COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)- A nurse in Colorado Springs admits she used a hospital’s database to look up patient information. Lori Neill also said she is not the only one.

lori neill Nurse Admits To Using Hospital Database To Access Patient Information

Lori Neill (credit: CBS)

“I admitted that I looked up things like demographics on phone numbers of people who had already given them to me, an address for a birthday card. there were times I read medical information,” said Neill.

While Colorado Springs police won’t say what they believe Neill was using the information for, she says the police accusations center around her other calling as a psychic.

Neill said police told her they are investigating whether or not she used the Memorial Hospital database to search out new clients and then contact them about scheduling a psychic reading. They are also investigating whether she used the medical information to help with the readings.

“The bottom line is I never misused any medical information,” said Neill.

Neill claims that what she was doing happens a lot and that she is not the only one looking at what some think is private information.

“It is no defense to say that it’s a common thing. And I’m not even saying my coworkers in the medical community are bad people. It’s a human thing,” said Neill.

Memorial Hospital spokesman Brian Newsome said anyone who is given access to the information has to have a medical, billing or operational reason to see it.

But Neill claims that access means you can look at any of the records, which is why she says police claim she access more than 2,000 medical records.

“In this database you put in two letters for your first name and two letters for your last name, and then you get a drop down list of names. Every name that ever came up on a drop down list looked like it was accessed,” said Neill.

Neill said she hopes her mistake will be a lesson for everyone. She has resigned from Memorial Hospital.

Hospital officials are notifying patients whose files were viewed. The hospital is also creating a task force to increase security for the data base.

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  1. Trina Hampshire says:

    Why is that even illegal? If someone is worried about someone they love, they should be able to call or walk into any hospital that person was at and get whatever information they want! I think it is rude, cold and just downright mean that hospitals refuse that information. I have been turned down by hospitals when I was beside myself in angst and worry looking for where my ex bf might have ended up because he stopped answering his phone and never was at his apartment and wouldn’t talk to me at work to tell me why he broke up with me and what was wrong. What if he had a heart attack or died in a car accident or something horrible? I called every single hospital I could think of and all of them were so short and rude about it. I couldn’t even get past telling them his name! They just refused to help me and to this day I never know why he broke up with me and if maybe he some bout of depression or even killed himself but the hospitals would know that! I came in there with my driver’s license and told the stupid people there I was his ex and that we were dating for like four years and that shouuld give me the right to make sure he is at least ok! They turned me away. I thought hospitals couldn’t do that. That is one more problem with our healthcare system on top of everything else. Maybe with the new Obamacare he will get rid of that stupid law so that people who love someone can find them in an emergency and not sit around and worry to the point of a heart attack! Getting someone you know’s records should be simple as long as you have an ID and you explain why you need them. This nurse was just doing her job, she is psyhic and that is how she was helping people in other ways. She had a right to do that. I wouldn’t care if someone helped me that way!

  2. Gracie Brentt says:

    Trina? Obsessive, hyperactive, controlling people like you are the reason that medical records are kept under such tight locks and keys. You are one of those crazy ex-girlfriend stalker types.If your ex cut off all communication like that, he clearly he had a good reason and that reason is obvious to rest of us. Thank God for HIPAA!!!

    1. Trina Hampshire says:

      Ummmm excuse me? You don’t even know me Gracie! I am not obsessed and controlling. I was with him for four years and it isn’t your business why we broke up. Idon’t care if he is my ex because I still care about him and I didn’t hear from him. I still am going to call him when I want and check up on him, even when he gets married I plan to and who do you think you are calling me all those things? I am just a concerned person , that is normal. He isn’t going to just stop communication with me and thinks I am not going to worry and track him down and what was the hippo remark about? You don’t even know what I look like! Talk about judgmental and full of it WOW! REEEEEEEPORRRRRRTEDDDDDDDD FOR HARASSMENT! There goes YOUR internet! Enjoy trying to get online when I report you and have your internet shut off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Gracie Rallis says:

        Trina, what personality disorder do you suffer from? Just curious. It is coming out heavy this morning. I am guessing somewhere between borderline, and histrionic…
        Also, I didn’t harass you and just beecause you report me to the web masters of this site, doesn’t mean my internet gets “shut off.” At most they delete the comments, which probably won’t happen either.

  3. Trina Hampshire says:

    Ummmm excuse you! I don’t have a personality disorder! I am very intelligent, educated and knowledgeable about life! And yes, if I report you, they can call up your interent people and have you shut off FOR GOOD and FOREVER! The police look at this stuff ya know and if I make a report the police will call you to make a report against you. DUH! That is what REPORT means! There are cops who sit and watch the internet on their days off and that is what they do. Stop people like you who harass smarter people like me!

  4. Katie says:

    Wow she is crazy. As an RN I would have turned her away as well!!! Likely very young, immature, and has not experienced the need for PRIVACY yet since she feels the need to invade everyone else’s…Get a hint….

  5. Steve says:

    There is something called hipaa. Anyone doing what she did is immediate grounds for termination and a 100,000 fine for the facility

  6. I think you gracie, are everything you are accusing this woman Trina of, and more. I don’t know Trina. But I do know It is so easy to get the ball rolling and gang up on someone all at once. What a comfortable and easy job it is to be a Bully. Get over it. I don’t care what Trina did. Its not your job to judge. Unless of course YOU have this impulsive, uncontrollable urge to judge and ridicule someone., Which very likely could indicate that you have an impulse control disorder with narcissistic tendencies. Grow up. Get your own life. Or get help. Amanda

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