Shuttle Tests Navigation System For Orion Capsule

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Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (credit: Lockheed-Martin)

Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (credit: Lockheed-Martin)

DENVER (AP) – Lockheed Martin says the space shuttle Endeavor crew has conducted a test for the navigation system of the Orion space capsule, which is being designed at the company’s Denver-area sites.

Lockheed Martin says the shuttle tested a sensor and camera on Monday at the International Space Station. Both are part of the rendezvous and docking system that the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle will use.

Orion is expected to carry four astronauts on missions beyond Earth orbit and bring them home again. It was originally part of a moon program that was canceled. NASA hasn’t announced any specific destinations for Orion.

Lockheed Martin says the shuttle test produced about 600 gigabytes of data on the navigation system. More tests are scheduled at the company’s facility south of Denver.

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