WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Wheat Ridge police have released 911 tapes which recorded the struggle between a gunman and two women during an attempted robbery that happened last Thursday at the Advantage Wireless on Wadsworth Boulevard.

Police are looking for a Hispanic male between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall. He was wearing a light blue button-down dress shirt and carrying a semi automatic assault rifle. Police have good surveillance video but still can’t identify the man.

The tip line is open but police have had no leads. So far nobody has come forward to identify the suspect. Police say it’s interesting because the case has a number of unusual aspects to it, along with the great surveillance video that should help someone recognize him.

The surveillance video shows a man locking the door to the cell phone store before he approaches two women. One was an employee and the other a customer. He has them lead him to the safe in the back, but once there the employee tries to overtake the man.

The customer also fights back as the employee calls 911. The man’s muffled voice can be heard on the call as he demands to be let go just as the operator answers.

The man attacks the customer and then the employee with his gun, but doesn’t use it.

911 Operator: “You said he hit you in the head with the gun?”

Store Employee: “Yes, he hit me in the head with the gun and another customer … I might need an ambulance here for our customer — she got hit in the head a couple of times.”

The women try to hold him in the store but he shot out the window.

Store Employee: “Oh my God, he just shot out my window.”

The employee never opened the safe for the suspect and he left with nothing. He never shot at the women. The weapon is no very common. Police suspect it’s a Kel Tec SUB-2000.

“That’s an unusual weapon for just any old person to have,” police spokeswoman Lisa Stigell said.

Police also noticed that he didn’t seem to know how to use it.

At one point the suspect loses his hat and the camera clearly captures his face.

Anyone with information is asked to call Wheat Ridge police.


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