DENVER (CBS4) – It’s less than two weeks into Denver’s street sweeping season and residents are flooding one city councilman’s office with complaints because the fine for this year went up.

The fine used to be $25 for parking on a street sweeping day, but this street sweeping season it’s doubled.

Patric Levang forgot his car was parked in a street sweeping zone.

“I pulled out the ticket, 50 dollars?” Levang said. “That’s a week worth of groceries and a week worth of gas.”

He wrote to Denver city councilman Charlie Brown, one of many in his district upset about the new fine.

“They think $50 is too much,” Brown said.
space Many Angry About Larger Street Sweeping Fine

Every street sweeping sign states it’s a tow away zone, which since 2008 is a $50 fine. But only the $25 no parking portion had been enforced until now.

“It was brought to our new manager’s attention and he said we should be doing it correctly,” Christine Downs with Denver Public Works said.

“That’s bureaucracy; just tell me that the fines are going to be doubled,” Brown said.

There’s no denying street sweeping is necessary.

“They remove a lot of debris from our streets and we have to do that,” Brown said. “We want a clean city.”

But Brown says residents should have been better informed the fine would be more.

“We try to set up ways for people to remember … hopefully move their car on street sweeping day,” Downs said.

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Comments (7)
  1. druid0621 says:

    Once again, the tax payers take it in the shorts. Maybe the City should cut back on social before extorting more money from hard working people.

  2. Jeff says:

    Don’t like the fine? Move your car, idiots! I wish they would actually tow the cars.

    1. Rick says:

      Jeff: Nobody said that they shouldn’t have been fined. It’s the fact that they weren’t properly notified about the 100% increase. Won’t you admit that it’s a sneaky way for the city to get more revenue? Hope the vinegar dissipates from your veins soon.

      1. Jeff says:

        Rick: Should the city have sent everyone a letter? It may be sneaky, but it is probably effective. If they didn’t break the law they wouldn’t have been ticketed.

        Very simple.

    2. Rick says:

      Hey, Brother… Maybe you’re right…….BUT Enjoy your stay in Righteousness. It must feel good to be flawless. Big hug!!! peace. In all honesty……..I think we agree on more issues than we differ on. Seriously.

  3. Joan says:

    Last year the reminder web site went down. We were registered for a reminder the night before and the morning of the sweeping. I called and was told that the program went down, but we should still be responsible for moving our cars, afer all it happens every month I was told. I believe it does not happen every month as It begins in April-November. They said the program is only so and so % accurate. Well I’m only so accurate myself and understand, but obviously I am held to a higher standard than the City of Denver. I also discussed this with programmers I know who say they would be fired if their programs were not 100% accurate. When I called the city they could not tell me the percentage of increase in tickets that were written, but they did tell me that more tickets we written that day than normal. They also don’t sweep the day before Thanksgiving (we are on that Wednesday) but you will get a ticket if your vehicle is parked there. I was parkd for about an hour taking in groceries and went to move the car after putting away the groceries and SURPRISE I get a ticket, but my street was not sept that day–even after calling. I just want the city to play fair. Christine Downs not all of us have garages or can afford to rent a garage. Also I have spoken to Denver Public Works and it has been nothing but frustration. This does cause a hardship for some of us. I think is answer was ignorant of the fact that not everyone can afford $50. Towing someone’s car can cause them to loose employement, then they can’t be productive. Why not make the fine $1000.00? $50.00 can mean that to a family in crisis. During these economic times can you really have a clean consious about this—Really?

    1. Jeff says:

      If $50 breaks you, you have made many poor decisions in life. The solution is so simple here: Don’t want a $50 ticket? MOVE YOUR CAR! It’s easier to complain and blame someone else, though.

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