JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A cyclist was hospitalized Saturday after hitting a guard rail and falling more than a 100 off a hillside.

The accident happened on Saturday afternoon southwest of Deer Creek Canyon Park, off High Grade and Pleasant Park roads.

Members of a volunteer fire department had to repel down the hillside to rescue the victim.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Corrie Denes said the cyclist was a participant in the Healing Wheels Tour and his tire suddenly went flat, causing him to fall over the rail.

“A rider riding in the race was coming down the High Grade hill. It looks like one of his tires suddenly went flat, causing him to lose control, go over the guard rail and down 100 to 150 feet,” Denes said.

An ambulance took the rider to a hospital in Littleton. His condition wasn’t immediately available.

LINK: Healing Wheels Tour

Comments (16)
  1. Morrison, Colorado says:

    Cyclists have no business riding at the speeds that they ride in the colorado canyons! Since new legislation went in to effect the bicycle claim to own 3 feet of every road, yet fail to recognize the portion of the law that says they cannot impeded traffic and must yield in locations where there is not 3 feet to give them. Most canyons in colorado have tight corners with double yellow lines, indicating it is not safe to pass. I have lost count of the number of times I have almost been hit by oncoming traffic on my side of the road as they are giving a bicycle 3 feet. I pay for the whole lane and my personal safety when I purchase a license plate for my vehicle. If bikes want and get 3 feet they should pay towards it like the rest of us. All bikes in the canyons need a license plate, and all bicycle “approved” canyon roads need a bike path!!! They’re out of control.

    1. Rearden71 says:

      Please keep your ignorance off everyone’s roads.

      Best wishes to the cyclist for a speedy recovery.

      1. what what says:

        I hope he has lifelong injuries

    2. Dustin Seay says:

      ya cyclists need to leave these steep and windy mountain roads for longboarders they are much safer than these crazy cycilists!

    3. jake says:

      Since most bike riders also own a vehicle they also PAY for the road like the rest of you.

  2. the_punnisher says:

    Members of a volunteer fire department had to repel down the hillside to rescue the victim.

    When it comes to many cyclists, REPEL is the proper word. Yes, they are REPELLANT in their behavior and should carry registration, plates and insurance like ALL OTHER VEHICLES THAT USE TAXPAYER PAID FOR ROADS.

    However, the correct word to use in this case would be RAPPEL….

    And for the typical arrogant cyclist: FOLLOW ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD or STFU….

    1. Rearden71 says:

      You are also welcome to keep your ignorance off everyone’s roads.

      1. In your ear says:

        Your mentality is why pass as close as possible to cyclists when there are no witnesses.

      2. Rearden71 says:

        OK I guess it’s time to explain it to all the mental midgets out there. This was part of an organized race. Please focus on reading comprehension in the future.

        Hopefully you’ll run yourself right off a cliff when there are no witnesses.

  3. Tom says:

    I have lived up Deer Creek canyon for over 25 years and over the past couple of years the cyclist have gotten out of control. I too am a cyclist and cannot believe what is now going on in our canyon. I’m careful and aware of this current group of nitwits, but am getting tired of them. I have been called names and fliped off this year by them which is a first for me.
    Something needs to be done about this group before innocent people get in trouble due to their bad riding and atitudes.

  4. BikerEddie says:

    I thought the story said the rider suffered a flat tire and lost control. Very scary and can happen to anyone, even a motorist. Also, this was not a race, but rather a charity cycling event.

  5. Fabian says:

    First of all this is not a race but a fun ride.
    I can’t believe the ignorance in these comments. You have to realize that for me i am a rolling billboard. If one motorist called my sponsors it would not be received well at all. So when I am on the road I try to be as courteous as possible to everyone. I have to follow the rules of the road, I am required to and so are you. I have a camera just to make sure if something happens I have recourse. To many people are hitting cyclists and leaving the scene. Please take into account that I too have a wife, a lovely family and a job that they depend on. Don’t steal that away from them so you can save one or two minutes in your commute. Respect my life as I respect the lives of your family members.

  6. bikesforothers says:

    Appalling attitude of many of the responders here. These threats are intolerable and that is exactly why a law had to be made: to protect innocent people from you bullies and criminals. This was a tragic accident in which a cyclist blew a flat tire, went over the guard rail and the only one hurt was himself. No need to hijack this comment column for your own personal vendetta. And unlike “What What”, I am a well-adjusted Christian adult who hopes and prays the person fully recovers.

  7. Dan says:

    There should be a correction made to the web article. The rider was not part of the Healing Wheels Tour. The Healing Wheels Tour did not travel on High Grade. There was a correction made on a CBS TV news report. I think the correction should also be made on the web article.

  8. KT says:

    “Members of a volunteer fire department had to repel down the hillside to rescue the victim.”

    Did the firemen rappel or repel down the hillside.. ..??

  9. Sara says:

    I have nothing against bicylist but I do when it comes to the bad behavior. My kids were coming home one day in another canyon near Boulder when this guy, who was riding downhill way too fas,t went right over the guard rail and down the hill. The guy was unconscious but eventually awoke and didn’t know where he was or what he had been doing. An ambulance took him away and we never heard what happened to him. My kids and grandkids were traumatized by what they saw. This guy isn’t the only one who has coasted down our steep road way over the speed limit. It’s against the law but they do it anyway. When you are coming down the road, many of the cyclist get right on your bumper. That is what I call being aggressive and we are getting really sick of it. We see them running stop signs too. Like one other person mentioned, since this 3 feet rule came into effect, there are constantly people driving around the bicycle and in the other lane and almost cause an accident. That also happens all of the time too! These canyons are a terrible place to beriding, holding races and events. There needs to be a place that is safer. The number of bicylist and these events have exploded over the past 10 years and for us who have lived in the hills for all of the years before, did not sign up for all of this. I hope that this guy gets better and I hope that the charity who sponsered it will find a much safer place next year. These canyons are tight and there are many places to sail right over the edge. There may not be people like my kids to be there when it happens and see it. As far as being a rolling billboard, I have seen these spandex outfits sold in stores so I’m not all that sure that the person wearing it is actually connected to the group that bears it’s name. I have heard that there are bogus ones out there. I also carry a camera in my car and now a video camera and ready to have proof of what is going on out on the roads.

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