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MADD Holds Candlelight Vigil For Victims Of Drunk Drivers

DENVER (CBS4) – There was an emotional tribute to Colorado victims of drunk drivers on Sunday evening.

Nearly 300 people gathered at the Space Gallery on Santa Fe Drive for a candlelight vigil. The annual event was sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Family members of drunk driving victims wiped away tears as pictures of their loved ones were flashed on the screen. The event was designed to give victims’ families a forum for their grief, and to shine a light on a preventable crime.

“We’re supporting victims and we’re showing the community that we can all come together and that it’s a community issue,” Maya Thomas-Wachterman with MADD said. “It’s a 100percent preventable crime.”

“An opportunity for us to get the word out about drinking and driving. Obviously there was alcohol involved in my brother’s accident and we wanted to make sure we’re doing what we need to do to get the word out to the public,” victim’s brother Rodney Albo said.

In 2009 158 people were killed by drunk drivers in Colorado. Hundreds of others were injured.

  • Francis Hernandez

    I wish they would spend some effort on the 200.000 + illegals driving in Colorado.
    Ever wonder why we have so many hit and runs?
    it`s what they call “insurance” south of the border.

    • Tosha Sainz-Dean

      I understand your concern about drivers without insurance, but that has nothing to do with what this article and organization is about. Drunk driving is a very very major issue that needs dealt with. You seem to think that we shouldn’t worry about it & just focus on other problems. I’m sorry, but I disagree with you.

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