ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)- Victims claim their cars were sold, but they never received their money. People who bought those cars don’t have any claim to the vehicles, because they haven’t received the titles.

The Colorado Department of Revenue confirms there are at least 70 victims connected to the Autohut dealership in Englewood dating back to 2010. An investigation is under way and there may be more victims.

The owner of Autohut, Lowell Andrews, released this statement to CBS4 Wednesday evening, “The owner of Autohut voluntarily turned over the dealer license to the Dept. of Revenue, including records and financial statements. Autohut’s owner and staff are cooperating with the Englewood Police Department and the Colorado Dealer Board.”

Cindy Meyers believed Autohut was a legitimate business and thought she would have an easy time selling her black and tan sports car.

“I went there, there was a Ferrari on the lot and a lot of really nice cars. I figured, no on just opens a lot,” said Meyers.

Meyers said her car sold for $6,500. She was supposed to get $6,000 from that sale, but didn’t get anything.

“All the cash that came in was not being forwarded on to the rightful owner,” said private investigator James Allbee.

Allbee is a private investigator hired by one of the victims. He said the investigation points back to Autohut’s owner, Andrews. Allbee claims Andrews pocketed the cash and destroyed the business.

“I think he was completing the transaction just enough to get cash in hand,” said Allbee.


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