(CBS4) – You may have seen them around town: billboards saying this Saturday is Judgment Day.

prediction Group With Colorado Ties Behind Judgment Day Billboards

Gunther von Harringa (credit: CBS)

The man who started that message is from Boulder. Harold Camping is the head of Family Radio, a Christian ministry that predicts May 21 as the day believers will be saved and the rest will suffer. They say the Bible proves it and that God has revealed the date now beause believers have the technology to spread the message.

“Every time he’s brought judgment he’s warned the belivers first. So they in turn can warn the world,” Gunther von Harringa, Family Radio spokesman, told CBS4 on Tuesday. “Without a shadow of a doubt, it is going to happen.”

Dr. Miguel De La Torre, a professor at the Illif School of Theology, also cites scripture, but uses it as a basis for his explanation of why judgment day won’t happen this weekend.

“I can assure you, the world is not going to end on Saturday,” he said. “You can manipulate biblical text, and manipulate numbers with the world ending any day you want.”

Family Radio first predicted the end would happen in 1994.

Comments (7)
  1. D. Devil's Advocate says:

    Matthew 25:13 “Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour.”

    It was rather simple to deflate that little balloon, weren’t it?

  2. Laura says:

    What an idiot. I hope he’s “taken” on May 21st.

    1. Psyoper of the World says:


      If this were to happen…..I would want to be one of those “taken” versus staying here

  3. Picknroll says:

    Hey, Mr. Camping, can I have your house?

  4. nogo postal says:

    Try and be kind in this life…because this is all we have..ain’t no heaven or hell..
    When someone dies they are not with Jesus..waiting for you….by the way..what is unique is our planet…what are you doing it to nourish it?

  5. thrushjz says:

    No man knows the day or the hour. Matt 24:36

  6. PJ-Hunter says:

    LMAO! He’s from Boulder, the town that allows toilet paper lawsuits. That whole town should go away on the 21st of May, 2011 and the entire world would be a better place

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