DENVER (CBS4) – Wind from thunderstorms could have New Mexico’s largest wildfire flaring up again. As of Tuesday afternoon 2,100 firefighters were working the lines to try to keep that from happening.

The fire has a lot of victims, including pets. So a Denver animal shelter is doing its part to help animals displaced by the fire by taking in nearly two dozen dogs.

Some of the dogs could be available this week. They need thorough health evaluations, and then they need good homes.

After a 7-hour van ride the dogs arrived in Denver and will need to get important vaccinations.

“It was a harrowing ordeal,” Pat Wolff with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter said.

“They all seem healthy, happy, excited to be here,” Jon Rogge with the Dumb Friends League said. “And they’re calm. After that long of a drive, that’s always good to see.”

The shelter in Santa Fe got a rush of displaced pets because of the wildfire. It was time to move some dogs out to make room for more.

“They’re moving up here so they can help other families who have lost their homes,” Rogge said.

“We’re glad to be here and we’re very thankful that the community of Denver is opening up its arms to these dogs because they all need good homes right now,” Wolff said.

If you’re looking for an addition to the family, there are plenty of good choices. Visit the Denver Dumb Friends League website for more information.


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