DENVER (CBS4) – Forty dogs rescued from an animal hoarder in California arrived in Denver Sunday morning. The pups will soon be in need of good homes.

“Some have lacerations, bad teeth, so it does look like they’ll need medical care,” Michelle Ray with the Denver Dumb Friends League said.

The dogs are from the Lucerne Valley in California.

“In total there were 150 dogs that were living on this one property in California,” Ray said.

Colorado got 40 of the dogs. Twenty went to the Dumb Friends League. There’s the physical recovering, but the mental healing may be the hard part.

“Obviously coming from a hording situation these dogs have not been socialized,” Ray said. “Some may have not even been touched by a human.”

Colorado is no stranger to helping animals. Earlier this week two dozen dogs displaced from fires in New Mexico came to Denver. Last year 95 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions in Montana.

“We’re able to take in these dogs because we have the space available,” Ray said. “Colorado is able to take in these dogs because it is such a pet-friendly state, and Denver in particular is a very pet-friendly city.”

It’s a pretty simple answer for a sizable problem.

“Now these dogs are going to have the opportunity of hopefully finding a new home and getting the help they need and getting the proper care they need.”

The Dumb Friends League says some dogs may need to be placed in foster care first for socialization.

For information on adopting a dog, visit the Denver Dumb Friends League website.

  1. Sue says:

    Why is Denver taking these dogs? California is a lot larger place and could probably absorb their own dogs. Don’t we have enough to take care of?

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