DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Public Library says it may have to close half of its branches because of budget problems.

The city has told the library its next budget will be cut by about $2.5 million.

The library is looking at three ways to make the cuts — keeping all branches, including the main one open a total of just 24 hours a week. The library might be able to avoid big cuts in hours by cutting the budget for materials and technology. It might also close those seven to 12 branches to maintain hours and services at the other branches.

The system has 24 branches.

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    Sure, give City Council members a raise so they will make over 4 times the poverty level of a family of four but lets cut services to taxpayers and soon employees wages, benefits and jobs will be under review. Not the City Council members though. Makes sense to me ?

  2. Susie Watts, College Direction, Denver, Colorado says:

    As a private college counselor and test prep coach, I know how often students go to the Denver libraries to study or do research for projects on which they are working. I often tell parents to utilize the library to familiarize themselves with the college admissions process. I direct students to the libraries to research colleges and get information on financial aid and scholarships. I suggest that students check out the books on colleges and test prep instead of buying them. The libraries are a tremendous resource and we should do everything possible to keep them open.

  3. Duncan says:

    Public libraries are critical in provide no-cost services to residents. The short list: Job hunters using public internet stations, checking out books on resume writing, searching the variety of newspapers with classified ads…..parents of young children checking out books to provide stimulating reading experiences critical to developing strong minds….multiple copies of titles available for book discussion groups….trained professional staff available to assist with research questions…audio books…dvd’s…magazines…meeting rooms…programs…free wifi…and the list goes on! Who would fill this void if your local library closed?

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