Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – Westminster Police have charged Tony Streno, the athletic director at Westminster High School, with false reporting for calling police and telling them his boss, Westminster High School’s principal, appeared to be driving drunk and nearly crashed into another car.

A police investigation indicates Westminster High Principal Pat Sanchez was not drunk and did not get behind the wheel and nearly collide with another vehicle.

“It wasn’t malicious and I was put in a position where I had to make a call,” Streno told CBS4 in a phone interview.

In a police report obtained by CBS4, Westminster police indicate the false reporting charge emanated from a party the evening of March 18. Westminster High School administrators, including principal Sanchez, had gone to Dave and Busters at 10667 Westminster Boulevard at 3:30 p.m. to socialize. Streno did not attend.

Streno told CBS4 he happened to be driving by Dave and Busters at about 7:15 p.m. when he thought he saw Sanchez emerge, appearing “very drunk,” get into his truck and nearly hit another vehicle in the parking lot. Streno called 911 and provided that narrative, giving a dispatcher Sanchez’s license plate number and adding that Sanchez had then gone back inside Dave and Busters.

15b408f Westminister High Athletic Director Charged With False Reporting

Westminster High Principal Pat Sanchez (credit: CBS)

At about 8:45 p.m., as Sanchez was leaving Dave and Busters for the evening, Westminster police were waiting for him. They told Sanchez they had received a report of him driving drunk and nearly careening into another vehicle. According to officers on the scene, “He was not intoxicated,” wrote police, “not intoxicated in any way.” Witnesses at the party told officers Sanchez never left the building during the party and that Sanchez never appeared drunk in any way, as Streno reported to police.

“This situation was very embarrassing,” wrote Sanchez. “It occurred in front of my staff and community members. The person who reported it was trying to damage my career.”

Sanchez told police he immediately suspected Streno of making the call, as Sanchez said he had told Streno around the beginning of March that Streno was being terminated after this school year was over for “performance issues.”

On April 6, Westminster police cited Streno for “committing false reporting to authorities,” saying there was probable cause to believe Streno “knowingly filed a false police report.”

However, in an interview with CBS4, Streno offered a different version of events. He said he happened to be driving past Dave and Busters March 18 on his way from dinner to a friend’s house. He said a few minutes earlier someone had called him to report “a concern about the level of drinking” at the staff party.

Streno refused to identify the person who he said called him. He said as he was driving by, he stopped in the Dave and Busters parking lot.

“I saw him (Sanchez) get in the car … I thought I saw his car … somebody pulled out. So I made a call to report a possible DUI,” Streno said.

Asked if he had tried to “set up” Sanchez in retaliation for his pending termination, Streno said, ‘I didn’t know I was being terminated at the end of this year. That’s a surprise.”

Streno now concedes he’s not positive about who and what he saw.

“I was just reporting what I saw or thought I saw,” Streno told Westminster police. “In my heart of hearts I believe I was doing the right thing and I erred on the side of caution,” he told CBS4.

Streno said he is currently on leave from the school district to care for an elderly relative.

Steve Saunders, a spokesperson for District 50, told CBS4, “It’s a personnel matter; that’s all I can tell you.” But Saunders said, “We are waiting for the outcome of the investigation before we make any other decisions.”

Streno is due in court May 17 on the false reporting charge.

Comments (41)
  1. DeRae Rivera says:

    As a person that was known for bendding an elbow quite offten three decades ago, I can tell you alot can happen in hour and ahalf. I STILL STAND BEHIND MR. STRENO. This man truley cares for the kids at the Westminster high school. Mr. Sanchez could not pick my son out of a crowd of students. I have seen Mr. Streno at every home game I have attended and most of the away games, I’ve seen him at every activity I’ve gone to and every PAAC meeting with the exception of the last month. I can name two time that I seen Pat Sanchez. You be the judge which one of these men has “performance issues.”

    1. Debbie says:

      I’m looking at it differently. Why would someone call the police and report a false claim? Pat Sanchez did’nt do this. I work at Westy I know that Tony is full of hot air (mainly about himself). So lets put the blame were it belongs TONY STRENO.

  2. WHS parent says:

    Streno is the district athletic director. He does not answer to Sanchez. Sanchez is not his boss. His boss would be the distict superintendant. It would not be Sanchez’s job to notify Streno that he was being terminated. Has the Westminster Police department ever charged anyone else with false reporting of a possible DUI, I don’t think so. Malicious prosecution! I know both men, Tony has never lied to me while Sanchez has lied to me on several occasions.

    1. Responsible WHS parent! says:

      Sanchez is one of those people that tells you what you want to hear not the truth, I am another one of the parents that Sanchez has lied to. Streno has never lied to me, I have been dealing with him for 7 years now, when he was the AP at Hodgkins and then at Clear Lake. I believe Streno was trying to make Sanchez accountable for his position as Principal, and Sanchez didn’t like it! I also believe Malicious Prosecution!

  3. Pedro Torres says:

    Finally Streno is being shown for what he truly is. He has also damaged my sons education for accusing them of being gang members and labeling them. There are several young adults have had to endure several encounters with someone that is supposed to be a role model for our children. I guess Carol Peters is not around to pull him out of this one. And God has blessed us by having them both gone and out of our district. And for Mr. Sanchez the children tried telling you.
    This is not the first false report he has filed.

    1. Bill says:

      Mr. Torres your kids probably are gang members. Denial will not keep them out of prison.

      1. Debbie says:

        Bill shame on you.

      2. BOB says:

        Absolutely correct Bill. Mr. Streno is in this job because he cares about HIS kids.

      3. Charlie Sheen says:

        Bill is #WINNING!

  4. FormerD50Teacher says:

    I have worked for Pat Sanchez and can also confirm that he lies and conducts shady business often. He has always been out for only himself, and throws his employees under the bus at a moment’s notice.

    1. Cindy says:

      I think you have him confussed with Berta Selleck

  5. ItZme says:

    You people should get a clue. First of all I KNEW weeks ago Streno was gone, so of course some dude working with him did. I am thinking that Mr. Sanchez was not telling him to “fire” him, but to make him aware. I hope students don’t read this and think that the reward for lying is that everybody has your back. He did something wrong and should be charged. I don’t care how many athletic games he showed up at. Just so you know most kids that are familiar with the vice principal know him because they are constantly getting in trouble. Traditionally they take care of most of the discipline. Congrats on your kids knowing him.

    1. Rob says:

      Streno is not a vice principal but the district athletic director he doe not take care of any discipline. The students he knows are ones who are active in sports, drama, choir or band. If he did call on Sanchez he will have his day in court, innocent until proven guilty or did you forget that. Desides that is no reason to fire him.

  6. Buck says:

    He should have checked to see how many of those athletic events had ineligible kids in them.
    He was simply one of the pawns of Roberta Selleck.Unfortunately he did not have the mental tools to be even an average athletic director.Their are investigations going on as to eligibility,for example : a boy failing every class the first semester but playing football.He also has issues with money spent recklessly as well as favoritism for certain coaches.This guy should never work in any school district in any capacity.

    1. Catherine Grinstead Thomas says:

      Buck I believe the athletic events you are refering to in which ineligible kids participated in, happened before Mr. Streno became the AD, that mess happened under Shane Smith, not Mr. Streno. As for spending money recklessly, I would like to know where? I have never seen reckless spending on Mr. Strenos behalf, however on Roberta Sellicks behalf tons of reckles spending!

      1. shaundra says:

        Maybe the administration MAKE the teacher pass the kids that aren’t in class or who have failing grades? Did you ever think of that? Of course it would damage their self esteem if they weren’t able to play and Westy wouldn’t have a team.

      2. Buck says:

        It wasn’t just Shane. Check with CHSAA if you want to find out the truth

  7. DeRae Rivera says:

    If you are so sure that you are acccurate why don’t you identify yourself. You can spread alot of b.s. anonymously.

  8. Responsible WHS parent! says:

    Well isn’t it something, my comments I left yesterday are no longer here?!? At DeRae I couldn’t agree with you more! Mr. Streno is an amazing person and a wonderful administrator. He knew every student the good and the bad. sTreno was the ONLY administrator to step up to make sure the academic achievers got their award ceremony, that the other administrators felt wasn’t important and not needed. As for Pedro, what did your son do to be diciplined by Mr. Streno? Dr. Peters and Mr. Streno went into Clear Lake a gang infested school where children had no respect and they turned that school into a safe, effective learning environment, where respect prevails in one school year. They were the perfect example of EXCELLENT administrators! District 50 is making a HUGE mistake to let Mr. Streno go, he is a HUGE asset that was making a difference and turning this troubled district around. Mr. Streno you will be a great asset to the next school district that hires you, and you will be sorely missed by the parents and students!! As for Adams School District 50, you need to wake up and get rid of the usless administration at that high school , I know they had big shoes to fill when Mr. Brainy was promoted, but they haven’t even tried to fill them. They do not know who their students are, and they are running a PRISION not a High School, these young adults are limited as to when they can visit the bathroom, we as taxpayers paid good money to build them a beautiful courtyard, they are not allowed to use, they are in constant lock down with a closed campus. I will be very disappointed to see this administration back next year. I am seriously conisdering sending my children out of district.

    1. DeRae Rivera says:

      Thank you for your words Responsible WHS Parent. But we are not ready to give up and say goodby to Mr Streno. Please go to facebook page Bring Mr. Streno back to WHS. It is a place to voice your support for Mr. Streno. I ask that you jion me and other parents at the upcoming may 10 board meeting to let them see we are willing to fight for our kids education.

      1. Buck says:

        Plenty of people will show up,but not in support of Streno.Hopefully a few other facts of neglect and misuse of funds will be presented.He may be just be guilty of ignorance and bad judgement.

      2. Leonard says:

        You really can’t believe the district would reinstate him.If he is found guilty they can’t hire him back.Even if he pleas it out what an embarrassment to the district.Its like a little boy ratting on his brother to get him in trouble.What an immature loser.

    2. shaundra says:

      Everyone knows there are cameras everywhere and there is probably more security in there than most prisons. That is because the students leave because they aren’t learning anything in there. Fights in the hall– drugs in the bathrooms… this is normal for Westy. And as we know, administrators at numerous conferences paid for by Adams 50 tax payers. Teachers not supported… student count means money… students who should be in a prison are in a school with your children.

  9. shaundra says:

    My question would be is why is Mr. Pat Sanchez out at a bar on Friday night (at 8:45 pm no less) with his staff and not at home with his wife and children having dinner with them? His children are not even in middle school and now dad is at the bar with his “peeps” and not with his family? Seems like someone needs to set the “right priorities”. Obviously this man doesn’t have them. Whether or not he had a few is not the issue. A man who doesn’t value and cherish his family is not a man who should be a school administrator.

    1. A teacher's kid says:

      People who work in schools keep the liquor companies alive. People drink. Get over it.

  10. buck says:

    Shaundra You are obviously a moron.

    1. shaundra says:

      Buck…Love and kisses always… xoxo

  11. DeRae Rivera says:

    My son sat out two games because of grade, and alot of seniors sat on the benched for the first half of the playoff game for missing class and practice. So get your facts straight

    1. Buck says:

      DeRae WOW I didn’t realize that you were the person that handled all the paperwork from the coaches to the AD so that you would know who is eligible and who isn’t.I would think you would just be concerned with your own son. You can’t attest to anyone else on that team or their eligibility.You are the one that needs to get their facts straight,but you will soon enough.

      1. A Nice Lady says:

        Any good parent would care about the whole team not just their own child. Get the buck out of here Buck!

  12. ItZme says:

    Obviously, there was reason to fire him BEFORE he decided to lie. He is in over his head. Secondly, he was Vice Principal at Clear Lake Middle school for years. It is upsetting to me how many people want to defend blindly rather than find out what was going on. Why would you reinstate somebody who despite this was not doing his job well? just to make yourself feel like you did something. Why don’t you volunteer in classrooms, get private donations to provide adequate after-school and supplemental programs for our kids and SUPPORT getting rid of dead weight teachers and staff?

    1. Rob says:

      The only reason to fire him was because he had the balls to disaggree with her highness Selleck. That would has left a swath of distruction. She drives a new corvette paid for by all of us taxpayers in D-50, she gave the design con tracts for Hodgekins and WHS to her husband’s Architecture firm in Illionois. She closed several schools helped to con us into passing a bond issue to update all schools, and insted built 1 high school. The rest of the schools are in terrible dierepair. She is a disgrace. Streno dared to stand up to her and disaggree with her. He is truly an effective Athletic Director. Ask any of the AD’s at other districts.

      1. shaundra says:

        Yep. You got it all correct! Couldn’t have said it better myself. But you forgot to mention that he worked with Carol Peters who was “highly encouraged” to retire by Selleck so basically Sanchez has it out for him. Carol Peters or Myla Shepard should be principal of Westy.

  13. DeRae Rivera says:

    Buck like I said before If you are so sure that you are acccurate why don’t you identify yourself. You can spread alot of b.s. anonymously. I Went to every game and know 80 % of the football team players by name and all the coaches, I am at the school at least once a week. More then just dropping my kid off and go, can you say the same if not shut up!!!!

  14. Wes in the West says:

    Anyone who has ever worked with Pat or has had the misfortune of being a member of his inner circle knows he often attends these FAC’s and tosses back more than he should. His behavior and comments are questionable and he is sorely lacking a moral compass. He doesn’t think twice about throwing anyone under the bus that he deems a threat to his career. Problem is, his arrogance and mouth are his own worst enemy. Lord help D50 should he move up to the ‘head shed”

  15. Buck says:

    In the fall of 2009 Streno changed policy regarding registration for athletics. He made it mandatory that all paperwork was in on the first day of practice for any sport. That was never the case before,that is almost impossible.So all of the fall sports had kids rejected that were not permitted to play.Any school district in the state a kid can out for a sport several weeks after the season has started.In some sports there is a mandatory practice rule which has to be fulfilled before his or her first competition.
    What kind of policy was this? Why would we turn kids away from sports.

    I don’t know how many kids were allowed to join and how many were turned away after the first practice. Not abiding by his own rule certain kids were allowed to join late and others weren’t On one incident a board members daughter was allowed to join a team well after the season started.orders from Streno. How many other examples of favoritism can we dig up if we really try?

  16. WHS STUDENT says:

    Mr. Streno has alway been known to take things over the top. Mr. Sanchez is a good printable and knows how to turn our school around wich he is doing granted that these allegations make our administrator look bad he is a very good man and in no way shape or form would do anything to endanger the life of other people

    1. shaundra says:

      When you write a comment, you should make sure that you use punctuation and grammar correctly in your statement. This does reflect upon your school and your teachers. Personally I am sure Mr. Sanchez will realize that it is not in the best interest for WHS for him to continue these charges against Mr. Streno. Filing these charges against Mr. Streno (especially after it was shown that he was not in the state of DUI) will only prolong the matter. It takes a leader to “take the higher ground”.

  17. Westy Alum says:

    Man these comments are hilarious! They should make Team Sanchez and Team Streno t-shirts! I personally am on Team Braney. But unfortunately he saw the terrible direction the district was heading and jumped ship when he could.
    All I really have to say is that obviously not every drunk driver reported is actually drunk. I’ve reported drivers before. I’ve never been accused of false reporting. If some dude looks drunk, I’m gonna report them.

    1. KELLY P says:


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