DENVER (CBS4)- Ten percent more women than men voted in the first round of the Denver mayoral election on May 3. Seventy-two percent of those women who voted were 45 years old and older.

That means the remaining candidates in the runoff election, Michael Hancock and Chris Romer, will be courting the female vote aggressively.

Romer announced on Thursday that former Denver mayoral candidate Theresa Spahn endorsed him. She received three percent, or about 3,300 votes.

Less than 2,000 votes separate Romer and Hancock.

Some issues not typically heard in a mayoral race are expected to get attention in the Female Vote Courted By Denver Mayoral Candidates

“I think our positions and history on positions both on choice as well as the issue I championed in the state Legislature, which is to take on insurance companies to make sure all women have the right to a mammogram over age 40. So part of this process is to watch not just what people say in this race but where they go and so an endorsement of a candidate like Theresa helps to give validation to a walk that I’ve walked,” said Romer.

“I think there comes a time as politicians we overreach and we talk about things we really don’t have an impact on. I’d rather talk about those issues that families told me they care about when I met with Highland Mommies, they didn’t talk about choice, they asked me about how to deliver quality schools to make sure playgrounds are up to date and clean, how to get small business moving,” said Hancock.

Spahn will be actively involved in Romer’s campaign, serving as one of the chairs. Romer said he will also seek her advice when putting together a cabinet, should he win.


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