FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- Crews in Fort Collins were working for hours Wednesday to make sure all the rain had a place to go.

The amount of rain forecast for Fort Collins and Larimer County has some concerned about the areas where recent wildfires have burned all the vegetation. Those areas, including Fourmile Fire, Crystal Fire and Reservoir Road burn areas, lack foliage to hold in all the Crews Clear Debris From Storm Drains To Prevent Flooding

In Fort Collins, crews are working to clear gutters and storm drains. They’ve been using a powerful vacuum truck to keep water flowing.

There are 6,000 catch basins in the city. The stormwater manager said the goal is to have crews clean each of them twice a year.

“What we’re doing is we’re clearing out the intakes, they were full of garbage. We’re just clearing all the dirt and sediment out so it will hold full capacity. Then we flush the pipes and make sure all the sediment is out of the pipes,” said Jason Eich with Fort Collins Stormwater.

Stormwater crews are on standby in case of street flooding.


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