DENVER (CBS4) – New summer rates from Xcel Energy mean residents will pay more to keep cool this summer.

The concept is called “two tiered billing” and it’s meant to conserve energy. Customers who use up to 500 kilowatt hours per month pay 4.6 cents. The charge nearly doubles 9 cents when customers go over 500 kilowatt hours per month.

The plan encourages customers to save energy without asking them to make reductions.

“They have a choice to use the amount of energy that will be necessary for their own personal comfort, and safety and if they can cutback it helps them on their bill,” Xcel spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo said.

The state legislature looked at possibly scraping two tiered billing, but Aguayo says a review showed customers could manage their power bills quite well, so the practice is back again.

Xcel says most customers will not pay more during an annual billing cycle.

Two tiered rates take effect Wednesday and runs through September.

Comments (2)
  1. Aj Edwards says:

    What else is new? Xcel taking it to the consumers again to line their investors’ pockets with gold. PUC’s should NOT be publicly held companies. Any profits should be shared with their customers.

  2. Richard Rael says:

    This is confirmation of the Oboma Administration’s passing of Cap and Trade. Now do you feel betrayed?? Not Exel’s fault there are just following the Law. what an Obomination!!!!!!

    How much electricity does an average 2-story 3-bedroom house use per day per month or per year?

    A). a 2-3 bedroom house that is 1600-2000 square feet and having electric appliances except for the furnace use an average of 1500Kwatt-hours per month making 50 Kwatt-hours per day and a total of 18,000 Kwatt-hours per year.

    Read more:

    Only a few more weeks till all of us will experience forced power outages.

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