DENVER (CBS4)- Summer camps usually focus on a skill, like horseback riding, soccer or preparing for the outdoors. But what about learning math? One camp makes a point to teach and still have fun.

“It’s really fun to me and I love this camp,” said one camper.

“If I didn’t join this camp before, I probably wouldn’t have learned these things until I was older, like in 8th grade,” said another.

Those things include meteorology, rocketry and aviation. The founder of Mathstronauts, Jenna Lin, started the camp seven years ago.

“I see enough minority kids, inner city kids, spend too much time on sports and feeling like that’s the only way that they can succeed or be successful, is become an athlete. And then you have these other kids that don’t pursue any other kind of career. So, I said, ‘We should have a math and science camp,'” said Lin.

Retired NASA scientist Dr. Warren Layfield believes the program helps shape the kids’ futures. He drives to Denver from Colorado Springs every summer to lend a hand.

Lin said by the end of camp, many children go home wanting to be mathematicians.


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