercial travelers. One of the most powerful aspects of our constitution is its ability to change. So if we need an amendment to put a stop to your foolish concerns about human rights then let it happen. Comply or just don’t fly and let the travelers fly with the right to fly safely.

      • Buckster

        Completely spoken like a true communist. You and your mentality are the wave of the liberal future! I applaud your brazen attitude to stand up to all the neanderthal knuckle-dragging rednecks who believe the UNIVERSAL unalienable rights as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the spirit upon which this free country was founded. The future is yours! Take your place in the annals of history alongside mao, stalin, hitler, castro, bush, obama, and all others who have robbed liberty in the name of “security”. I can’t wait to lick your boots.

      • James

        This is too funny to even have a rational response. An airport is not your car or your home. I’m actually a fiscal republican but support the need for means to prevent terrorist from having an advantage on innocent people. You however actually support the actions of terrorism through your bloated misunderstanding of constitution rights. As for the Declaration of Independence: It has NOTHING to do with human rights. The Declaration of Independence was about separation and relinquish of power from England over the US you fool! Are you suggestion we need to declare our independence from rational thought? If so then I guess you made your point.

      • rufus levin

        you might want to turn to the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the correct information concerning our freedom and liberty. You are correct about the declaration, except that it establishes the nation as created by WE THE PEOPLE, not by We the Government.

      • kirsti

        you sir, have a twisted view of reality. How do you plan to protect the thousands of people who fly on a daily basis? What is your alternative solution. So far all i have seen from your lot is complaining and whining and comparisons of the TSA to nazi germany… which I shouldn’t even need to point out are COMPLETELY rediculous and off the wall… but not once have i seen a viable solution…nay, any solution for that matter from you people. You live in a fantasy if you think we can do nothing and keep our citizens protected at the same time. Yes because that is what they are doing – they are protecting YOU. If you don’t want it, drive or take a train. But TSA can’t risk the safety of the other thousands of people just because you have a stick up your ass.

      • Ralph E Berkeypile Jr

        Kirstie, what a miserable slave you are. You actually believe that you’ll be safer if the government responsible for carrying out 911 fondles your genitalia? No, Kirstie. What will make us more secure is to bring to justice those in the US government who are responsible for the terrorism.

      • Jame

        No you are the slave to illogical thought! No one ever thought a plane could be taken under control by a handful of utility cutters.

        The best means to insure safety for all traveling is to provide no exceptions to anyone. All I need to read or experience is some 80 year old right wing Christian women extremist having a bomb in her depends and managing to destroy the lives of many innocent people. The cost of such a scenario while unlikely is too huge to endure. It would not only crush the airline industry it would crush the economy. You just don’t understand the cost of another successful attack on airplane. The companies can’t afford and the country can’t afford it to happen again.

        So get over the pat downs or don’t fly.

      • Buckster

        First off James, if you’re so scared of terrorists, then exercise your right to drive YOUR car and leave those of us in liberty to take the risks that come along with life and flying. We’ll handle grandma and the exploding depends without your intervention.
        Second, terrorists can blow up anything they want given the chance. A plane today, a shopping mall tomorrow, a trainstation next week, a bus stop with crowded people, a sporting event…whatever!!! You want the TSA at EVERY possible event all the time?
        How about the government mandates the sexual molestation of EVERYONE, every 15 minutes, all day long in ALL public places so that we lessen the likelihood of a terrorist bomb and stay consistent with your logic. Will that suit you?
        I just hope you and Kirsti talk your bosses into wearing flavorful boots so we don’t have to taste tar and gravel military boots soles for the rest of eternity. Do us at least that favor.
        …and it is the Declaration that talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness you moronic communist. A “fool” like me got it the first time I read it. Idiot.

      • James

        Hey Huckster, there will always be limitations to the searches. In a plane you have no means for escape when a terrorist attack takes place …just like a train. Public institutions like malls are certainly difficult to insure safety and I honestly don’t have a sure answer as to how you insure safety in those public institutions. I’ll leave that up to the experts. However, I can throw a mall into a building like I can fly a plane into one.

        There is no molestation going on with the searches. It’s some twisted and distorted view that you need to manage personally. I’m not sure what in your past makes you feel you are being molested with a pat down. It seems to be a more personal issue than a social issue. But hey! While we are at it, do you want to prevent searches of prisoners being searched by correctional officers as well? Hell, since they are not proven to have commit a crime while incarcerated then how can we allow searches on these prisoners.

      • Buckster


        You’re all over the place on this. Get a clue. Stick to the fundamentals of what work for freedom, not totalitarianism…unless you are against freedom which you are. You’ve spoken like a true commie, and thats that. You need not attempt to justify you’re position any longer. Sense will not rule this day with you.

        Freedom will prevail in the end. The just will rise up against tyranny and overthrow it. Its history. We can argue about it all day, but history won’t change. Have fun with your ‘social’ dates at the security checkpoints. Obviously you enjoy the touching so there ya go!

      • Michelle

        What James doesn’t understand is that the government and it’s TSA minions are already destroying the airline industry. Just wait a few years and no one will be flying thanks to James unAmerican government.

      • rufus levin

        James, you are living proof that Americans like YOU allowed the terrorists to WIN…willing to give up freedom RIGHTS in AMERICA because you are AFRAID.
        You disgust me.

      • James

        You amuse me since you have no idea the advantage you give terrorists with you so called human rights violations and the fact your human rights are NOT violated with the searches makes it even more amusing.

        I hope I disgust you enough so that you stop flying.

      • Tim

        Where can I sign up for frequent, intrusive, searches?

    • Hairy Herry

      It’s called House Bill (I think 1300? It does have two zeros to end and is in the lower thousand number group) An annoying Texas congresswoman has already introduced such a bill to INCLUDE BUSES AND TRAINS with this. Face it Brian, the Borg is doing it’s dangest to infiltrate us and our children, so your argument is now dated. This is simply unacceptable. If you didn’t know what I just said – you’re being made aware of it NOW. To the rest of you, let’s make certain this bill doesn’t leave committee. The budget deal bill could well become an insidious way to sneak in this sort of nonsense as was the business-killer 1099 form nonsense in last year’s ObamaCare (thank God that portion was killed off at least)

    • Marc.

      Actually Brian, I would argue that, as a Citizen of the US or as a legal resident I have the self evident right to travel, peacefully anywhere within my country by any means I see fit. The 4th amendment secures this right by making all searches unreasonable except for probable cause accompanied by a warrant, supported by oath or affirmation and specifically stating the places and/or persons to be search and items to be seized. At this point I don’t know of any constitutional amendments that have created any exception to this guarantee.

      Are sure you want to abandon the 4th amendment so easily? After all, the TSA already claims the right to use any procedures it deems fit for access to aircraft, hotels, buses, stadiums, public buildings, high school proms.

      Will you less accommodating if you are required to be scanned/search before given permission to access a freeway, after all I have heard that driving is a privilege as well…

    • NotFittheProfile

      Another Ignorant American. Why don’t you educate yourself? Your constitution does not limit the rights you have. It limits what the government can do. Powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved, respectively, to the states or the people.

      Where in the constitution does it authorize unreasonable searches without cause?
      Where in the constitution does it authorize the government to limit the freedom to move? Servs in Europe were not allowed to travel by the Aristocracy, can you point which of the founders consider himself or herself the property of King George?

      • MD*EIT

        If more people had your view of Constitution, we’d be in a much better place. Thank you.

  • bubba cola

    Why isn’t this entrapment–respond to a little foreplay and get charged?

  • JustSayNoNow

    Lock her up for sexual battery. She’s certainly no hero – just another felon.

    • Paul

      I agree, that TSA agent should be thrown in jail for sexual assault. It doesn’t magically become moral because you get a paycheck to do it.

      That is who you were talking about, right?

      • Susan

        We can only hope!

  • Chicago Nick

    I’ve said this time and time again, that if my employer required me to do these things I’d sue THEM and quit, it’s that simple. And to you who say “that’s easy to say” well take this: I was an 911 dispatcher part time overnights for 8 years until last April, when I quit because I refused to service people who couldn’t speak English and that’s that.

    They tried moving me and I refused and quit and told them to take that shiite and shove it.

    My response to them was “I’m not there to help people who don’t belong here and if they can’t speak English and are living in Chicago they’re illegal aliens since to be a citizen one must have command of the English language” And not being a minority PC boo hoo “sue sue sue” American I walked.

    SO I put my money where my mouth is and expect others to do the same. I wouldn’t hassle American citizens for a paycheck if my freaking life depended on it. Period.

    • Richard Halavais

      Chicago Nick, if more so called Americans were like you we’d have balanced budgets, less crime, lower taxes and a much more civilized society, oh and no Obama and his minions to have to undo. These illegals stream across our borders to steal from us and our chicken shlt politicians do nothing. If you ever run for public office let me know, I”m in California but you’ll get a donation from me.

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