DENVER (CBS4)- The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has a brand new exhibit that features a unique subject. “The Hikers” was unveiled on Friday.

The exhibit features two human plastinates, like the ones from “Body Worlds.” These plastinates are posed as if they are climbing a mountain.

The museum is the first in the world to have a permanent exhibit featuring whole-body plastinates.

Curators believe it’s a great way to learn about the human body.

“There is nothing like examining your own physiology like peaking under the skin. You get to see the sciatic nerve, the kneecaps, the Achilles and how fragile it is. This is an incredible educational opportunity for this community and it will be here forever,” said museum spokeswoman Bridget Coughlin.

The hikers were custom made by the creator of Body Worlds. The exhibit was made possible from a generous donation from Steve and Kathy McConahey, who wanted to give back to the museum.

LINK: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

  1. andersha says:

    nice spelling…lol its Physiology

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