DENVER (CBS4) – Officials with the Denver Fire Department say the chemical that caused a hazardous material situation at a downtown high rise Sunday night was hydrogen sulfide, not hydrogen cyanide, as the fire department first thought.

A man used the chemical to commit suicide at a high rise at 1600 Glenarm, along the 16th Street Mall.

Hydrogen sulfide is similar to carbon monoxide, but it has a rotten egg smell.

A woman living below the man’s apartment noticed something leaking through her ceiling.

Hazmat crews then evacuated the 11th and 12th floors and found the man’s body.

Some people went to the hospital to be checked out.

  1. Skilled Clinician says:

    Please, if you know someone who is considering taking their own life, Metro Crisis Services is at 888-885-1222 or and it’s open 24/7 to help. Mental health professionals answer every call around the clock–they can talk with you, give you resources, get you the help you need.

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