Written by Brooke Wagner
Why not save some money, while saving the Earth? Today is a free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, so you can enjoy the beauty of our world at no cost. Starbucks and Caribou Coffee are giving out free coffee and tea today to folks who bring their own mug. Tomorrow (Saturday the 23rd) Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores will give away a million free trees!

While you’re thinking about nature, you may want to pick up some of her favorite sweets. Berries are a great deal at stores right now, and they’re super sweet and in season. I’ve also seen great clearances on jewelry at discount and big box stores (Target, Kmart, etc.) lately – great time to pick out some Mother’s Day gifts!

Happy Earth Day to all! As always, let me know about your bargains in comments!


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