FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — A petition to ban marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins has the backing of the county sheriff and as former mayor.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith is helping lead a petition drive to ask voters in November whether to ban dispensaries in this college town. The Coloradoan newspaper reports that organizers need signatures from 4,214 registered voters.

The effort also has the backing of former Mayor Ray Martinez.

Fort Collins has 23 licensed medical marijuana businesses. Several of Fort Collins’ neighbors, including Greeley and Loveland, have banned medical marijuana shops.

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Comments (5)
  1. Joe M says:

    Never mind that the people voted to make it legal, these officials take it upon themselves to undermine the democratic process. I’m sure the reality of it would reveal that the Sheriff’s office is missing the revenue generated from marijuana busts.

  2. FloLake says:

    Grow up, Ft. Collins. The entire country is searching for new revenue sources. The growing and sale of products containing THC and so on is a gift horse if ever there was one. Local government should concentrate on how to take advantage of taxation. Over taxing or more lame attempts to ban THC products is beyond stupid.

  3. rob 22 says:

    This is an excellent tax source for our city. Why not give some of the tax moneies to the Sheriff Department. If they close the dispensaries, all users will just go underground again and thus criminalize it? Why, doesn’t make any sense?

  4. d.s. says:

    How completely and utterly unfair it is for the government to be allowed to give us something and then take it away. This is the definition of Indian-giving! Oh well, hopefully Colorado’s citizens are paying attention to the fact that signatures are being requested now for legalizing marijuana on next year’s ballot. And if that miraculously DOES happen, then hopefully it will be 100% outside of the sheriff’s jurisdiction.

  5. Rolando Motta says:

    I thought the Sheriff’s Department job description was to protect and serve. Obviously their jobs have changed to enforce their will and make decisions for the taxpayers, which are the ones that pay their salary. Its time for Big Brother to be put in his place and reminded of what their job really is.

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