DENVER (CBS4) – Celebrating the Fourth of July weekend with a barbeque or camping is typical. So is lighting a few fireworks. But this year fire officials warn it is especially dangerous.

Many counties have some sort of fire restrictions in place, including Boulder, Jefferson, Arapahoe and Summit counties. Many counties have complete bans, while others have an open fire ban.

Areas of Jefferson County are allowing a limited list of fireworks like sparklers, fountains and glow worms, while the city and county of Denver is allowing absolutely nothing. Fire officials say it is each citizen’s job to find out what the restrictions are in their neighborhood before they decide to light up.

Aerial Miller will celebrate the Fourth with a small bang. Limited fireworks are allowed in her neighborhood, but she is aware of the potential danger.

“It’s fire, you’ve got to be careful with it,” she said.

“Within the city and county of Denver, there is no tolerance, but one block over you could be in another area, you might be in another city or county that would allow for that,” Cpt. Greg Pixley with the Denver Fire Department said.

The rules can be confusing to consumers as they shop for fireworks throughout the metro area. Fire officials say personal responsibility is the key.

“Check the websites of those municipalities to see what is legal and what is not,” Pixley said.

Randy Greening of West Metro Fire says even with all the restrictions in place, accidents will still pop up.

“I would encourage parents to understand what their children are doing; have an idea of where they are at and who they are with,” Greening said.

Year-round firework stores like Olde Glory do sell illegal fireworks, but only for people who will use them out of state. The owner of the store said those people have to show a valid out-of-state driver’s license and a vehicle registration proving they will drive them across state lines.

The fine for lighting up illegal fireworks can be up to $1,000.

Link: Fireworks Listings


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